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vs. Eric Sinn and Justice Biggs

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Rp One : The Beginning

"Why all the young niggaz is dyin', cause they moms at work, they pops is gone, they livin' wit iron." - Jadakiss

.:. Random Thoughts .:. Random Thoughts .:. Random Thoughts .:.

So now you know my story. Just another black male growing up in a society that don't want him. So I'm here for your sympathy right? Fuck that if that's what you're thinking. And fuck you if you think I'm just another typical no good drug dealing gangbanger. I did what I did to provide for my family. I ain't talking about family as in a wife and kids, never that, I'm talking about a family as in my mom, my sister, and my brothers. So now why I am still dealing? Why am I still gangbanging? Why am I still bringing people to this shit? Because this is what saved my life, as weird as that may sound and how ironic that may be when one day I eat a bullet off a bag drug deal and take a dirt nap, but that doesn't mean I ain't going to to keep doing what I'm doing. These drugdealers... These gangbangers... People like Sammy... People you bitches call the scum of the Earth... they saved my life, and now I gotta repay them and do my deeds my saving other lost souls. And whether that means slanging dope, pushing bricks... whatever, it don't matter cause Im'ma do it.

So, fuck you if you tell me to grow up, I had to grow up faster than anyone you ever knew. Keep thinking I'm just some immature street thug who's too lazy to get a job, and keep thinking that I'm gonna hit you with some bullshit about the man holding me down. You can keep thinking that, but it ain't never going to come out of my mouth. Truth is, can't no man hold me down. Society couldn't hold me down, how do you expect man to do that? Eric Sinn... Justice Biggs... Are they going to hold me down? Ha Ha... If only you could hear me laughing at the thought. Eric Sinn and Justice Biggs aren't too high on the food-chain, I guess neither am I, but I know what I'm capable of. I also know what no man is capable of, and that's running over me.

Eric Sinn... Justice Biggs... Sounds like hollywood names if you ask me, sounds like a bunch of fake names. And you know what kind of people have fake names? Fake people. People that act like their about something but when it comes down to it, their really about nothing. While this may be simple-minded thinking, remember we're talking about simple-minded people. Look at this guy Justice Biggs. I heard his ho got him whipped like a little bitch. I also heard this Justice Biggs scared to come back to wrestling after some neck injury. Now Justice, I know that if you got a neck injury and your neck ain't broken, the shit ain't that serious. So are you just a little bitch? Maybe... Or maybe your wife just got you on a short leash. Running around with a little fat man named Vincent all the time, while I'm home fucking Jennifer. I kid, I kid... Bitch too ugly.

Justice Biggs... Looking at this match like it's just one big opportunity. Looking at your two opponents like we're all just here for business reasons, nothing personal right? But your wrong Justice Biggs, everything I do is personal. I ain't in wrestling for business cause frankly, I don't need the money. I'm here to prove to the world that they should never turn their back on anyone. No matter how low on the economic food-chain they may be, anyone can rise up. So it's my time to rise up Justice, too bad you had to be one of the people I have to destroy.

Eric Sinn... I ain't got much to say to this guy cause he really doesn't even show his face too much around here. I do know that Eric Sinn is just another typical loner wrestler. He thinks he's a bad ass, but he thinks no one likes him. Well he's right, no one does like him. But as for being a bad ass, son... every cat you step in the ring with was a bad ass on the streets. You step your level up when you get in the ring with professionals, so as for being a bad ass in the ring, the only ones are world champs. While I may not have gold on my waist, neither do you...

.:. End Random Thoughts .:. End Random Thoughts .:. End Random Thoughts .:.

Malakai: Could you please turn your Bible's to Romans 3:23.

I stood before my congregation like a man before his family. I was different here, people didn't perceive me the same way they did on the streets, at least they didn't openly do it. There I stood with a robe covering a black church suit, my dreads pulled back behind my head and into a big ponytail, and it seemed like I was just living another life. This life was more peaceful at least. My mother was in the first row along with my sister, Jessica. How the hell she seemed to drag Jessica to church every Sunday was a mystery to me, but how the hell she seemed to drag me to church every Sunday was a mystery as well. Maybe you don't know the full story about my sister, so let me break it down to you.

