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Won Debut Match

vs. Jason Casey

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Rp One : Shooter

"Controversey sells but it ain't like that, guess there's no better way to say it then... Shots Fired!" - Jadakiss

Voice: Finish that shit up, we got a job to do...

I turned my head to see Sammy sitting next to me, a grin on his face. There was a blunt in my mouth, I guess that's what I had to finish up. So I took a couple more puffs and looked back to Sammy.

Malakai: What's the job that we got to do?

He laughed as if I had just told some outrageously humorous joke, then in a second his face became serious.

Sammy: What you got a case of amnesia or something? You know what we got to do...

He pulled a gun from his waist and cocked it. Sammy slowly and gracefully moved his hands down the sleek barrel of the silver pistol. He looked back at me again.

Sammy: It's for the honor of the family.

I still had no idea what he was talking about, but he seemed to know what he was doing. It's hard to explain why I can't remember a damn thing, maybe it was this joint, but I can't even remember lighting the damn thing. The last thing I remember is Sammy saying, "finish that shit up, we got a job to do". It's like I had been thrown into a time machine and ended up here.

Sammy: You done yet nigga? We gotta get this show on the road.

I took another long puff from the blunt before rolling down the window on the '64 Impala we sat in and tossing the rest out the window.

Malakai: Ready as I'll ever be...

For what, I did not know. Sammy looked at me, it seems I had forgotten something.

Sammy: You ain't ready nigga, shit you ain't even strapped.

I patted my waist-line then my the top of my socks and found that he was right, I didn't even have a switchblade on me. Sammy let out a little laugh as to say "rookie", he then reached across me and popped open the glove compartment. From the glove compartment he pulled out a pistol, nonchalantly threw it in my laugh as if knowing that it wouldn't go off, and then shut the glove compartment.

Sammy: Man I don't know what you been smokin', but next time... let me hit some of that shit!

He laughed and I joined in, the weed must be getting to me. Sammy turned the key and the Impala started up, it sounded like a good ole' American muscle car. The car was decently loud, but not broke loud, it was like "redneck on television yelling check out my Hemi" loud. We pulled out of the driveway in front of Sammy's house and headed down the street. My window was rolled down and I could feel the cool air from outside. Strangely enough, I had forgotten the month, but I could feel from the chill in the air that it had to be sometime during the fall... or maybe that was just the chill that was running down my spine. I had no way to tell and I wouldn't ask Sammy what date it was, he already thinks I've gone crazy. It was dark outside, but I knew the time from the clock on the dashboard, it was "8:45 PM". I just rested my head back on the headrest and chilled.

Sammy: You know we have to do this right? This isn't something we can go without doing...

I nodded my head, but I didn't know what he was talking about.

Sammy: Like I said, it's for the honor of the family.

Malakai: Right.

Sammy: He crossed me, he crossed us. JC doesn't even know what's gonna hit him.

We slowly stopped at a stop sign.

Malakai: JC?

He turned his attention from the road in front of him to me.

Sammy: Well I guess he goes by Jason...

Malakai: Who does?

Sammy: JC...

Malakai: Oh.

Sammy: You sure you're all right?

Malakai: Yeah, just forgot.

The car took off from the stop sign and began moving foward again.

Malakai: What's his first name?

Sammy: Carney, Curtis, Casey... Hell if I know. Why does it matter?

Malakai: It don't, just figured I'd ask.

Sammy: Don't worry man, they'll never trace this shit back to us.

I needed to show Sammy I was stronger than that, I wasn't a little kid seeking protection anymore.

Malakai: I ain't worried, fuck... I ain't worried 'bout shit. Jason's earned what he's got coming to him, cross blood... you've crossed the line.

He turned his head back to me.

Sammy: Now that's the shit I wanted to hear from you.

And with only a sentence or two I managed to convince Sammy that I knew what I was doing... that I knew why I was here or what was going on. I turned to look at his face as he watched the road speeding along in front of him, he had a smirk on his face now. Sammy's face was rough, scar-laden, and un-expressive at times, but I knew how he felt at this moment. Sammy was happy, he found joy in the words I spoke. Eh, I know what your thinking though, no homo.

Sammy: Almost there, two blocks ahead...

Two blocks ahead, I had only a vague feeling of what was waiting for me two blocks ahead. I put two and two together, the guns, this JC who apparently crossed us, and I had a feeling of what was about to go down. My right index finger twitched, my eyes quickly moved to gun in my lap, I had no control over these actions. I tucked the gun into the top part of my pants with the grip slightly showing. I suddenly had control over myself again and I found myself staring Sammy in the face.

