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The True Purposes of the Divisions

There are currently five divisions, The Waywatchers, The Merry Men, The Corsairs, The Besiegers and The Marksmen.

The Waywatchers

The Waywatchers take their position in the scouting. They have light armour to move swiftly and unseen. Their armour is green so that they can hide between trees and bushes.

The Merry Men They are the centre of each celebration, and do their time of celebrating. Not everyone has the same kind of amusement as them, but anyway, they make excellent jesters. In battle, they are versatile; they can be used with their crossbows, as well as their two-handed weapons, filling the gaps, wherever it is needed. The Corsairs The division to protect the big seas against pirates. Fortunately there aren't many around these days, so they as The Merry Men are used for filling gaps. Of course, they also find themselves very useful in providing food, if ye like fish. The Besiegers We all know those grand, fierce besiegers, always in the front line; some call them brave, others stupid. They are the brutes always protecting the deadly force. They are not an offensive force, and are therefore used mainly for defensive purposes. Used as defence for The Marksmen. The Marksmen Finally the Marksmen. They are the deadly, offensive force. They are used to stand in the back, shooting every single enemy nearby with the Besiegers as defence. They are not worth much alone, but in a unit, they really make the Militia-quote worth it's meaning: “Strength in Numbers". Many call them snobs, and so would I, but controllable snobs. They do not act snobbish directly without reason. Of course, there are some intrigues between the divisions, but that cannot be avoided. They do not see all guards as lower guards, but see highly on good manners, and proper speech. Of course, there is use of all the divisions, and if there weren't they would be demolished. Join the division ye see fit, which fits yer personal characteristics and NOT of what weapons ye feel are useful.