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I haven't updated in, like, 10 days, and I'm totally sorry for that...hehe..but I hate updating stuff, but I put in a couple of new poems. And I think, a song. Alright, I gotta leave. Later.


Ok, I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while...I wasn't really in the mood to do anything for a bit this week...but yeah, I got in "Kim" and "The Sound You Make" in the lyrics section and "Bricks" in the poetry one...oh, shit, I have to go update the music section now..ok, later.


So. I got a comment from someone (I'M NOT SAYING WHO...) that I shouldn't make links to things that aren't there. So, I'll just put little "*" on the links that don't work.
Oh, and um, I have a some "written" wokr stuff done, and I can't find much of my old poetry or lyrics, but I'll find them soon enough and put them up. I'm thinking about putting a guestbook...but I really don't want to..hmm..


OOOOOHHH! LOOK AT THE SITE! It is the greatest, I am so happy with it right now. Isn't it gorgeous? Now, if I can only get rid of those ugly-ass ads...

(Note: The poetry and lyrics and stories and whatnot, that ain't up yet. I'm still taking my time making invidual pages for each written piece of work, and I wanted it to look pretty. Oh, and, um, Photography and Music isn't up yet either. I'll do it later today, I promise. I'm working on Music right now. Ok?)


I'm sorry I haven't done anything new like I said I was. Apparentaly, I was locked out of my home for most of the day, so I really couldn't do much editing of the site. I'm sorry. But I'm sure, very, very soon it'll look decent. And the little links on the side of the page on the left? Those will very soon be replaced with something else. Probably some other different kind of links. But whatever. I have to go, like, do stuff now. Bye bye for now.



Aha, so yes, look and marvel at my little site. It took me a good 2 hours just to design it, and a long ass time after that uploading all of the pictures and poetry and stuff and whatever. BUT HEY! I think it looks okay. Don't you? I mean, jeez, I've had an idea for a site like this for a long time, but I never got around to it, you know? But now, since I have an entire day to kill, and my parents aren't home, I guess I can do whatever.

Oh, but, like, um, I'll make it a tad better tomorrow, since I gotsa do my homework now.