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Marengo County, Alabama

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Location:  323048N 0875053W


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Abrahams, Crocheron King
Abrahams, F. W.
Abrahams, Florence W.
Abrahams, Katie
Abrahams, William Thomas
Abrams, R. Dawson
Aids, A. L.
Aids, Gertie May
Aids, J. F.
Allen, Burton Gray
Allen, Clifton S.
Allen, George Whitfield
Allen, Ima Louise
Allen, John Gray
Allen, Katie
Allen, Lemuel Sledge
Allen, Mary Louise Skinner
Allen, R. P.
Allen, Richard Proctor
Allen, Richard Proctor
Allen, Richard Proctor Jr.
Allen, Roberta
Allen, Roberta Sledge
Allen, Ursula (Dolly)
Alston, Belle
Alston, Burns Kallam
Alston, Grace
Alston, Robert Sears
Alston, Sarah Mason
Anderson, David Mason
Anderson, John C.
Anderson, M. B.
Armistead, James Crews
Armistead, Sydney Earle
Armstrong, “Honey”
Armstrong, Clarence E.
Armstrong, J. Robert
Armstrong, Leonora G.
Armstrong, Lucy F.
Armstrong, Mary Bettie
Armstrong, Maude James
Armstrong, W. Leslie
Arrington, Carrie
Arrington, Carrie I.
Arrington, H. C.
Arrington, Lida
Arrington, Rosa
Ars, Alice
Ars, Austin L.
Ars, Austin Thomas
Ars, Helen Caldwell
Ars, Maggie B.
Ashe, Sarah
Ashe, W. C.
Atkeison, Charles Aaron
Atkeison, Inez Givhan
Axford, Georgie
Axford, John
Ayers, Levis
Bailey, John Shrewsberry
Bailey, A. C.
Bailey, Annie Cornish
Bailey, E. H. C.
Bailey, E. B.
Bailey, Edward B.
Bailey, Edward H. C.
Bailey, Francis Leo
Bailey, G. C.
Bailey, Georgie Clarke
Bailey, Gladys Harlow
Bailey, J. S.
Bailey, J. L.
Bailey, James Lawrence
Bailey, James Lawrence Jr.
Bailey, Louisa Jane
Bailey, M.C.
Bailey, M.S.
Bailey, Mabel
Bailey, Margaret S.
Bailey, Mary Corrie
Bailey, Melissa A.
Bailey, Pearle Turner
Bailey, R.A.
Baird, Ellen Watson
Baird, James W.
Baird, Virginia E.
Baldwin, Joseph Clyde
Baldwin, Radie Lee Culpepper
Ballow, Bettie
Ballow, Charles Joseph
Ballow, Clements
Ballow, Joe
Ballow, Mary Elizabeth
Ballow, Roe (Dr.)
Ballow, Stella Givihan
Baltzell, Lucie
Baltzell, William Bullock
Ban Voorhees, Lillian
Barger, Amanda R.
Barger, Claude F.
Barger, Claude Frederick
Barger, Dale W.
Barger, Effie
Barger, Elred L.
Barger, Fred J.
Barger, Infant dau.
Barger, Lucile
Barger, Mary C.
Barger, Rowena
Barkley, Bro.
Barkley, William Tecumseh
Barnes, Laura Skinner
Barnes, Annie G.
Barnes, Everett Beck
Barnes, Meurice D.
Barnes, Meurice E.
Barnett, Dorothy
Barnett, Margaret Evans
Barnett, Mittie
Barnett, Ora Griffith
Barnett, Thomas
Barnett, Thomas Madison
Barnett, Thomas Perry
Barrington, Alver D.
Barrington, James Alfred
Barrington, Janie Willingham
Barrington, Slim
Barton, Minnie
Battelle, Henry S.
Battelle, Lillian Lister
Beckett, J. H.
Bedsole, Carrie Lee Durden
Bedsole, Cecil L.
Bedsole, Charles Latson
Bedsole, Charlie L.
Beeson, Annie Foster
Benard, “Shorty”
Benard, Ralph
Bennett, Elizabeth O.
Bennett, William E., Sr.
Bird, Grace Whitfield
Bird, Mafus
Bley, Henry J.
Boatner, Mae
Boggess, J. P.
Boggess, Julia Eddins
Boggess, Norman West
Boggess, Olivia M. McMillan
Bolton, Cora
Bolton, George
Bolton, George W.
Bolton, I.V.
Bolton, J. J.
Bolton, Jesse May
Bolton, Joel W.
Bolton, Lee
Bolton, Mary L.
Bolton, Minnie Lee
Bolton, Robert L.
Bolton, Rosa Arrington
Bolton, Waller
Bolton, Walter
Bonds, Araminta Greene
Booker, Martha
Boozer, James Elmo
Bouler, Troy
Boutwell, Annie
Bradford, Hortense
Brasfield, Addie
Brasfield, Carol
Brasfield, Cora Hand
Brasfield, Ernest Lipscomb
Brasfield, Fannie
Brasfield, Fannie Hardy
Brasfield, Glover
Brasfield, J. S.
Brasfield, M.S.
Brasfield, Mary W.
Brasfield, S.P. H.
Brasfield, Williamson Glover
Braswell, W. J.
Braswell, Adelaide Webb
Braswell, Ann C.
Braswell, Carol
Braswell, Catherine
Braswell, Cay
Braswell, Della Brewer
Braswell, Dwight
Braswell, F. A.
Braswell, F. D.
Braswell, F. H.
Braswell, Fannie Breton
Braswell, Fred O.
Braswell, Frederick H.
Braswell, George Dwight Cornish Jr.
Braswell, Griffin Daniel
Braswell, Helena
Braswell, Helena A.
Braswell, Infant
Braswell, Infant
Braswell, Infant
Braswell, Louis B.
Braswell, Louis Benjamin
Braswell, Mary McKinley
Braswell, Maurine Neilson
Braswell, Nicholas
Braswell, Nicholas Tilford
Braswell, Susie Cornish
Braswell, William A.
Braswell, William T.
Brazelton, Hallet A. G.
Brazelton, Lena Mae
Breitling, Norman Lee
Breitling, Samuel Milton
Breitling, Thomas
Breitling, Adele
Breitling, Albert Vernon
Breitling, Alice Wimberly
Breitling, Aradella Royal
Breitling, Bessie
Breitling, Boyd M.
Breitling, C. A.
Breitling, Catherine
Breitling, Catherine M.
Breitling, Charles A.
Breitling, Charles K.
Breitling, Charlie Clifton
Breitling, Clarence A.
Breitling, D.
Breitling, Daisey
Breitling, Dauntee
Breitling, Dellie
Breitling, E. A.
Breitling, Edward Augustus
Breitling, Edward E.
Breitling, Eugene Edward
Breitling, Eula Lee
Breitling, F. S.
Breitling, Fannie A.
Breitling, Florence Agnes
Breitling, Frank A.
Breitling, Frank S.
Breitling, G.
Breitling, George Thomas
Breitling, Gotlieb
Breitling, Gottlieb
Breitling, Harold E.
Breitling, Ida Isabel
Breitling, James Ruffin
Breitling, James Ruffin Jr.
Breitling, Jane Breton
Breitling, Louise Estelle
Breitling, Loulia J.
Breitling, M. A.
Breitling, Magdaline
Breitling, Mamie
Breitling, Margaret Amelia
Breitling, Mary Leona Denis
Breitling, Mary S.
Breitling, Mildred
Breitling, Samuel Augustus
Breitling, Samuel Hand
Breitling, Samuel Hand III
Breitling, Sophia Micheal
Breitling, Threatt Smith
Breslin, Kathleen
Breton, Albert A.
Breton, Charles
Breton, Fannie
Breton, Fannie A.
Breton, Isaline E.
Breton, Isaline T.
Breton, Julia
Breton, L. C.
Breton, M. J.
Breton, Margaret
Brewer, Della
Bridgers, Franklin Pierce
Bridgers, Justa Hatch
Bridgers, Libby
Britton, Louise Tutt
Browder, Adelaide
Browder, Bessie
Brown, Albert Sydney
Brown, Annie E.