Jessica is a couple of years older than me. I used to like being around her when we were kids, she always knew the right things to say. She was a straight-A student as a kid, much like my brother Drew. However, when she entered her teens she started experimenting with drugs and she was even caught a couple of times with boy's in her room late at night. From there, it just seems that her whole life has gone downhill. Jessica dropped out of college, started abusing drugs and using her body as a way to get drugs from men. The site of her walking down the street everyday looking like a crack-whore makes me sick, and honestly, the site of her in my church in dirty sweatpants, a torn-up t-shirt, and raggedy sneakers on makes me sick... but at least she was here I guess.

Moms was here to, but she didn't look nothing like her daughter. Unlike her daughters wild hair, moms hair was beauty-shop perfect. She had on a nice Sunday hat to go along with her neatly ironed and cleaned church dress. A pair of heel's on her feet and she was elegant enough to go dancing at a presidential ball. That was just mom though, and mom loved church. Clean for nearly a decade now, she seemed to have her life going down the right path. The only think mom had left to do was clean up her family. I knew that she looked at everything going wrong with Jessica as her fault, as she did with myself before I became a preacher. She kills herself trying to help out her children everyday, even when her children have become adults.

Moms doesn't know the split-life I lead and I hope she doesn't find out, it would break her heart. She knew what I had become before, she knew I used to sell drugs, she knew I was a gangbanger, and she even knew that I used to keep a pistol on me at all times. She brought me to church and even though I couldn't ever turn my back on the gang, I knew I couldn't let my mom keep bringing me to chruch and showing me all of this love but still not change. So when I had moved out of her house and she wasn't able to tell what I do in my own house or watch my every step, I became a preacher and convinced her that I had given my life to the Lord. Now this may seem deceitful and maybe it is, but I didn't do it to get over on moms. I did it so she wouldn't have her heart-broken every time she saw me, so she wouldn't live in fear of me falling victim to the lifestyle I led. As a gang-member you are five more likely to get shot in your lifetime than a non-gangmember and you are ten-times more likely to experience a fatal-death at the hands of another person. Moms knew this, so I had to convince her I had changed. Sure she still here's comments from people that say I'm still gangbanging, that I'm still slanging, but she does her best to ignore these rumors and keep her faith in me.

Was I a horrible person? No, at least I don't think so. I did what I had to do when I was younger to make sure that I had a chance in life and to make sure that my family had a chance in life. Eric Sinn can think of me as just another thug, he can think of me as just another problem with society, but Eric Sinn is wrong. I'm not a problem in society, I am the result of the problem's in society. Maybe Eric Sinn doesn't know the difference, so I will break it down for him once I step into the ring with him on Sunday. Eric Sinn hasn't ever stepped a foot in the ghetto, he hasn't even placed a toe in my shoes. How can Eric Sinn make judgements about me when he doesn't even know who I am? Well I guess that's just what you get in the world of professional wrestling, everyone is always trying to get in your head and tick you off. Eric Sinn is just another...

Voice: Pastor! Pastor! The sermon...

I turned my head to see one of the deacon's in the front row leaning towards me, his hands cupped around his mouth, trying to get me back to reality.

Malakai: Oh, thank you Mr. Jones.

It seems I had gotten off topic, my mind had slipped into my match. I had to deliver my sermon, tonight I had to fly to Vegas for my match. The quicker I got this over with, the better.

Malakai: Could you all turn your Bible's to Romans 3:23...

A woman in the congregation yelled out loud.

Woman: Already there.

Malakai: Yes you are, sorry and thank you Mrs. Weathers.

Woman: Praise the Lord!

Malakai: Watch it now Mrs. Weathers, don't wanna break a hip.

Woman: God bless you.

