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The B.U.P.A. Race

The B.U.P.A. race is undeniably the largest race in the northern hemisphere. B.U.P.A. (pronounced boopah) is an acronym for the Butt Ugly People Association. We had a fantastic turnout in July of 2003 when over 52,000 extremely funny-looking people came out to run the gruelling 1/4 mile-long race. Some celebrities that participated include Bananaman, that Bumblebee girl from the Blind Melon video and Saki "Superchicken" Minekawa - who flew all the way from Japan. Even Justin Timberlake took a break from promoting his new, very ugly album, Justified, to try and be one of the top contenders in the B.U.P.A.

Pic of Butt Uglies

Photo was not taken by Linda Wettengel in July of 2003

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