Brown, Burette Crawford
Brown, Carrie Rtuledge
Brown, Helen
Brown, Lena Cheney
Brown, Nettie
Brown, Willie G. Westbrook
Buchanan, Belle
Buck, Elizabeth
Burr, Theodosia
Burton, Willie Harris
Butler, Allene
Butler, Elizabeth
Butler, Louis H.
Caine, Clapurnia
Caldwell, Alice Ars
Caldwell, Cora B.
Caldwell, Helen
Caldwell, John J.
Cameron, Natalie Hunt
Campbell, Lilian
Campbell, Myrtle Hamner
Carpenter, Charles L.
Carpenter, Ernestine
Carpenter, Jerry C.
Carpenter, Joel T.
Carpenter, Juanita (Nita)
Carpenter, Lucy P.
Carpenter, Sandy E.
Carpenter, Sidney
Carpenter, Willie
Chandler, Albert C., Sr.
Chandler, Edward Bailey
Chandler, Edwin Marshall
Chandler, Eva Inez
Chandler, Mildred J.
Chandler, Roger D.
Chaney, Lena
Chaney, Nettie Brown
Chaney, Preston Bryan
Charlton, Dorothy Westbrook
Charlton, James Augustus
Charlton, James Walter
Charlton, Lillie McLamore
Chavers, Mildred Breitling
Chiles, Andrew Lee Sr.
Chiles, Annie Boutwell
Chiles, Mary Ella
Chiles, Mollie Coblenz
Chiles, W. F.
Chisholm, John G.
Chisholm, Mary E. M.
Chisholm, Sarah Jane
Clark, Alo
Clarke, C. C.
Clarke, Carrie
Clarke, Carter Pegram
Clarke, Julia R.
Clarke, Mary Rebecca
Clarke, Rebecca Raincock
Clarke, W. E.
Clarke, Walter E.
Clarke, Walter Edward
Clarke, William Edward
Clarke, William Thomas
Clarke, Willie Burton
Clay, Charles C., III
Clay, Charles Clement
Clay, Mary Harrison
Clay, Matthew (Dr.)
Clay, Maude Cole
Clay, Thomas Franklin
Claybaugh, Granville
Claybaugh, Marie
Clem, Belle Alston
Clem, Cicero Alston
Coats, Annie Laurie Orman
Coats, James W.
Coats, John G.
Coats, John Green
Coats, Julia
Coats, Julia Frances McMillan
Coats, Orman C.
Coats, Sydney
Cobb, Walter N.
Coblenz, Mollie
Cochran, Daisy
Cochran, Mary
Cochran, Pearl Ladelle
Cocke, Bessie Browder
Cocke, Infant dau.
Cocke, William Thompson
Coker, Bertha L.
Coker, Dock
Coker, Elsie
Coker, Harry B.
Coker, Ivy Collins
Coker, Joe Alexander
Coker, Mabel Kilgore
Coker, Mary Elizabeth
Coker, Matthew Alexander
Coker, Robert J.
Cole, James G.
Cole, Maude
Coleman, Mary Wilson
Coleman, P.G.
Collins, Brenda Ann
Collins, Eva Nell
Collins, James Hill
Collins, Joel Gray
Compton, Ann Maria
Compton, B. C.
Compton, Bryan W.
Compton, Catherine Eunice
Compton, David
Compton, Ethel
Compton, Irvin Purnell
Compton, Julia F.
Compton, Julia Irvin
Compton, L. R. M.
Compton, Levin Sledge
Compton, M. C. S.
Compton, M. E. Sledge
Compton, M. P.
Compton, Margarete P.
Compton, Mary Alice
Compton, T. A.
Compton, T. C.
Compton, Thomas Cleveland
Compton, William David
Cook, Bessie
Cooper, Bertha P.
Cooper, Charles M.
Cooper, Hattie Given
Cooper, Lewis Simmons
Cornish, Adele
Cornish, Belle Buchanan
Cornish, Cruse
Cornish, Edward S.
Cornish, Geo A.
Cornish, Geo. Dwight
Cornish, Leonard
Cornish, Louisa Jane
Cornish, Mary Catherine
Cornish, Mattie Graves
Cornish, Susie
Cornish, T. G.
Cox, Ada
Crawford, Fanelle
Crawford, M. F.
Crawford, Minnie H.
Crawford, R. B.
Creagh, Alexander Milton
Creagh, M. W.
Creagh, Memorable Walker
Creagh, Sarah
Creagh, Thomas Bivin
Creagh, W. H.
Creagh, Willie Burton
Creagh, Willie Harris Burton
Crenshaw, J. L.
Creppes, Alton Luther
Creppes, Carrie E.
Creppes, Elouise Davis
Creppes, Erma Mansfield
Creppes, John R.
Creppes, Mary Wheat
Crew, Iota K.
Crew, William E.
Crockett, Lessee Gauntt
Cross, Sallie
Culpepper, Alice Morgan
Culpepper, Hubert Jones
Culpepper, Radie Lee
Culpepper, Thomas Melton
Curry, Helon
Curry, John David
Curry, Laura Yarbrough
Dainwood, Maggie S.
Dainwood, William W.
Danelly, Louise
Danelly, Marie H.
Daniel, Daisye
Darms, George
Darms, Libbie
Davenport, James M.
Davidson, Cornelia Nelson Deloach
Davis, Elouise
Davis, Estelle Phillips
Davis, Georgiana
Davis, Henry B., Sr.
Davis, Henry Franklin
Davis, Mary Robert Shearon
Davis, Mary Vaughan Pace
Davis, Robert W.
Davis, William Robert
DeBondalee, Elizabeth
Defeu, Carol Brasfield
DeLoach, Cornelia Nelson
DeLoach, Lucie Baltzell
DeLoach, Panthea Mary
DeLoach, Thomas Baltzell
DeLoach, Thomas Henry
Denis, Mary Leona
Denis, Theodore A.
DeSear, Burette Holdmen
DeSear, Leona Knox
Devlin, Connie C.
Devlin, Edna H.
Devlin, M. F.
Devlin, P. H.
Diven, S. R. L.
Dixon, Ann(a) Lukowski
Dixon, Anna L.
Dixon, Elizabeth
Dixon, Florence J.
Dixon, Fred H.
Dixon, Hugh McDermott
Dixon, Inez Coleman
Dixon, Infant
Dixon, J.
Dixon, James
Dixon, James Hugh
Dixon, Kate Ethel
Dixon, L. A.
Dixon, Lida Arrington
Dixon, Minnie J. (Parr)
Dixon, R. M.
Dixon, Rosa McDermott
Dixon, Rosana C.
Dixon, Samuel Dudley
Dixon, W. F.
Donovan, Rose
Dorman, John W.
Dortch, Anne Ross
Dow, Gertrude King
Dow, John C. Sr.
Dow, John Clyde
Dozier, Edith Sizemore
Dozier, James E.
Dozier, James Earl
Dozier, Johnnie S.
Dozier, Lillie S.
Dozier, Virginia
Drake, Infant dau.
Drake, Mary Ida Knox
Drake, Thomas Osborn
Drinkard, Carolyn
Drinkard, Edward W.
Drinkard, Edward Wesley, Jr.
DuBose, Ethel
DuBrutz, J. J. L. (Dr.)
Duke, William H.
Dunn, James D.
Dunning, Dorsey Jelks
Dunning, Elsie Coker
Dunning, Guy Jennings Jr.
Dunning, Guy Jennings, Sr.
Dunning, Hortense Bradford
Dupertius, Amanda
Dupertius, Frederick
Durden, Carrie Lee
Dutton, Infant
Dyer, Alice
Easley, Annie
Eatman, Edna Lowe
Eddins, Coralie Evington
Eddins, Daisy
Eddins, Edward O. Jr.
Eddins, Edward O. Sr.
Eddins, John William
Eddins, John William Virgil
Eddins, Katherine Messer
Eddins, Larkin Stewart
Eddins, Lula Seale
Eddins, Martha Seale
Eddins, Robert Seale
Eddins, Thomas Seale
Ehrhardt, Martha Johanna
Elder, Edna Trigg
Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Florence
Elmore, Albert
Elmore, Benjamin Fitzpatrick
Elmore, Benjamin Fitzpatrick Jr.
