...i lie here alone and wonder why
that I come alive just before I have to hide
because I believe I'm losing my nerve
but could I ever do better than this...


Chapter One: Nothing But The Past

This was Cedro Martinez through and through. He was nothing but the past. Former Majestic Champion? Like that means anything these days. It was a failed experiment and Cedro's only hurrah. Big time champ of the developmental federation, I can't wait to see what he achieves next. The woman's title? Maybe him and Speed go and play kendo stick fight in the alley behind the SCW arena. Cedro, just join the tag division. Find yourself a partner like myself, actually don't pick me cause I don't like you, but try and find someone around my skill level that you can piggy back on until you win the tag titles.

The Speeding Bullet? It's a fancy little nickname but I'm afraid it doesn't suit you unless you're lacing up your boots in a development fed. Seems like recently The Speeding Bullet was given a bath in molasses. You've been trying, I'll give you that. You've got the heart Cedro, always have, but there's a time where heart stops and talent begins. Well actually I'll take that back, those at the top are the most talented but those at the top with heart, those are the guys that win. But you see, it all starts with talent. Do you have it? I'd place my bet on no.

You're a midcarder at best. Nothing more than a decent show against the other average wrestlers and a cheap win for the main eventers. Guys like Cherry, Hudson, Angel, and Hodges... Those are the guys that drool when they see your name printed next to theirs in a match. Guys like David Grenier, Jamal Evans, and Brian Kinney... those are the guys that you can actually stand toe to toe with. Destined to be a midcarder the rest of your career, that's so sad. But hey, look on the bright side, you had your glorious run through Majestic. How many of us can actually say we were the big dogs in a developmental fed?

I guess you could say that that's your one fate. Mediocrity.


Chapter Two: A Past Not Too Far Away

"So what is your analysis?" Grey asked, sitting at a table that had a dark purple table cloth draped over it.

There was a woman on the other side of the table, she looked much like a gypsie. In fact, she was a fortune teller. There was the usual white crystal ball sitting on the table. The fortune teller looked at Grey mysteriously.

"You are going to die..." she said rather calmly.

Grey stared at her blankly, "We all die."

"Yes, but you will suffer your death soon." She replied.

Grey thought to himself before saying the words, "By soon do you mean like three months ago, cause I died like three months ago."

"No," she replied, "You will die within the next couple of years."

"Ummm... Okay. Is there an exact time you could give me?"

"I'm not God, I'm just a fortune teller. Three to five years is what I'm getting."

"So what's that like 350 business days or something?"

"You seem to find this rather funny."

Grey stared at the fortune teller, "Maybe it's because I think you're insane."

"Okay," she said, "let's just do a little experiment. Tomorrow night you will find yourself in a bit of a bad situation."

Grey responded, "Really? That's what proof you give me? Foretelling some broad thing like that? Get a new job you scammer."

He stood up and went to walk out only to hear the fortune teller respond, "Tomorrow night, you will not be so confident."