Sammy: You ain't nervous are ya?

Malakai: Nah, I'm ready...

We pulled up to another stop sign, one block to go now. Sweat began to roll down my forehead and drip into my eyes making my vision a little blurry. I casually wiped the sweat from my face.

Sammy: There's a red bandana on the dash if you're worried.

Malakai: I'm straight.

We passed another stop sign now and this is when the nerves really got to me. Sammy grinned before shutting off the headlights and slowly creaping foward. My heart pounded, the breeze that was blowing through the windows and relaxing me before, was now the only thing keeping me from jumping out of the car and running away. But slowly we crept down the street and now just about fifty yards or so in front of us was a man.

The man was walking with a woman, she was scandally dressed and she had a certain was to her, she was a prostitute. I could hear the man laughing even from this distance, he must've not heard us creeping up on him as he was walking in the opposite direction. My nervousness turned into anger for some unknown reason. My hand moved down to my waistline again and I felt the grip of the pistol.

Sammy: Not yet...

I listened to him but I kept my hand where it was.. I could hear this man laugh and his laughter angered me. I heard this man talk and his words cut away at my soul. This man was JC, this was the man we came to meet. He spoke to the whore at his side, still unknowing of the car slowly creeping up on him, his talk drowned out the engine of the Impala.

JC: I told them niggas... I said, you ain't got shit on JC!

He was angry with his words, it was all a big joke to him. The prostitute laughed with him.

JC: So you know what I told that nigga Sammy, I said, fuck you nigga... You can't hold me down.

These words, the way he spoke of Sammy, made me more angrier than ever before. He spoke so badly of a man who saved my life. He acted like his words didn't matter, I would show him that these words would end his life.

We were just a few yards from the two. I could see them turn around as I popped the handle and jumped out of the slowly rolling car. The two looked at me, I could see JC's hands cupped around his eyes. They couldn't see me, it was pitch black outside. I knew they couldn't see me because I could only see the outlines of them. As I came within a couple feet of the couple, JC realized who I was. I cocked the pistol that was now in my hand and the moment they heard this, the two ran off in opposite direction. I ran after JC, not caring much about the hooker he was with. I caught up with the man, grabbing him by the collar and slamming him to the cement sidewalk. I picked him up and hit him in the face with the butt of my gun. Blood ran down his face as he looked me in the eyes trying to plead for his life, but where was his begging before?

JC: Please Malakai... Don't kill me!

He whined and honestly it aggravated me. I smacked him again with the gun, but all this did was increase his sobbing and add to the flow of blood dripping down to his feet.

JC: You can't kill me... I'm sorry... It won't happen again.

Malakai: If you don't shut the fuck up...

Feeling a sense of urgency, JC sent a knee to my groin area and fled from my grasp and down the sidewalk. I grimaced in pain as I clutched my nuts, the little bitch just lowblowed me. A true sign or disrespect, no matter what the circumstances. I gave chase.

I could hear the rumbling of an engine slowly pass me and I knew what it was, but JC didn't. Tires screeched as Sammy's Impala slid in front of JC who collided with it and with a thud, hit the ground. I approached JC, Sammy was on top of him pounding away at his face. I heard the fists pounding into his skull and I heard the pleads for mercy. I had no remorse for the man.

Sammy: I told you once JC, you never cross Sammy.

JC: I'm sorry, I'm sorry... It won't happen again...

His sobs poured out but Sammy showed less remorse than me as he slammed another fist into JC's face.

Sammy: Your right this won't happen again.

Just then Sammy pulled out his pistol, grabbed JC by the collar, and pointed the barrel right in his eye. My jaw dropped, my heart raced, and I could feel my knees begin to shake. Sammy cocked his pistol as JC begged for his life.

JC: I'll do anything man, you can't kill me...

Sammy: Your a snake, I can't trust a snake.

JC: Please man... please... you can't kill me.

Sammy sighed before pulling his pistol away from JC's face and tucking it in his pants.

Sammy: Your right, I can't kill you.

JC let out a sigh of relief.

JC: Thank you Sammy, I always knew you were a good man.

Sammy: But he can.

Sammy looked at me and JC did as well.

JC: What?

Sammy: Handle this bitch, Malakai.

My heart was racing faster now as I stepped over JC and placed the barrel of my gun on his forehead. My hands were shaking, my knees were shaking, I didn't know if I could do this. I looked at Sammy's face, he was telling me to do it. I cocked the pistol, took a deep breath and...