Malakai: Alright alright... Now I know we've been on Revelations for the last month or so but I wanted to deliver a special sermon today on sin. The dictionary defines sin as transgression of divine law, transgression being crossing or violating and the rest is pretty self-explanitory. Basically sin is violating the laws of God. As you all know, we are all born into sin. This is where Romans 3:23 comes into play. Romans 3:23 states that:

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

Congregation Member: Amen!

Malakai: So if everyone has sinned and come short of the glory of God, then why would anyone need to define themselves as "sin"? That answer is easy, they are ignorant. A man who is defined by the word "sin", is the same as the man who is defined by the word "holy", except for one thing. The man who is defined by the word "holy" knows that he, along with everyone else, has sinned. The man defined by the word "Sin", however, clearly believes that he is only one person who has sinned. What is the result of this then? The result is that the man defined by the word "sin" will never be able to cleanse himself of sin because he hasn't been saved... because he doesn't know that every man has sinned. The man defined by the word "holy" knows that every man has sinned so he is able to cleanse himself of sin and is able to repent his sins.

The thought of my match was lingering in my mind. You see Eric Sinn, I am the man defined by the word "holy", you are the man defined by the word "sin". So why do I still commit such blatant sins yet call myself a pastor? It's simply because I know that every man sins, however you feel that a sinner is a bad man. You are a sinner, you know that, so you hate yourself for it, you hate society for it, and you hate your family for it. I know your past Sinn, I know everything about you. See I'm not psychic or anything, but when I ask for guidance, I am delivered guidance by God. When I wanted to know your history I just opened the Bible to a random page, pointed my finger, and found out everything I needed to know about you. You wanna know what I found out about you? I found the story of Job. A man who once had so much faith in God that God told Satan that he would remove his protection from Job and he told Satan that he could never get Job to cross God. Satan killed his family, he made him poor, he destroyed his health, but Job never said one bad thing about God. But see as I was getting to that part, right after the devil killed his family, made him poor, and destroyed his health, the wind blew and knocked my Bible from my lap and onto the floor, closing it. Do you know what this means Sinn? To me this means that you weren't able to not cross God. Unlike Job, you saw these terrible things happen to you and you gave up. To me your not a man, to me... you are garbage. Maybe you should review this a couple of times so you can comprehend it all, I wouldn't expect a man who has quit on life to be able to understand all that I have just said.

Malakai: Turn just ahead to Romans 6:23 which says...

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The wages of sin is death, Eric. Don't you know this? I have eternal life waiting for me because I am a man who has given his life to Jesus Christ, but you sir... the path that you trot down, death awaits you. Not just death but eternal life in hell. What is it that you seek to get from life. You lead a miserable life, I would think that you would want something better after life... but no. Not you Eric Sinn, you have to much pride in your to give yourself to Christ. It's not just pride, it's ignorant pride. You don't deserve the life you were given, the air you breath, or the steps you take. The wages of sin is death, I am the grim reaper. Back to my sermon...

Malakai: So the Bible says that the wages of sin is death, and now you are thinking, I have sinned... Will I face death? Well the last part of that verse is the key. It says, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. We must all face death for we are all sinners, but through Jesus Christ we can experience eternal life. Those who are not saved, who do not have faith in Jesus Christ, will spend eternity in hell. The message is clear...

Congregation Member: Amen!

Another Congregation Member: Praise the Lord!

Malakai: Amen! Deacon Jones will leave us all with a Psalm.

Everyone in the congregation clapped and shouted their "Amens" and "Hallelujas". I walked off to the side and exited through a side door that led into my office. Sure I was supposed to stick around until the end of service, but I was in a rush today. I took off the robe and spread it out across the back of my office chair. The door flung open and I turned around, no one had even knocked. In front of my face was moms, staring a hole in me. She spoke with an accusing tone in her voice.

Marsha Simmons: Just what are you doing?

Malakai: What do you mean?

She slapped my arm.

Malakai: Ah... what was that for?

Marsha Simmons: Boy I told you to never answer my questions with a question, it means your trying to hide something.

Malakai: I ain't trying to hide nothin'.