Elmore, Catherine Braswell
Elmore, Elizabeth Bostick Willett
Elsberry, A. C.
Elsberry, M. C.
Elsberry, W. E.
Enners, Harriet F.
Enners, Henry A.
Eppes, Anna B.
Eppes, Hattie
Eppes, L. Velma Trigg
Eppes, Lena Velma
Eppes, Marie
Eppes, R. R.
Eppes, Richard Roe
Eppes, Velma T.
Ernst, Miriam
Eskridge, Burdette
Eskridge, Florence Goode
Eskridge, Joseph Marshall
Evans, Margaret
Evans, Nora
Evington, Coralie
Falconer, R. C. A.
Farrior, Nellie B.
Farrior, Percy Eugene
Finch, Carl Jr.
Fisher, John D.
Flinn, Mary Owen
Flowers, Florence Elliott
Flowers, Murray C.
Floyd, Fannie
Floyd, Ferrill
Floyd, Louise Lipscomb
Floyd, Maggie Schmidt
Floyd, Malcolm
Floyd, Nathaniel Calhoun
Floyd, Paul Augustus
Fluker, Alice
Flynn, Maria
Flynn, W.
Flynn, William
Foley, A. R.
Foley, Nora Evans
Fort, M. A.
Fort, Pearl Quinney
Foscue, Augustus
Foscue, Augustus F.
Foscue, Charles Errol
Foscue, Ella Nora
Foscue, Francis L.
Foscue, Frederick A.
Foscue, Lillian
Foscue, Mary Alice
Foscue, Mary C.
Foscue, Mary J.
Foster, Elizabeth
Foster, T. J.
Fournier, Louise
Fowler, S. L.
Fuller, E. L. (Dr)
Fuller, Ethel Dubose
Gaddy, Sarah
Gallion, Jo
Gallion, Stacia Ann
Gamble, John Henry
Gamble, Mary Murphy
Garber, Adelaide Browder
Garber, Anna
Garber, Buckner Lanier
Garber, Louise
Gauntt, Lessee
George, Carrie McNeill
George, Laban Andrew
George, Laban Warren
George, Parthenia
Gewin, Maud Omaha Monnier
Gewin, Roulhac
Gewin, Roulhac
Ghio, Mamie E.
Gilbert, James T.
Gilder, Donnie Ben
Gilder, Henry Monnier
Gilder, Maude M.
Gilder, William F.
Gillespie, E. Pickens
Gillespie, Nannie W.
Gilley, Lucille Barger
Gilley, Malley Lee
Gilmer, Lucy Florence
Givihan, Hattie
Givihan, Inez
Givihan, Stella
Gleason, Sarah
Glover, Alice Henley
Glover, Allen
Glover, Annie Gaines
Glover, B. N.
Glover, Benjamin Nash
Glover, Cincy Ashe
Glover, Edward Allen
Glover, George Diven
Glover, George Frederick
Glover, Laura D.
Glover, Mary A.
Glover, Mary Diven
Glover, Mary Elizabeth
Glover, Minnie
Glover, Rosa Lee
Glover, S. R. L.
Glover, Sarah
Glover, William F.
Glover, William Y.
Goodridge, E.
Grable, Francis Keith
Grable, Kathleen Ayers
Grable, Levis Ayers
Graves, Alleen
Graves, F. B.
Graves, R. W.
Graves, Robert
Graves, Sadie Hudson
Graves, Velma Hand
Graves, William Thomas
Graves, William Thomas Jr.
Gray, John R.
Gray, Zella N.
Green, Mary Speed
Greene, Jennie Dixon
Greene, Nathaniel
Greene, William Clarence
Gregory, Benjamin F.
Gregory, Sarah
Gregory, Stella B.
Gregory, Virginia
Griffin, Annie S.
Griffin, G. G.
Griffin, Goodman
Griffin, Goodman G.
Griffin, J. F.
Griffin, James F.
Griffin, James Francis
Griffin, Mary Annie Quinney
Griffin, Mary Elizabeth
Griffin, Norman Allen
Griffin, Thomas E.
Griffin, W. A.
Griffin, Willie
Griffin, Willie Ann
Griffin, Willie C.
Griffin, Willie G.
Griffith, Edward S.
Griffith, Eliza
Griffith, Evie P.
Griffith, Robert Scott
Grubb, Hazel
Guinn, Ada Phillips
Guinn, Hermione
Gulley, Lucy
Gunlock, Charles Berkley
Gunlock, George H.
Gunlock, Leona
Gunlock, M. D.
Gunlock, Mary
Gunlock, Mary Cochran
Hall, Alte G.
Hall, Evie M.
Hall, Lillian M.
Hall, Martha Alice
Hall, Thomas A.
Halstead, Harry Lee
Hamilton, Ola
Hamilton, Oscar Isadore
Hamner, Helon Curry
Hamner, India G.
Hamner, Jesse F.
Hamner, John Melton
Hamner, Myrtle
Hamner, William Bryan
Hamner, William Cocke
Hand, Albert M.
Hand, Gertrude
Hand, Hester
Hand, Leslie M.
Hand, Lucy Gulley
Hand, Samuel Patton
Hand, Velma
Hardisty, Bertha Tate
Hardy, Fannie
Hardy, Liela
Hardy, Lilla
Harkins, Elizabeth Dixon
Harlow, Gladys
Harper, Abby Ulmer
Harper, Hettye
Harper, John R.
Harper, Wallace
Harper, William Wallace
Harris, Willie Thelma
Harrison, Emma E.
Harrison, Fannie L. Watlington
Harrison, Kate M.
Harrison, Mary
Harrison, W. C.
Harrison, William C.
Harrison, William Clinton
Hartsock, William Albert
Harwell, Caroline Olivia
Harwell, Evelina Thomas
Harwell, Ishmael S.
Harwell, Mary Vaughan
Harwell, Robert R.
Hatch, Elizabeth Buck
Hatch, Libbie
Hayden, Cora Bolton
Hayden, Ella
Hayden, Geo. B.
Hayden, George B.
Hayden, Georgie Glover
Hayden, H. W.
Hayden, Henry W.
Hayden, James F.
Hayden, James Fournier
Hayden, Louise Fournier
Hayghe, Adelaide
Haygood, Nora
Heath, Lilla Hardy
Heath, Thomas A.
Henderson, H. A.
Henderson, S. W.
Henderson, Willie
Hendricks, Marie Eppes
Hendricks, R.C.
Hendricks, Robert Eppes
Henley, Evelina Thomas Harwell
Henley, Grace Alston
Henley, John W.
Henley, John Woodson
Henson, Virginia D.
Herbert, Julie Rembert
Herbert, Lucille Yvonne Roslefske
Herbert, Rosa Lynn
Herbert, William Frazier
Hewitt, Dorothy L. Barnett
Hewitt, Redginal I. (Dr.)
Hildreth, Annie G.
Hill, Infant
Hill, W. T.
Hillman, J. F.
Hillman, Janie Knox
Hills, Jane (McDermott)
Hills, W. F.
Hingson, Adele Cornish
Hingson, Solon R.
Hinson, Infant son
Hinson, Mindy Lou
Hinson, Mittie Barnett
Hinson, Mr. & Mrs. James R.
Holcomb, Mary Mathis
Hooks, Gertie Mae
Houston, Jane F.
Houston, L. G.
Houston, Luther F.
Houston, Luther G.
Howell, Wilbur Gray
Howze, Carolyn
Howze, James Ruffin
Howze, Pattie Strudwick
Howze, Samuel Strudwick
Howze, Thomas Connor
Howze, Thomas Falconer
Howze, Vera Connor
Howze, Vera Taylor
Hubbard, H. M.
Hubbard, Lois McHaney
Hubbard, Mary Jane
Hubbard, Naomi Lee
Hudson, Alice Spurlin
Hudson, Belle Bolton
Hudson, Hope
Hudson, J. A.
Hudson, James A.
Hudson, Lillie
Hudson, Lillie B.
Hudson, Robert Lee
Hudson, Sadie
Humphries, Arrie
Humphries, Linda Reid
Humphries, Luther
Hylton, Sterling
Irwin, James Lee
Ivey, Florence
Ivey, Hill
Ivey, Pearl
Jackson, Charlene
Jackson, Charlie
Jackson, Charlotte
Jackson, Dixie C.