Sammy: God damn it, go ahead and shoot the nigga!

Pop! I pulled the trigger once and sent a bullet through his skull. A sudden spurt of anger overcame the fear in me as I pulled the trigger a second time, and then a third. I just kept thinking about the things he said about Sammy, how he disgraced his name. I killed the man for that, though I really don't know why Sammy wanted him dead.

Pop! Another shot went off before Sammy grabbed me.

Sammy: Let's go, that's enough, he's dead.

People had come out onto their porches to see what all the racket was. I heard the Impala crank up so I jumped in, shut the door, and we sped off. My head was spinning, what had I just done? I killed a man. This JC... Jason... whatever his name was. I killed a man without even knowing his last name, just the first initial. C...

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Robin Thicke: Shoot-Shoot-Shoot-Shoot-Shooter!

I jumped to life, awaking from a deep sleep. The alarm clock was blaring now, I slammed my hand over the front of it and managed to hit the power button. I was still a little asleep. Shooter... Those words came to my mind now. I was the shooter...

To everyone who just saw the event that went down, that is to everyone who can see my dreams, I guess I'm just talking to God and maybe a couple of spiritual Indian people, but to everyone that saw that and is now wondering was that real or was that a dream... it was both.

I remember that day, but I can't remember the events that led up to it. I can't remember what was going on in my head that day, what possessed me to pull that trigger and kill that man, I can't remember none of that shit. But every night, every time I dream, I have that same nightmare replaying over and over again in my head. I have to re-live that day every time I sleep, that bastard JC doesn't. Why? Well, because he's dead for one.

I still don't remember his last name. He was always JC or Jason something or somebody.


Now this match with Jason Casey comes to mind. The two names are very similar, Jason Casey, this JC. Both have the same initials and the same first name and I even remember Sammy saying that JC's last name could have been Casey, I doubt it though. That's a freaky coincedence. Two blocks ahead... Two days to go... Two days until I step into the ring with Jason Casey.

He seems like the rest of them. Casey's just there to get a feel for the crowd and get everyone cheering his name. Casey's there to get the fans into the match, I'm there to win the match. He'll be around the final bell is rung, but he'll be layed out on the mat in a pool of his own blood.

I stood up now and noticed I was in a white muscle shirt and greg sweatpants. My feet hit the cold floor as I made my way to the kitchen and over to the fridge. I opened the door, pulled out a carton of orange juice, and proceeded to drink it. I kept thinking about Jason Casey and our match this week.

Just another punk ass kid... The King of Controversey? Please... Just another fancy nickname someone attaches to their own name to make it seem like their some kind of bad ass. But was Jason Casey supposed to be a bad ass? The kid looks like a surfer or a damn skater boy. He was a skater boy...

I spit up the orange juice that was in my mouth and began to laugh at this.

He wasn't good enough for her, now he's a superstar... look at me, this Jason Casey has got me singing an Avril Lavigne song. Well I'm not gonna sit here and dazzle anyone with my thoughts about Jason Casey. To make it plain and simple, I think the kid is a long-shot from being a true wrestler. Sure, he's got the moves, but he doesn't have the heart. He's just there to play to the crowd, to get them on his side, but he isn't there for the true art of wrestler. To have your hand raised after a hard fought victory, to overcome everything in a match, to prove everyone else wrong... that is why I wrestle.

I wrestle to show everyone that I can overcome anything. When a man has me beat down in a match, I grit my teeth and I fight on. I may not know how to accurately perform a true Northern Lights Suplex to the tee or how to effectively apply a sharpshooter so that it is unbreakable, but I do know how to fight. I know how to use my body and my actions to defeat my opponent. I know how to use my heart, my courage, and my intelligence to outsmart my opponents and win matches. This is something Jason Casey knows nothing about.

Casey is going to come out, dazzle the crowd with a couple of perfectly applied moves, and then he is going to have the whole crowd behind him. But what Casey doesn't know, what the crowd doesn't know, is that I will be the victor of the match. I will have my hand raised because I don't focus on nailing perfect moves, because I don't spend my time training all day, but because I have the heart of a lion.

I was a soldier before I could walk. Never have I ever had anything handed to me for free, not once in my life, I've had to work my ass off just to get where I'm at. Maybe my life doesn't look perfect to everyone, and maybe a lot of people just think I'm some thug who's never worked a day in his life... but they're wrong and one day, like JC, they will learn that.