Marsha Simmons: Ain't is not a word. Now what are you doing leaving early?

Malakai: I got a match today, my first match.

Marsha Simmons: And your match is more important than church?

Malakai: Of course not, but I gotta leave cause I gotta catch a flight to Las Vegas for the match.

Marsha Simmons: Lord help me, Sin City...

Malakai: I thought about that, but I'm a preacher mom, I follow God's word.

Marsha Simmons: Yes you do son.

She gave me a kiss.

Malakai: Alright I really gotta go.

Marsha Simmons: Are you trying to rush me out of here?

I caught a glimpse of Jessica out of the corner of my eye, she was making her way down the aisle and out fot he church.

Malakai: No ma'am, but I think Jessica is.

Moms turned around and caught Jessica out of the corner of her eye and she chased her down like a hawk catching a fish in the middle of the ocean. Of course everyone loooked at her and this created a big scene that only seemed to get bigger.

Marsha Simmons: Jessica DeLora Simmons... Get your ass back here now!

Moms caught Jesssica and grabbed her by the ear, she then proceeded to drag her back to the front pew. She looked around the congregation which all had their eyes fixed on her and her coke-head daughter.

Marsha: What are you all looking at? Judge not for ye not be judged.

And with that little bit of Biblical wisdom the congregation returned to service. I shut the door to my office and went over to the desk to look for the plane ticket to Las Vegas. I sat in the chair and looked through the desk drawers. Shuffling through the drawer I found a poster for Majestic, under a big picture of Chloe Street with the title belt was the listing of the matches for Sunday Night Fights. Not in the main event spot, nor the mid-card level, but at the very bottom listed under dark matches was my match. The match I would be in with Eric Sinn and Justice Biggs would be a dark match. What did that mean? That meant that only the people that came to the event would see our match, well except for the people who found that time better suited to take a piss or buy a hot-dog or a Nathan Kaye t-shirt. But for those few fans who would actually sit and watch our match, they would see history. They will see the beginning of one of the greatest careers in Majestic. They will see a future Majestic World Champion. They will see me, Malakai Simmons, destroy Eric Sinn and Justice Biggs.

I thought of Justice Biggs. The Pioneer of Supremacy. When I think about the nickname you have given yourself, that Pioneer of Supremacy garbage, I can't help but think to myself that you are a racist. While I don't exactly know if this is true or not, I just can't help but believe that it is. Think of who the true pioneers of supremacy are, white supremacy that would be. Your throwing your name in with the likes of Adolf Hitler and the captain of the Amistad, who's name was probably something like Big Bobby Biggs. I don't think you will be the man of the show, so I will turn my attention to someone who I believe will be a more worthy competitor.

Eric Sinn... Now the only reason I think you may be a more worthy competitor is because we seem to be having this fight in your backyard. This is your city... Sin City. It's a place where people go to commit sins, to commit adultry, to gamble, and to make themselves look like a bunch of old peverted men. This is a city that is all about what you are about, and that's sin. No wonder Las Vegas is a filthy city, you are a filthy person. No wonder there are so many whores and prostitutes in Las Vegas, you were raised by them your whole life. Your mom was probably a whore, your grandmother a prostitute, and well your father was probably the gay version of both of these. Like Las Vegas Eric, you are all about the glits and glamour on the outside. However when I dig deep into what you truly are, your nothing more than a pathetic, shallow person who believes that he is the cure for all of society's problems... much like Las Vegas. Do you honestly intend to destroy me? Well I guess you do, that is all our intentions... but do you honestly think you can beat me? Do you honestly think you have what it takes? Does Biggs honestly think he has what it takes? I don't think he does and I don't think you do either. You see me and you see a man who has grown up his whole life fighting. Sure I've taken a few ass-whoopings in my day, but who hasn't. Fortunately for me, I took those ass whoopings when I was a kid. Those are just memories now, there won't be another day where I am helpless, where I have to just sit and take a beating. And trust me Sinn and Biggs, those are strong words from a man who is about to enter the world of professional wrestling, but believe me, those are honest words.