Jackson, Florence Ivey
Jackson, Gertie Mae Hooks
Jackson, Infant boy
Jackson, Jessie Wesley
Jackson, Lucile
Jackson, R. C.
Jackson, Samuel W.
Jacob, Daly Francis
Jacob, Rose Donovan
James, Maude
Janes, Anton
Janes, Johana Kalcic
Janes, John
Janes, Joseph
Janes, Julia
Johnson, Curtis Liberty
Johnson, Martha Alice Hall
Johnston, Bruce
Johnston, Eula Lee Breitling
Jones, Ada B.
Jones, Alice
Jones, Ann Jane Taylor
Jones, Bettie King
Jones, Creed Taylor
Jones, Emmet A.
Jones, Gertrude
Jones, Gladys Turman
Jones, J. T.
Jones, James Taylor
Jones, Katherine Meriweather
Jones, Maria
Jones, Maria S.
Jones, Maud Reynolds
Jones, Mercer
Jones, Virginia Mercer Reece
Jones, W. B.
Jones, Walter
Kalcic, Johana
Kallam, Addie Roberts
Kallam, Barbara
Kallam, Burns
Kallam, Floy
Kallam, Jesse N.
Kelly, J.C.
Kelly, John C.
Kelly, Molly Thomas
Kemper, Alberta Wilson
Kemper, George Herron
Kemper, Jay Clarke
Keyes, Nelly Rutledge
Kidd, Robert Spencer
Kilgore, Alva Leon
Kilgore, Catherine O.
Kilgore, Mabel
Kimble, William Burke
King, Gertrude
King, John
Kirby, Ellen
Kirn, Daisy
Kitton, Ellen
Klie, A. Clinton
Klie, Alabama McClinton
Klie, Annie Easley
Klie, Ernest
Klie, Geo A.
Klie, George A.
Klie, Preston C.
Klie, Rosalie E.
Knox, Janie
Knox, Janie M.
Knox, Leona
Knox, Mary Ida
Knox, Matthew Ross
Kohler, Edward D.
Kohler, Geo.
Kohler, Margaret
Kurz, Herman
Kurz, Myrtis Tureman
Lacey, Claude N.
Lacey, Virginia Slade
Laird, Dora Mercer
Laird, Walter M.
Laird, Walter Marcellus
Laird, Walter Mercer
Lamar, William H.
Laney, Ella
Larkin, Mary C.
Laseter, Ina Neilson
Laseter, James B., Jr.
Laseter, James B., Sr.
Laumer, Charles Frederick
Laurie, Corine
Laurie, Lizzie Belle
Laurie, Shepard
Leder, Clara
Leder, George
Lee, Ansel A.
Lee, Bobbie
Lee, Calpurnia Caine
Lee, Deborah
Lee, Harold
Lee, Joseph Ithiel (Dr.)
Lee, Minnie
Lee, Robert I.
Lee, Rosa
Lee, Susan Rosa
Leonard, Peter S.
Lester, Alma Ruth
Letson, Michael
Levy, Ernest
Levy, Mabel Rose
Lewis, Ezekiel W.
Lewis, Hazel R.
Lewis, James B.
Ligon, Edwin T.
Lindsey, Kittye
Lipscomb, Edna Trigg Elder
Lipscomb, Ernest Pullen
Lipscomb, Henry Z.
Lipscomb, Ida
Lipscomb, Inda Gabrielle Tutt
Lipscomb, John Daniel
Lipscomb, Julia Winn
Lipscomb, Leila Hardy
Lipscomb, Louise
Lipscomb, Marrlard Edward
Lipscomb, Mary Bettie Armstrong
Lipscomb, Millard
Lipscomb, Millard Edward
Lipscomb, Mittie Simons
Lipscomb, Percy Brasfield
Lipscomb, William Robert
Lister, James Nathaniel
Lister, Julia Coats
Lister, Lillian
Livingston, Samuel Heselting
Long, Clay C.
Long, Hermione Guinn
Long, John Reed
Long, Kattie S.
Long, Mary Alyce
Long, Millard Oran
Loomis, A. E.
Loomis, Cora B.
Lovering, Joe D.
Lovette, Kerthal Allen
Lovette, Norma E.
Lovette, Red
Lovette, William R.
Lowe, Edna
Lowe, Ira Welch
Lowe, L. C.
Lucas, Albert E.
Lucas, Alma Ruth Lester
Lucas, Effie O.
Lucas, John Albert
Lukowski, Ann(a)
Lukowski, Rosa Dixon
Luning, Albert
Lyon, Amelia R.
Lyon, A. G.
Lyon, Allen Glover
Lyon, Anne Gaines
Lyon, Annie Gaines
Lyon, Caroline Amelia
Lyon, Caroline M.
Lyon, Elizabeth Armstrong
Lyon, Elizabeth C.
Lyon, Eugenia
Lyon, Francis Strother
Lyon, Frank Glover
Lyon, G. G.
Lyon, Geo Gaines
Lyon, Hettie
Lyon, James
Lyon, James Gaines
Lyon, Martin A.
Lyon, Mary
Lyon, Mary Glover
Lyon, Norman
Lyon, Rosena Fisher
Lyon, Sarah Serena
Lyon, Susan Diven
Lyon, W. H.
Lyon, Wm H.
Mackey, John Boyd
Mackey, Ludie Rankin
Mansfield, Erma
Marler, Allene Butler
Marler, Newton Mabry
Marshall, B.F.
Marshall, Benjamin Franklin
Marshall, James Alfred
Marshall, Lucie Baltzell
Marshall, Panthea M.
Marshall, Panthea Mary Deloach
Marshall, Thomas Deloach
Marshall, Virgil Eddins
Martin, Steve
Mason, Edwin Bolton
Mason, Fenton Brasfield
Matthews, Floy Kallam
Matthews, M. E.
Matthews, Margaret T.
Maxey, Dovie Messer
Maxey, Ernest Gilson
May, Annie Smith
May, Daniel Austin
May, Jessie
McAlpine, William Thomas
McCants, Annie G. Hildreth
McCants, Ethel Compton
McCants, Katie Abrahams
McCants, Lewis George
McCants, Pearle
McCants, Robert Beall (Dr)
McCants, Robert Brooks
McCarty, Anna B. Eppes
McCarty, Edmund Brock
McClelland, Amelia
McClelland, Annie J.
McClelland, Bessie Hall
McClelland, G. Edward
McClelland, John
McClinton, Alabama
McClusky, Gordon
McClusky, Hilary G.
McClusky, Horace Culford
McClusky, Kathy
McClusky, Louise
McClusky, Mae Boatner
McDaniel, Annie C.
McDaniel, Fanelle Crawford
McDaniel, Harold D.
McDaniel, Henry V.
McDaniel, Infant
McDaniel, Issac S.
McDaniel, James Richard
McDaniel, James W.
McDaniel, Leila
McDaniel, Rose Smith
McDaniel, Virginia S.
McDaniel, William S.
McDermott, Rosa M.
McFaddin, Ruby Hamer
McFarland, Rowena B.
McFarland, Thomas B.
McGrath, Addie Ray
McGrath, Adelaide F. Huyghe
McGrath, David Patrick
McGrath, Ellen
McGrath, Ellen Kirby
McGrath, Margaret Lucy
McGrath, Richard
McGrath, Roger
McGrath, Wm J.
McGuire, Kittye Lindsey
McGuire, Mattie Walker
McGuire, Rebecca Frances
McGuire, Roland Burns
McGuire, Stanley
McHaney, Jewel Hart
McHaney, John Wesley
McHaney, Lillian
McHaney, Lois
McHaney, Umilee O.
McHaney, William
McHaney, William M.
McHaney, Willie T.
McKelvain, J. D.
McKelvain, J. W.
McKelvain, James Arrington
McKinley, Eloise Strobert
McKinley, Henry Erskine
McKinley, Infant
McKinley, J. H.
McKinley, John
McKinley, John Henry
McKinley, Kate C.
McKinley, M. A.
McKinley, Maggie B.
