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Elliott::Thursday::Denison Marrs::Saves the Day::At the Drive-In
Jimmy Eat World::Dashboard Confessional::AFI::Sunny Day Real Estate::Yes
The Cure::Coldplay::NOFX::Radiohead::Janes Addiction
Further Seems Forever::Hopesfall::Appleseed Cast::Brandtson
Oliver's Army::The Cardinal Year::My Epiphany::Ten Ninety

~journies elsewhere~

Endicott Studio::Art Passions::Sulamith Wulfing::James Marsters::NeoPets
Sub Pop Records::Interpunk::Make Out Club::The Nocturnes::Tooth and Nail
The Virgin Suicides::Requiem For A Dream::Titus::Crime Library
The Art of Sulamith Wulfing::Angelily's Art Gallery::Pollstar
The Dead Letter Office::Lexx::Emode Quizes::Musi-Cal