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Hi! My name is Lita Sharara. Thanks for stopping by. I currently live in Houston, Texas, but previously I lived in Atlanta, Georgia and Amman, Jordan (Yes, I lived in the Middle East and it is amazing). I am half Arab and Hispanic, so I can speak English, Arabic and Spanish. I currently work at Best Buy and love the discount! I want to Major in International Affairs and Public Relations


I hope to one day become a reporter for CNN covering the Middle Eastern affairs. I want to give the world a better perspective of the Middle East in the eyes’ of the people who live there.


I am a new-a-holic, I am constantly tuned into news whether it be from CNN to NPR I am hooked. It is important to realize what is going on the world outside of your own world. And I am not necessarily talking about national news, but news covering the whole world, so we can better understand our own.


I enjoy all kinds of music, I am not picky, but I can’t listen to country music. I like watching Independent movies. A few of favorite movies are Dot the I, Crime of Padre Amaro, Syriana and Paradise Now. I love traveling and eating new kinds of food.


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