McKinley, Martha Stanton
McKinley, Mary
McKinley, Mary Elizabeth Whitfield
McKinley, Mary Jane
McKinley, Oscar L.
McKinley, T. E.
McKinley, Thomas Edwin
McKown, Nell
McLamore, Lillie
McLeod, Annie
McMillan, Annie C.
McMillan, Eugenia O.
McMillan, F. O.
McMillan, Fannie I.
McMillan, Hope Hudson Strode
McMillan, Julia Breton
McMillan, Julia Frances
McMillan, Magdelene Mills
McMillan, Margaret J.
McMillan, Olivia M.
McMillan, Rane
McMillan, William Franklin
McNeill, Carrie
McNeill, Fred W.
Menefee, Hester Hand
Mercer, Amie
Mercer, Dora
Mercer, Edward
Mercer, Eugenia
Meriweather, John Bestor
Meriweather, Katherine
Meriweather, Louise Micheal
Merryman, Robert B.
Messer, Dovie
Micheal, C. E.
Micheal, Carl Vernon
Micheal, Charles Edward
Micheal, E.
Micheal, Edwin Earl
Micheal, F. A.
Micheal, Florence Agnes Breitling
Micheal, George
Micheal, George J.
Micheal, Helen
Micheal, Henry Robert
Micheal, Ida Vaughan
Micheal, Jacob
Micheal, James R.
Micheal, Jimmie Steadman
Micheal, Louise
Micheal, M. E.
Micheal, Margaret
Micheal, Mary A.
Micheal, Mary Catherine
Micheal, Mary Louise
Micheal, Mildred
Micheal, Rosa
Micheal, Sophia
Micheal, Walter Claudis
Micheal, Walter Linwood
Micheal, Waverly C.
Micheal, William E.
Micheal, William E. Jr.
Mihelic, Anton T.
Mihelic, Jacob
Miklic, Joe
Miklic, John
Miklic, Mary P.
Miklic, Rose
Miller, Charlene Jackson
Miller, Harry E. (Capt.)
Miller, Jesse Emerson Jr.
Miller, Jessie E.
Miller, Leslie M.
Miller, Pearl Ivey
Miller, Pursia Phillips
Miller, Waymon L.
Mills, Magdelene
Minge, Bessie
Minton, Annette
Molinder, Glen C.
Molinder, Ruth Elizabeth
Moncrief, Era
Monnier, Clara
Monnier, Henry A.
Monnier, Henry A.
Monnier, James Taylor
Monnier, John Edward
Monnier, Laura M.
Monnier, Maud Omaha
Monnier, Maude
Monnier, Merlande J.
Monnier, Ruth
Moore, Baby
Moore, Gabriel
Moore, J. L.
Moore, Lillian Van Voorhees
Moore, Ulrica Moorer
Moreno, Cornelia
Morgan, Alice
Morgan, Ida Lipscomb
Morgan, Sallie Cross
Morgan, William Grady
Morris, William
Morrow, Louise
Munroe, Dora S.
Munroe, Samuel P.
Murphy, Ida
Murphy, Mary
Myatt, Baby
Nance, Birdie
Nance, Hattie Bell
Nance, John Allen
Neilson, Cruse Cornish
Neilson, Elizabeth Elliott
Neilson, Ira
Neilson, Maurine
Neilson, Samuel E.
Neilson, Samuel Edward
Nelson, Cornelia
Nelson, Dalton
Nelson, Karen Smith
Newell, Mary
Nixon, Florence Smith
Nixon, Robert B.
Noles, James Leroy
Nonnemacher, Clara M.
Nonnemacher, Henry Monnier
Nonnemacher, Thomas S.
Nonnemacher, Virginia Gregory
Nored, B.W.
Nored, Rosa M.
Norred, Henry Joseph
Norwood, Baby – John Douglas
Norwood, Hattie Eppes
Norwood, John Douglas
Norwood, Mary
Novinc, Frank
Null, Annie Welch
Null, Francis Clyde
Null, Ivy Marshall
Null, William D.
Obering, Edward Lewis
Obering, Eugenia
Obering, George F.
Obering, Margaret L.
Orman, Annie Laurie
Ortmann, Archibald
Ortmann, Archie Eugene
Ortmann, Balbena
Owens, Daisye Daniel
Owens, Stephen Nathan
Pace, Annie McLeod
Pace, J. S.
Pace, Malcolm P.
Pace, Malcolm P. Jr.
Pace, Mary Vaughan
Pace, Nell McKown
Palmer, Patricia
Parr, John H.
Parr, Minnie J. (Dixon)
Parten, Arthur Frank
Parten, Billy F.
Parten, Dorothy L.
Parten, James Leon
Parten, Lige Small
Parten, Mary Ruth
Parten, Nora Haygood
Parten, Sue
Parten, Willie Allen
Partridge, Charles Steele
Partridge, Charles Steele Jr.
Partridge, Daisy Eddins
Partridge, Edward Eddins
Patterson, Cecile D.
Patterson, Ellena
Patterson, Evie
Patterson, Mary Alyce
Patterson, R. E. Lee
Payne, Ida Murphy
Payne, Learner H., Sr.
Pearson, Carrie Arrington
Pearson, Mrs. T. H.
Pegram, George E.
Pegram, George Edwin
Pegram, George Edwin
Pegram, Lizziebelle Laurie
Pegram, Shepard Laurie
Penrith, Hannah
Peoples, Lou Ella
Perolio, Annie
Perolio, Peter
Perry, Evelyn K.
Perry, Frederick Lawrence
Perry, Joseph W.
Perry, Laura Patricia
Perry, Rosa Lee Glover
Phillips, Ada
Phillips, Annie
Phillips, Estelle
Phillips, Evelina M.
Phillips, George H.
Phillips, Hattie Bell
Phillips, James W.
Phillips, Jessie May
Phillips, John C.
Phillips, John Walter
Phillips, Kate
Phillips, Lula J.
Phillips, Ola
Phillips, Pursia
Poje, Frank J.
Poje, Frank J., Jr.
Polancich, John
Polancich, Mattie
Polk, Ida L.
Polk, Infant
Polk, Leon
Polk, Serena Devereux
Polk, Wm M.
Porter, Louise Gerber
Powe, Dolores Watlington
Powe, Robert Edward
Powe, Thomas
Powers, Aquila
Powers, Elizabeth
Powers, Hettie Floyd
Powers, Margaret Katherine
Powers, Marietta
Powers, S. J.
Powers, Starling
Powers, W. I.
Prenzel, Annie Lou
Prenzel, Edward C.
Prenzel, Edward Clyde
Prenzel, Infant Son
Prince, Oliver
Prisoc, Rosie E.
Pritchett, Evelyn Julia
Pritchett, James Samuel
Prout, Alice Fowler
Prout, Annie Gaines
Prout, D. F.
Prout, Daniel
Prout, Daniel F.
Prout, Daniel Fowler
Prout, Hope Hudson Strode McMillan
Prout, Laura D.
Prout, Laura Elizabeth
Prout, Laura Lee
Prout, Lilian
Prout, Lilian Campbell
Prout, Lucy Bradley
Prout, Martha Hale
Prout, Mary Glover
Prout, Minnie Lee
Prout, William
Prout, Wm S.
Prout, Wm Sylvester
Pruitt, Julius
Quinney, J. M.
Quinney, Maggie V.
Quinney, Mary Annie
Raffett, Andrew Cortis
Raffett, Carmie O.
Raincock, Caroline
Raincock, George
Raincock, Louisa Ashton
Raincock, Rebecca
Raley, Minnie Barton
Raley, Nathaniel G.
Ramsey, Allen Newton
Ramsey, Lucille Wilkinson
Randall, Era Moncrief
Randall, Hazel
Randall, Henry G.
Randall, John David
Randall, Leon E.
Randall, Robert H.
Randall, William C.
Rankin, Ludie
Ray, Addie
Reagan, Mary Ann
Red, Lou
Reece, Virginia Mercer
Reed, Andrew J.
Reed, Infant dau.
Reed, Sallie K.
Reeves, Clara H.
Reeves, Infant Twins
Reeves, Jesse D., Jr.
Reeves, Milton S.
Reeves, Ruth
Reeves, Woodie B.
