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Rookie Marksman Lucas

Full Name: Lucas Lightbane

Lucas looks like most drow in that he has very dark skin and
long white hair. He is well built but slim, stands a little over 6 foot,
and carries himself with an air of superiority. Lucas wears cloths cut from
only the finest fabrics and will not tolerate the slightest blemish upon
his person.

Work Description: Lucas is an archer for the Guardsmen Militia. He will
always be found in the rear, choosing his targets with care. Not one for
standing toe to toe with an enemy, Lucas knows his place is
behind fellow Guardsmen, preferably a well armored Besiger.

Personality: Lucas Lightbane comes across as a very vain,
self-centered, stuck-up, greedy, self-serving, individual. He loves no
person so much as himself. Lucas belives himself above average intelligence and has a
low opininon of those who come across as uneducated.

Background: Lucas was found in the woods near the city of Vesper when he
was but a baby. Being a drow, nobody from the city would take the child
in. But neither could they leave it to die. Therefore Lucas
was raised by the town as a whole. Raised by all, belonging to none.
Lucas spent much of his youth on the Streets of Vesper. While he was not allowed
to starve, neither did he have any wealth. None of the Townspeople could
bring themselfs to give a job to a dark elf. Therefore Lucas spent much of
his time scrounging for what little he could come by. Finally after 25
years of whispers behind his back, sidelong glances, and untrusting townsfolk,
Lucas had had enough. With what little gold he could muster he set out
on the road. Not two days out on his own and Lucas was beset by a band of
highwaymen. Robbed of all his possessions, Lucas was beaten and left for
dead. But he managed to drag his broken body to the outskirts of Yew. There
the healers nursed him back to health. During his long recovery, Lucas
made himself a vow. Never again would he be looked down upon as trash. Never
again would he eat others leftovers. Never again would he be pennyless.
And never again would Lucas Lightbane be helpless in the face of danger.
Once he was able to get about on his own, Lucas set to learning the fine
art of archery. He was a quick study and soon learned all the local hunters could
teach him. It was then that he first heard of the Guardsmen Militia.
Lucas, having found out the chances a lone travler had, decided to join up and
make his fortune with a little help from these Guards.

Alignment: True Neutral. Lucas Lightbane looks out for himself first and
formost. If he can manage to aid his fellow Gaurdsmen and some
civillians along the way so much the better.

Motivations/Goals: Lucas has many goals in life. Earn the respect of
others, impress the ladies, keep from gathering any horrible scars, and
make piles and piles of Gold. Really big piles.

Reputation: Lucas is not what most other Guardsmen would think of as a
good Guard. He is looked down upon at times for his refusal to allow
some common thug to pound on his shiny armour while he tries to reload
his bow. Some think Lucas a coward for his constant movement on the
battle field, but ofcourse he says its just common sense.

Quotes: "Excuse me sir, would you mind takeing a few steps back? I
bathed just today and would hate to rub against thee."
"We're going to be rich! Rich I say!"

Enmity: Orcs: "A more vile, bloodthristy creature has never existed."

Fear: Headless ones. "BUT IT HAS NO HEAD!!"