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  • Street Walking
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  • Don't Tell Me
  • Echo 9 and the Afterglo
  • Two's Day
  • Firsts
  • King / Queen
  • K's FF Remix
  • Lightning
  • From 0 to 1
  • Near the End
  • Parting (Remember that Morning?)
  • 4 Months 2 Forget
  • Our Last Chance
  • Loosing Sleep
  • Lost, Dammit All
  • Responding
  • Love's Song
  • Want the Time Back
  • One More Spin
  • This Road
  • Walking
  • High School Dreams
  • Meddle


    Page 3 and a cuppa Joe

    Two's Day

    -This one was just a lapse of randomnimity, that just so happened to be on a Tuesday!


    -Well, here's the end result of my finally getting the hang of percussion. I had a variation of that intro them to the Akira movie running through my head the day I did this. I was still woking out at the Berkshire Country Club. Any of the golfers who heard me out there humming this that day must have thought I was nuts. Hey- I was getting paid to be dehydrated and heat-crazy, I wonder what their excuse was?


    -When I originally started this whole venture of being on my own, obviously there were a lot of firsts, and I wanted to relate that fact musically. Yeah, so it was interesting for everyone.

    King / Queen

    -Ha! i don't know what the hell was up in my head. I did this a while back in a bout of insomnia, but, something about it the third or fourth time just made me love it.

    K's FF Remix

    -Yes well, this had to happen sooner or later. This one was actually written later- i was still in like 11th grade at RFA when I first drafted this, and the talk of FF:TSW was huge. OHh well, at least it sounds alright.

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