Reid, John
Rembert, Annie Lyon
Rembert, Bettie Celeste
Rembert, Elizabeth DeBondalee
Rembert, Frances
Rembert, Helen Gaines
Rembert, James M.
Rembert, Julius
Rembert, Julius P.
Rembert, Julius Poellnitz
Rembert, Rosa Lyon
Rembert, Susan
Rembert, Susan D.
Rembert, Susan Divan
Rembert, Susan Lyon
Reynolds, Alo Clark
Reynolds, Anne Dunne
Reynolds, Charles Stewart
Reynolds, George Evan
Reynolds, Maud
Reynolds, Mollie Rivers
Rhodes, C.
Rhodes, Caroline
Rhodes, E. T.
Rhodes, Jane B.
Rhodes, Kittie M.
Rivers, Mollie Rivers
Roberts, Addie
Roberts, Henry C.
Roberts, Josephine
Roberts, William G.
Robertson, Annie Perolio
Robertson, John Royal
Robertson, Virginia Watson
Robins, W. I.
Roselefske, Lucille Yvonne
Royal, Aradella
Royal, H. S.
Royal, Maggie V. Quinney
Rudisell, A. L.
Rudisell, Abel L.
Rudisell, Alfred G.
Rudisell, David
Rudisell, Delores
Rudisell, G. Vidmer
Rudisell, Henry A.
Rudisell, Infant
Rudisell, Mary F.
Rudisell, Matilda
Rudisell, S. J.
Rudisell, Susanne Jeanette
Ruffer, Helen Michael
Ruffer, Joseph Daniel
Ruffin, Ann Eliza Strudwick
Ruffin, James H.
Ruffin, James Sterling
Rushing, B.F.
Rushing, Benjamin P.
Rushing, Fannie
Rushing, Griffin Wilson
Rushing, Justina Adkins
Rushing, Martha
Rutledge, Carrie
Rutledge, Daisy Kirn
Rutledge, Frank Bellamy
Rutledge, John Ernest
Rutledge, John Foster
Rutledge, Mary A.
Rutledge, Mattie P.
Ruzic, Agnes
Ruzic, Blaz
Ruzic, Blaz, Jr.
Ruzic, Florence P.
Ruzic, John R.
Salisbury, Ursula (Dolly) Allen
Sandusky, George W.
Savage, Amie Mercer
Savage, Thomas C.
Sayers, Bessie Cook
Sayers, Beth
Sayers, John Joseph
Sayre, E. Stanford
Sayre, Theodore
Schmidt, Augustine
Schmidt, Augustine
Schmidt, Augustine Jr.
Schmidt, Hettie
Schmidt, Tenie
Schock, James Albert
Schock, Pattie
Schock, Vera
Scofield, W. Fleming
Scott, Adele Cornish Hingson
Scott, Curry Miller
Scott, Erminie Miller
Seabrook, Mary
Seale, Cora Lockard
Seale, Martha
Seale, Robert Lee
Shackleford, Marshall
Shackleford, Mary A.
Shackleford, Mary A. (Polly)
Shackleford, Samuel A.
Shahan, Alfred
Shahan, Nancy W.
Shahid, Victoria H. A.
Sharpe, A. Y. Jr.
Sharpe, Archibald Young
Sharpe, Catherine A.
Sharpe, Hettie Whitfield
Sharpe, Hettie Whitfiled
Sharpe, Julia
Sharpe, Natalie Hunt Cameron
Sharpe, Natalie Whitfield
Sharpe, Thomas L. Sr.
Sharpe, Thomas L., II
Sharpe, Thomas Ledyard
Shearon, Mary Robert
Shearrod, Barbara Kallam
Shephard, Ethel DuBose Fuller
Shirley, Birdie Nance
Shirley, Charles Clarke
Shirley, Charles Glasco
Shirley, Henry Everett
Simmons, Bessie Minge
Simmons, Cornelius L.
Simmons, Florence
Simmons, Lucius
Simmons, Mittie
Simon, Harry
Simon, Infant
Simon, Ruth Monnier
Sizemore, Edith
Skinner, Laura
Skinner, Mary Louise
Slade, Virginia
Sledge, Lemuel L.
Sledge, M. E.
Smith, George Roe
Smith, Albert S.
Smith, B. T. L.
Smith, C. J.
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Florence
Smith, Hattie B.
Smith, J. I.
Smith, Karen
Smith, Lucy Eppes
Smith, Mary Seabrook
Smith, Mary Winnie
Smith, Noah
Smith, Pearl Adele
Smith, Prudence Wood
Smith, Robert W.
Smith, Rose
Smith, Russell
Smith, S. D.
Smith, Sallie E.
Smith, Seabrook B.
Smith, Seth D.
Smith, Seth David
Smith, Willard Crawford
Smith, William C.
Smith, Wm. Andrew
Sostaric, Anton
Sparks, Frank Harold
Sparks, Marie Claybaugh
Sparrer, Joe
Speed, Bunyan Adkins
Speed, Leslie M.
Speed, Martha Rushing
Speed, Mary
Speed, Morris C.
Speed, Morris C. Jr.
Speed, Wilbur E.
Spight, John Henry
Spight, Louisa Jane Bailey
Spight, Neita Lillian
Spurlin, Alice
Spurlin, Evelyn Glover
Spurlin, Frank Glover
Spurlin, Sara Gregory
Spurlin, William Dexter
Stanford, Daly Heath
Stanford, James Lesley
Stanford, Mamie Heath
Stanford, Patricia Palmer
Stanton, Martha
Steadman, Jimmie
Stephen(s), Alex Zena
Stephen(s), Amanda Louise
Stephen(s), Emma
Stewart, Horace H.
Stewart, Jimmy Joe
Stewart, Lou Ella P.
Stickney, Pattie Schock
Stratton, Ida Gertrude
Stratton, Lymon Charles
Strode, Harriet S.
Strode, Hope Hudson
Strode, Thomas
Strudwick, Anna Eliza
Strudwick, Carter Clarke
Strudwick, Elizabeth
Strudwick, Helen Mary
Strudwick, Julia R. Clarke
Strudwick, Mary George
Strudwick, Patty
Strudwick, Samuel
Strudwick, W. F.
Sturdivant, Annie Phillips
Sturdivant, Herman T.
Sturdivant, J. P.
Sturdivant, James P.
Sturdivant, Julia Sharpe
Sturdivant, Robert K.
Summerlin, Joe
Summerlin, Joseph L.
Talley, Robert E. Lee
Tallichet, Albert C.
Tallichet, Earle E.
Tallichet, Fannie F.
Tallichet, Katherine Rebecca
Tate, Bertha
Tate, Estelle
Tate, Henry Albert
Tate, Sarah Williams
Taylor, Charles Oscar
Taylor, Edward Archibald
Taylor, F.
Taylor, Mary S.
Taylor, Mary W. Smith
Taylor, Vera
Thomas, Maggie W.
Thomas, Mat
Thomas, Molly
Thomas, Thomas DeLoach
Thompson, Asa Watkins
Thompson, Bennett Aden, Jr.
Thomson, Robert Carter
Thornton, James J.
Thornton, Mary Amelia
Tibbs, Albert Alexander
Tibbs, Frances Rembert
Trigg, Edna
Trigg, Velma
Tucker, Leiland L.
Tucker, Newton M.
Tureman, Harry
Tureman, Jamie Eloise
Tureman, John McClelland
Tureman, Mary M.
Tureman, Perry
Tureman, Perry D.
Tureman, Wade S.
Turner, Hannah Perith
Turner, John Sinclair
Turner, Pearle
Turner, Thomas John
Tutt, Donnie Ben Gilder
Tutt, Inda Gabrielle
Tutt, Louise
Tutt, William Vice
Tyus, Mittie J.
Ulmer, Abby
Ulmer, Alice Jones
Ulmer, Bessie Breitling
Ulmer, DeBrutz
Ulmer, Ellen Kitton
Ulmer, Isaac Barton
Ulmer, Isaac Barton II
Ulmer, Jose
Ulmer, Louise McHaney
Ulmer, M.
Ulmer, Mariana
Ulmer, Mrs. I. B.
