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Roleplaying a Marksman

Roleplaying a Marksman

Marksmen Behaviour: (As Written by Jhakog)

The Marksmen are nobles, and are supposed to react in calm and arrogant ways, not meant that they should call all guards, 'lower guards'. They are allowed to have friends outside The Marksmen, but it is not well seen that you are best friends with a besieger. An example of Marksman behaviour:

Ignorant Retired Guard (IRG): Markie!…..Ye In Me Spot!

Noble Marksman (VIP): oh, am I?…what doest thou need?

IRG: Me Want Me Spot! Move It!

VIP: Well, thass rather rude…Why doest thou nay stand over there?

IRG: Me Want Me Spot!

VIP: That sounds reasonable *ignores the foolish man*

IRG: Move! Me Will Swing Mace! Me Will Hit Markie!

VIP: *ignores*

*IRG knocks VIP until he is knocked out*

Later IRG was punished by The Magistrate. This shows the calm way The Marksman react. He is reasonable and if the guard had a good reason for taking his spot, he would have moved. Instead of fuzzing, and start threatening the guard back, he simply stayed in his calm and rational way. This showed to be the right decision. Marksmen are aware of the consequences their actions might have, and are always one step ahead of their opponent.

The Marksmen.

They are the deadly, offensive force. They are used to stand in the back, shooting nearby enemy with other, usualy shield using Guards in defence. They are not to powerfull alone, but in a unit, they really make the Militia-quote worth it's meaning: “Strength in Numbers". Many call them snobs, but they are controllable snobs. They do not act snobbish directly without reason. Of course, there are some intrigues between the divisions, usualy the Beseigers, but that cannot be avoided. They do not see all guards as lower guards, but see highly on good manners, and proper speech

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