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Oh, yeah, I've included links in here too, for those who, like, hate my site. And that's each and every one of you guys out there.

Livejournal- Hands down, the best place to get an online journal. And since they got rid of the invite codes, I suggest everyone go get one now!

Newgrounds- An old favorite. It's just a bunch of flash cartoons and games that are hilarious. I love them all. Really, you should visit this place one day.

FTJ- Argh, a rating thingie. I'm actually on here, and there's a LOT of really dead sekshi people here. Username: fataltrip

MOC- A nice little website where indie and hardcore kids unite!


Quizilla!- A site where you can make and take quizzes. What else can I say?

AFI- Agh, fun.

YouThink- Oh, my god, I used to be addicted to this stupid thing. But whatever, it's all still good. Fun.

My Xanga- It's my Xanga, what else is there to say?