Ulmer, Oliver Sanders
Ulmer, Oliver Sanders Jr.
Ulmer, Stiles Cooper
Vail, Addie Brasfield
Vail, Benners
Vaughan, Alfred Goode
Vaughan, Ida
Vaughan, Mary Walton
Vaughan, Theodosia Burr
Wahli, Adolphe
Wahli, Fannie I. McMillan
Walden, Mrs.
Waldrop, Christine
Waldrop, Clyde
Waldrop, Clyde Henry
Walker, Earl Lewis
Walker, Hattie S.
Walker, Mattie
Walker, Thomas
Ware, Lou Ella
Ware, Rodney Earl
Warnam, Grace
Warren, Cecile Pegram
Warren, J. E.
Watkins, Ariana F. J.
Watlington, Eugene T.
Watlington, F. S.
Watlington, Fannie L.
Watlington, Florence Skinner
Watlington, Grace
Watlington, R. A.
Watlington, R. W.
Watlington, Robert W.
Watson, Grace Warnom
Watson, Helen G.
Watson, James Drain
Watts, Charles B.
Watts, Charles B., Jr.
Watts, Effie Barger
Watts, Harriet B.
Watts, Lucy Dixon Cunningham
Watts, Thomas Z.
Watz, Lena Mae B.
Webb, Adelaide
Webb, Anna Garber
Webb, Buckner Garber
Webb, Gertrude Deford
Webb, Gertrude Jones
Webb, Hanah S.
Webb, Henry Winder
Webb, J. C.
Webb, James Cox
Webb, James Stewart
Webb, John Cox
Webb, John Cox
Webb, John Cox IV
Webb, Mem C.
Webb, S.C.
Webb, Sarah Creagh
Webb, Stella Spurlin
Welch, Annie
Welch, Ira
Welch, Kate H.
Welch, W. H.
Wendling, Infant
Wendling, Rose Miklic
Westbrook, A. G.
Westbrook, Albert G.
Westbrook, David Timothy
Westbrook, Dorothy
Westbrook, Hazel
Westbrook, Willie G.
Wheat, James M.
Wheat, Mary
Wheat, Mary Ruth Parten
Wheatley, James D., Sr.
Wheatley, Alma L.
Wheatley, James D., Jr.
Wheatley, John H.
Whitfield, Ada Cox
Whitfield, Annette Minton
Whitfield, Asa Hatch
Whitfield, Bessie A.
Whitfield, Bessie Alice
Whitfield, Bessie Eugene
Whitfield, Boaz
Whitfield, Bryan
Whitfield, Bryan Watkins
Whitfield, Bryan Watkins
Whitfield, Bryan Watkins II
Whitfield, C. B.
Whitfield, Charles Boaz
Whitfield, Charles Harden
Whitfield, Cornielia Moreno
Whitfield, Eleanor Foscue
Whitfield, Gaius
Whitfield, Gaius, III
Whitfield, Gaius, Jr.
Whitfield, George Nathan
Whitfield, Grace
Whitfield, Henry Jones
Whitfield, Hettie
Whitfield, Hettie
Whitfield, James B.
Whitfield, James Bryan
Whitfield, Jesse George
Whitfield, Joseph E.
Whitfield, Joseph Ernst Sr.
Whitfield, Kathleen Breslin
Whitfield, Libby Bridgers
Whitfield, Libby Hatch
Whitfield, Louise Morrow
Whitfield, M. K.
Whitfield, Margaret Hairston
Whitfield, Marie Ars
Whitfield, Mary Alice
Whitfield, Mary Ann
Whitfield, Mary Annie
Whitfield, Mary Edith Woodruff
Whitfield, Mary Elizabeth
Whitfield, Mary Keyes
Whitfield, Miriam Ernst
Whitfield, Nathan B.
Whitfield, Nathan Bryan
Whitfield, Nathan Bryan
Whitfield, Nathan Bryan, Jr.
Whitfield, NeedhamDied Feb 6, 1884. Obit available.
Whitfield, Nelly Keyes
Whitfield, Thomas Holmes
Whitfield, Wade Keyes
Whitfield, Winifred Bryan
Whittaker, Bertha Antonia
Wildes, Beth Sayers
Wilkerson, Walter Joseph
Wilkinson, Howard
Wilkinson, James Howard
Wilkinson, Lucille
Wilkinson, Maude G.
Willard, Alice Dyer
Willard, Jay Edwin
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Charlie Edward
Williams, F.
Williams, G. K.
Williams, Infant
Williams, Joseph Parker
Williams, Laura Elenor Lovie
Williams, Margaret Ann
Williams, Parker Green
Williams, Rosa R.
Williams, Ruby
Williams, Sarah
Williamson, Alice Fluker
Williamson, Barbara A.
Williamson, Clarence D.
Williamson, James Alfred
Williamson, Maggie
Willingham, Dewey Wilson
Willingham, Fannie Rushing
Willingham, Janie
Willingham, William M.
Wilson, Alberta
Wilson, Bernice G.
Wilson, Burton Allen
Wilson, C. M.
Wilson, Carrie Mae
Wilson, Clifford Marcin
Wilson, Daisy Smith
Wilson, E. R.
Wilson, Elizabeth Foster
Wilson, G. W.
Wilson, Herron Campbell
Wilson, Isham G.
Wilson, Isham G.
Wilson, J. F.
Wilson, John B.
Wilson, Katie Allen
Wilson, L. M. 
Wilson, Leonce Russell
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mary B.
Wimberly, Alice
Windham, Ellena P.
Windham, James I.
Winn, Julia
Wittel, Daisy Cochran
Wittel, Dale
Wittel, William
Wood, Lucile Jackson
Wood, Mary Newell
Wood, Prudence
Wood, Willard Russell
Wood, William D.
Woodruff, Lea
Woodruff, Mary Edith
Woodruff, Thyrza Woolf
Woodson, Mary Sharpe
Woolf, Ella Laney
Woolf, John King
Woolf, Sadie Henley
Woolf, Thyrza
Wooten, B. A. Wooten, Louise Danelly
Wright, D. A.
Wright, Lucie
Wright, M. L.
Yarbrough, Estelle T.
Yarbrough, Laura
Yarbrough, Raymond L.
Yeager, James Walter
York, Albue Vann Sr.
Youngblood, George Lester
Youngblood, Josie Ulmer
Zager, Anton
Zaiser, A. B.
Zaiser, A. F.
Zaiser, Adele Breitling
Zaiser, Augusta J.
Zaiser, Charles Gotleib
Zaiser, Edward A.
Zaiser, Madeline Adele

New Listings from obits:

and contributions of Ralph Lewis

Surname Given Birthdate Deathdate   Info provided by obit.
Allen Valda Marguerite Reed   June 5, 2003 Age 93 yrs. Info provided by obit.
Birdwell Clara I.   Aug 19, 2005 Wife of Leon Birdwell  Info provided by obit.
Birdwell Leon E. Apr 22, 1927 May 1, 2002 Husband of Clara H. Birdwell. Info provided by obit.
Bley Henry Jacob "Jake" Jr. May 7, 1950 Apr 30, 2001 Age 50. He is survived by his wife, Martha Bley of Steens, Miss. He is preceded in death by his parents, Henry Jacob and Dorothy Pyle Bley.
Bouler Beatrice Kirkham Apr 27, 1906 Aug 2, 1995  
Braswell Cruse Cornish Aug 15, 1916 Feb 25, 2006 Age 89  Info provided by obit.
Braswell Elizabeth McNab Reeves Apr 12, 1912 Oct 19, 2005 Age 93. Wife of Cruse Cornish Braswell  Info provided by obit.
Braswell Erskine McKinley Dec 20, 1902 Sept 30, 1992  
Braswell Leota Grubb Apr 28, 1907 June 21, 1999  
Brazelton Lena Mae   Apr 26, 2004 Age 105 yrs. Info provided by obit.
Britton Mabel Rose Levy



Caldwell Jane B.   Nov 9, 2005 Born in Birmingham, Ala.   Age 77. Wife of 58 years to Austin A. Caldwell.  Info provided by obit.
Clem  James E. Aug 18, 1925 June 22, 2001 Age 75. Died  Husband of Martha Long Clem.
