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"yeah i ain't burnt, 
just golden brown."

The page will be back hopefully by August with new pictures and other fun stuff.


These photos will be back soon:

Quest for Quintana Roo, Glass Candy, The Convocation Of, Under A Dying Sun. 
LG-Outhouse, Los Gatos 10/12/01 

Division Day, A Burning Water, The Ghost, Onelinedrawing. 
LG-Outhouse, Los Gatos. 01/05/02 

Audiocrush, Keeping Ellis, Under A Dying Sun.  Mitchell Park Center, Palo Alto. 01/12/02 
Pictures by Tom 

Under A Dying Sun, Box The Compass, Fixture, The Cliftons, Kevorkian Xmas Special, Kakar, Glydo Crusaders. 
420 South Bascom, San Jose. 02/02/02 

Under 21, Eleventeen, Rod, Short Round, Operation Makeout. 
Mitchell Park Center, Palo Alto. 2/23/02 


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