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~plays bass and sings~

~influential entities~

elliott, nightmares, dreams, jeremy enigk, thom yorke,
jane austin, jon anderson,  buffy the vampire slayer, shakespeare, 
tolkien, the bronte sisters, absolutely fabulous, edgar allen poe,
 edward scissorhands, any film that makes me cry,
serial killer lore, elves and fairies, art, ghost stories,
 old abandoned houses, sweaters, thunderstorms, sarcasm,
 abstract thinking, antiques, designing clothes and jewelry, 
lyrics and poetry, graveyards, incense, stars, did i mention elliott,
 sunny day real estate, dashboard confessional, yes, the cure,
 thursday, saves the day, starflyer 59, coldplay, denison marrs,
 radiohead, at the drive-in, vegetable lomein, the 1920's,
silent pictures, randomness, old photographs, HE who fashioned
the sun moon and stars - the ancient of days, kittens

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