Clinkscales Emmett C.   Apr 16, 2004 Age 91 yrs. Son of Robert G. Clinkscales. Info provided by obit.
Cole Deloise R.,   Apr 8, 2006 Age 78 Wife of Arthur E. Cole.  Info provided by obit.
Cook William Shelley  Jr. Oct 8, 1923 Jan 13, 2001 Age 88. Husband of Mary K. Cook.  
Cork Linda Parten Dec 17, 1946 Feb 18, 2001 Age 54. Proceeded in death by father Arthur Frank Parten.
Cork Eugene William May 7, 1923 Dec 30, 2001 Son of John T. Moody Cork & Florence Marlowe Cork. Husband of Frances Butler Cork.
Davis George P.   Mar 1, 2004 Age 88 yrs. Husband of Ann Spight Davis. Son of Robert Lee Davis. Info provided by obit.
Davis Henry B Oct 10, 1916 Dec 2, 2000 Age 84. Husband of Mary Louise Winters Davis
Davis Mary Louise Feb 9, 1918 Dec 26, 2001 Age 83. Wife of Henry B. Davis.
Files Sara Webb Miller   Apr 24, 2006 Age 89. Wife of Ellis M. Files.  Info provided by obit.
Gadd Lucille Miller   July 2, 2003 Age 92 yrs. Info provided by obit.
George Elizabeth Jane Cornish Feb 9, 1910 Oct 19, 2002 Age 92 yrs. Info provided by obit.
Grable Francis Keith Dec 27, 1971 July 26, 2001 Son of Pricilla G. Grable. Grandson of Francis G. Grable and Dagget and Gena Glaser.
Graves Henry Clay Sr. Apr 8, 1916   Aug 4, 2006  
Grayson James Edward Mar 25, 1923 Jan 18, 2001 Age 78. Husband of Katherine Dow Grayson.
Green Frances J.   Oct 18, 2002 Age 84 yrs. Wife of John W. Green. Died in Linden. Info provided by obit.
Griffin Alliene Speed Yeager   Apr 23, 2006 Age 80 Wife of 35 years to James W. Yeager. Wife of 22 years to J.B. Griffin.  Info provided by obit.
Hartsook Helen McGrath Mar 19, 1905 Sept 20, 2001 Age 96. Daughter of Richard and Margaret McGrath. Wife of William A. Hartsook.
Jackson R. C.   Jan 28, 2005 Husband of Charlotte C. Jackson  Info provided by obit.
Joiner John K.   Feb 15, 2003 Age 84 yrs.  Husband of Sarah C. Joiner. Info provided by obit.
Jones Retired Maj. Iva Lee Nov 23, 1916 Sept 16, 2000 Age 73. Daughter of Lennie and Della Mae Jones. 
Kidd Blanche K. Aug 4, 1921 July 3, 2001 Age 79. Wife of Robert L. Kidd. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs J.T. Knight.
Koster Sarah Coker   Oct 10, 2002 Age 84 yrs  Died in Memphis, Tenn. Info provided by obit.
Ledyard Edna Griffin Sept 28, 1929 Mar 9, 2006 Died in Huntsville Age 76. Married Robert Elisha Ledyard, Jr. Jan 17, 1950.  Info provided by obit.
Long Hermione Pearl July 23, 1910    July 31, 2005 Age 93.  Wife of Millard Oren Long.  Info provided by obit.
Lucas Faye Williams Aug 22, 1926 Feb 29, 2000 Age 73. Wife of John A. Lucas.
Marler Margaret Mary Dec 17, 1922 Mar 31, 2001 Age 78. Wife of Robert Luther Marler.
Marsh Michael Christopher   Jan 11, 2005 Son of Christine Stanford Marsh Frost and Michael J. Marsh.  Info provided by obit.
McAlpine Coralie Eddins July 8, 1924 Apr 5, 2002 Wife of Billy McAlpine. Info provided by obit.
McCants Evelyn Ballard Feb 21, 1898 Mar 5, 1983  
McCants Samuel Strudwick July 26, 1893 May 6, 1971  
McCray Martha Aug 2, 1931 Sept 26, 2001 Age 70. Wife of Charles David McCray Sr.
McGuire Kittye Elizabeth Aug 11, 1911 Nov 1, 2001 Age 90. Wife of Stanley McGuire.
McHaney Willie T. Feb 3, 1891 July  21, 1982 "Tombstone says born 1897,but error"
McKinley Nina Howard Dec 28, 1904 Oct 31, 2001 Wife of John McKinley who died in 1990.
Neilson Martha Atkeison Sept 13, 1942 Aug 17, 1993  
Palmer Mildred Sinclair Mar 13, 1907 Dec 28, 2000 Age 93. Wife of Fred I. Palmer.
Polaneich Mattie Westbrook   Dec 29, 2001 Age 96. Wife of John L. Polaneich.
Pruitt Billy   Mar 2, 2004 Age 80 yrs. Husband of Lounette P. Pruitt. Info provided by obit.
Pruitt Jimmy Allen    Mar 28, 2005 Husband of Betty Cotton Pruitt  Info provided by obit.
Pruitt Percy Lee Sept 7, 1925 June 14, 2001 Age 75. Husband of Winnie Fred Pruitt. 
Pyle James Barr Aug 9, 1959 July 5, 1991  
Pyle Margaret Inda Britton Dec 10, 1923 June 7, 2005  
Reynolds Charles Stewart Jr. Dec 24. 1919 Apr 8, 2000 Age 80. Husband of Virginia Walker Reynolds.
Reynolds Evan Clark May 11, 1915 Dec 24, 1993  
Reynolds Virginia Walker July 31, 1937 Nov 27, 2003 Age 82 yrs. Wife of C. Stewart Reynolds Jr. Info provided by obit.
Schellenberg Elsie McHaney Feb 14, 1914 Oct 5, 1991  
Shirley Fay Reynolds June 28, 1912 Jan 1, 1988  
Smith Louise Latham Oct 17, 1904 Jan 18, 1992  
Smith Winston June 2, 1937 Sept 10, 1998  
Spight John Henry Jr. May 9, 1915 Jan 10, 1999  
Stinnett Elizabeth Webb   Feb 26, 2003 Age 80 yrs. Wife of Cox Webb & Clay Stinnett. Info provided by obit.
Tarence James Randall (Pookey)

Dec 1931

Aug 16, 1997  
Tucker Clara Judson Lipscomb May 14, 1905 Feb 8, 1998  
Turner Margaret Sinclair Mar 15, 1912 Oct 28, 2001 Only daughter of Thomas John & Hannah Penrith Sinclair Turner.
Vice William V.   Apr 2, 2000 "Bill", age 44 Husband of Melba Jo Vice. Son of Dorothy Lee Dutton Vice.
Waldrop Francis Christine Andrews May 21, 1915 Aug 25, 2005 Age 90. Wife of William Clyde Waldrop  Info provided by obit.
Walker Christine Heath Stanford May 28, 1903 Feb 14, 1996  
Webb John C. III Feb 11, 1907 Mar 7, 1997 Age 90. Husband of Marie Suttle Webb. 
Webb Virginia R. Aug 15, 1914 Mar 4, 2001 Age 85. Wife of James Stewart Webb.
Wheatley Arthur James Aug 9, 1910 Mar 22, 2002 Husband of Pauline Rutledge Wheatley. Info provided by obit.
Whitfield James Bryan Jr.   Jan 24, 2004 Age 85 yrs. Son of Mr James Bryan Whitfield Sr. Info provided by obit.
Whitfield Nell Nicholas Jan 7, 1909 Apr 3, 2003 Age 94 yrs. Wife of Asa Whitfield & Bryan Whitfield Jr. Info provided by obit.
Williams Frances Miller   Jan 25, 2004 Age 76 yrs. Wife of George E. Williams. Info provided by obit.
Wilkinson Marguerite   Mar 7, 2003 Age 89 yrs. Wife of Leonard Wilkinson. Info provided by obit.
Woolf Ella Laney Nov 29, 1901 May 23, 2002  
Yarbrough David Albert   May 14, 2004 Age 60 yrs. Husband of Sherry Dukes Yarbrough. Info provided by obit.

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