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Rookie Marksman Julie Frostbite


Looks to be in her early twenties.


About 5'4'' high, Long flowing blonde hair, Green Grey Multicoloured eyes, Smell vaguely of wild forest flowers. Well kept clean uniform.


Born in Yew, Trammel. She grew up with two loving parents. But after an undead wytch started terrorising the neighbourhood, she saw the importance of being able to defend herself and those she hold dear. And this prompted her joining the guard. Her parents have since moved to the family estate in peaceful and tranquil Valoria just east of Minoc. But having found a place with the Militia she has decided to stay on.


Good (Lawful)

Work Description:

Julie stays in the back loosing, when necessary, a hail of arrows on enemies of the militia. But given an option she will in the longest try to find a solution not involving weapons. She is also very concerned about tending to those wounded in battle.


Hopes to learn how to be able to defend those she hold dear, and become skilled in the art of medicine and archery. Has reached her current goal in the Militia, by becoming a member of the Marksman Division. Currently on the lookout for a hunting Falcon.


Not any she is aware off. But hopes to be known as friendly and kind. Although some have commented on her singing.


She tends to «smile» a lot.

" Hello there, May I help you? "