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African American Cemeteries of Marengo County

The following cemeteries were surveyed in the fall of 2000.

St. Wisdom Ayers Old Union I will tell you the inscription! Do not click me these are inscriptions, do not click just put the mouse curser over it and a window will pop open
Living Baptist Lovely Paradise
Sidney Chapel Union Coleman
Shady Union Baptist Millers Hosea
Christian Union Howell Glovers
North Mt. Zion Mt. Zion New Hope
St. James Chapel St Paul Mt.Mariah
First MB Baptist St Luke First Baptist More African American cems online
Pine Grove Baptist Magnolia Clover Hill  
St Paul Baptist Church Jackson Small Memorial



Of Mixed Race?

Note: On the question of color, it isn't a matter of what we post and for whom, when it comes to family history it does matter. The following are unclassified cemeteries with respect to race. Mosely's Funeral home are known to exclusively serve the African American community but in the early census records some individuals may have been classified as Mulato or black (Mosely tags are found in Hosea). As a webhost, I am not here to judge skin color or who belongs in what category. If you can help to better identify where these resting souls belong to help fellow researchers...I would most grateful to hear from you. We may have cemeteries where there is a combination of black, mixed and white.

C. A. Wood



Obituaries for African Americans



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