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-- Prologue --
-- Pathetic Little Piece of Shit aka The Messiah --

Darren Romeo. Those two words strike fear into my soul. That name is synonomous with greatness. Through all the lands the story of Darren Romeo is told. That name is... holy?

Hold on a second. Are we talking about the same Darren Romeo here? The same one who went to Japan to wrestle in Point Blank Wrestling and thought he was going to be great? He thought he was going to get by on his looks and all of his money. Isn't this like the same guy who once bribed wrestlers to take out other wrestlers in his matches? I'm confused here because now this guy claims to be some sort of divine spirit or something.

He shaved his head, took some de-roid or something, and now he can speak to God. This has to be the single greatest transformation in the history of... well, the history of humanity. Just less than half a year ago this guy looked like the fuckin' Ultimate Warrior with the haircut of a Channel 4 news anchor. He was throwing around money like a teenager with toilet paper on Halloween. Now just a couple of months later and this guy is a Catholic priest?

You know what? Who cares. This guy has gone through this crazy transformation, but one thing still remains the same. Darren Romeo can't wrestle his way out of a paper bag. He flat out blows balls as a professional wrestler. I can go on and on about all of the people who have beaten him. No names like Darius Davis the washed-up wannabe football star. That little slut Kat. That's the same one Romeo was so scared of that he bribed Darius Davis to make sure she didn't show up for the match. Is this guy fuckin' serious? He hands out money so his female opponents don't make it to their matches. Have you ever heard of anything more pathetic?

I've held more titles in my career than this guy has won matches. He has admitted to leaving wrestling because he sucked so much ass. He disappears from PBW because he keeps getting drug around the mat like a little bitch, and now he joins SCW and expects to have some sort of success? And he expects to beat me? I think the "Messiah" rides the short bus.

And really Romeo, what's with the lack of an original nickname? There has been more "Messiahs" in the history of SCW than there are STDs floating through Shawn Alexander Cage's body. But I guess to you "Messiah" isn't a nick name, it is who you are. It isn't a childish nickname, it is a title. You were labeled by God as the MESSIAH.

I thought we were through all this "I can speak to God nonsense". But since you can talk to God, Darren, would you be able to tell me if God loves him some Kenny Turner?

You say that no where in the Bible does God say that he loves everyone. That is true. Most religous fanatics will tell you, however, that it is implied. I'll go one step farther than you, Darren, and tell you these people are full of shit too. God doesn't like everyone. Why would he? Most of the people in this world are as ugly as... well, you. They look like shit, smell like shit, they generally act like shit, and well they are shit. Worthless peices of shit like yourself, Darren.

I'm just going to wrap this up here. Darren Romeo, you are nothing. Plain and simple. In the fabric of SCW and the whole wrestling industry, you are nothing more than a stain. Every ring you have stepped in has been tarnished by your boot. Everytime you pick up a mic another crowd is slowly falling to sleep. I don't know why I'm even wasting my breath. In two or three weeks you will be gone from SCW. You'll be fed up because you couldn't beat anyone on the roster and you'll disappear just like you did in PBW. If you can't beat anyone in a two-bit Japanese promotion, what do you think is going to happen here in Supreme Championship Wrestling?

-- Scene One --

The apartment was bare. Nothing but impressions on the old dirty rug of where a couple pieces of furniture used to be. Standing near the old wooden door was Kenny Turner with a box in his hands.

Kenny Turner: "Good old shitty living. I'm really going to miss you."

He flicked off the lights and walked out of the apartment, shutting the door behind him.

This was the end of Kenny Turner's life in Japan. After two weeks in SCW, he had enough money to put a down payment on a house back in the States. Now after packing up all of his stuff from his all apartment, it was back to America. And it was back to SCW as well, where he had business to take care of. Business by the name of Darren Romeo. The fake. The loser. The Messiah.

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.

A crappy ass wrestler by any other name is still a crappy ass wrestler.

Darren Romeo... Me and you shall have some fun come Breakdown. Fun for me, not so fun for you.

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