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Marriage Records
Marengo County

Please Note: These were transcribed about 5 years ago and a copy of the actual marriage certificate was not retained in my files. If you email me with a request for a copy, I will not be able to honor the request. Relooking up the entry is difficult. See FAQ's (Frequently asked questions).

As usual with transcribing, many of the marriage certificates were VERY difficult to read {EXAMPLE}, as well as time consuming (lead to tired eyes, there are 8,000 entries here). To help the cause, if you are aware of an initials or correction, I would like to hear from you. You can contact me C.A. Wood and I will correct or include the name of your ancestor. I get a lot of requests and deal with a lot of email during the week. Please put the word "marriages" in the subject, it would be of great help when I'm doing the corrections all at the same time.

You are also welcome to add a short fact about your ancestors, that I can include to the line where they are listed!

Brides (white only) 1818 - 1936
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Grooms (white only) 1818 - 1936
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Some Marriage Records of Marengo County, AL 1818-1860 
Contributed by Michelle Adams

Bowler, John W. and Miss Mary Coward, 11 Apr. 1859 ; by E. M. Vick , at Gideon Coward's , Marengo Co.; Thos. H. Dunning, bdn. (In 1860, he was 23, b. Ala. ; she was 20, b. Ala. ; next door to Gideon Coward, 55 b. S.C. John was son of Wm. R. and Eliz . In 1850 , Mary E. was 10, b. Ala., with Gideon Coward, 44 b. Ga. The name looks like Boulee in 1850, and Bouler in 1860.)

Boyd, Jacob and Sarah E. Jones, 24 Dec. 1844; 24 Dec. by E. Ellis.

Boyett, Henry and Celia Corley, 14 Apr. 1842; 14 Apr. by___; Giles Corley, bdn.

Boykin, Edeward and Catherine Sample, 2 Mar. 1836 (bond) ; Wm. M. Sample, bdn. (In 1840 1 m under 5, 1 m 20-30, 2 f under 5, 1 f 20-30; next door was Wm. N. Sample: 1 m 20-30, 1 m 50-6-, 1 f 10-15, 1 f 50-60. )

Boynton, H. B. and Margaretta King, 24 Nov. 1856; by F.C. Lowert, M.G.; N.B. Lesueur,bdn.

Boythe (Sic), Henry A. and Jane Porter, 24 Nov. 1845; no returns shown; T.P.M. Perry, bdn.

Brackenridge, J.C. and Margaret Ross, 18 Jan. 1841; 20 Jan. by R.D. Russell, M.G.; David P. Barnes, bdn. (In 1850, one John T. Brackenridge was 33, b. Ala.; wife Marg't. was 38, b. N.C.; and 4 chn, 1 through 7; next door to the family of Andrew D. Ross.)

Brackenridge, J.N. and M(artha) J. Meathers, 4 Dec. 1856; 11 Dec. by A.J. Witherspoon, M.G., at N.E. Meathers'; J. E. Brackenridge, bdn. (In 1860, one J. M. Brackenridge was 26, b. Ala.; Martha was 18, b. Ala. In 1850, Martha J. Meathers was 8, b. Ala., with Ebenezer B. Meathers, 35, b. Tenn. )

Brackenridge, James and Emma M. Revill, 12 Dec.1836 (lic.) by R.C. Lancaster, M.G.; Henry W. Barton, bdn. (IN 1850, he was 45, b. Ga., she was 30, b. S.C.)

Brackenridge, John and Elizabeth Garrett, 3 July 1833; 11 July by Stephen Williams, M.G.; no bdn. shown. (In 1850, he was 35, b. Ga.; she was 30, b. Ala.)

Brackenridge, John and Elizabeth McNair, 1 Mar. 1853; 2 Mar. by J. Meathers, J.P.; Charles McNeill, bdn.

Brackenridge, Robert Q. and Lydia Garrard, 29 Apr. 1846 ; 29 Apr. by R.D. Marshall, J.P.; John M. Cailer,bdn. Consent of Lewis and Eliz. Garrard, parents of Lydia, who is not of age.

Brackenridge, Samuel J. and Isabella Dilworth, 6 June 1839 (bond); by R.D. Russell, M.G. (In 1840, one Sam'l. was 20-30, alone.)

Brackenridge, Thomas G. and Paulina Garrad, 1 Jan.1850 ; 3 Jan. by Young M. Moody, J.P.; John P. Street,bdn. (In 1850, he was 23, b. Ala.; Malinda P. was 19, b.Ala.; next door was Lewis Garrard, 55, b. Ga. and next to him was Jas. Brackenridge, 45, b. Ga.)

Bradford, Brazel R. and Ann C. Hosea, 22 Jan. 1835; 25 Jan. by Stephen Willis, M.G. (In 1850, he was 53, b.S.C. Ann was his first wife. See Gandrud Vol. 39 for his war of 1812 pension.)

Bradford, James A. and Curran J. Broome, 23 July 1836; 4 Aug. by Stephen Williams; F.G. Adams,bdn.

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