Inside a very common looking wrestling gym somewhere in the United States we find men and women of all different shapes and sizes going through a continuous loop of running the same wrestling holds again and again in order to prefect their training before getting let out into the wrestling world. This has been the practice of every single professional wrestler since it removed itself from being nothing more then a circus side-show and became one of the more powerhouse sports and forms of entertainment across the globe.

Inside this gym there are many posters ranging from former wrestlers that have trained there to instructional posters on how to properly perform the moves that excite the crowd in the ring. The center ring looks a bit worn out, but that comes from the amount of people that have trained through the gym in the many years it has been in operation. The trainees in this ring range from the small and scrawny to the mean bulky meatheads that are favored by that promotion over in Stamford . In the center of the ring there is the man that is believed to be the trainer; he stands looking down at the trainees like they are going to need to have their butts kicked any second for screwing up royally. But thanks to his training, this group of trainees seems to be doing alright. So he decides to take a moment out of watching these trainees train to go and see one of his other students who is sitting on the outside.

The trainer, a very imposing man who looks more like one of the old ECW brawlers of the mid to late 90's with his shoulder length black hair, partially scarred face, a Venom comic t-shirt, ripped jeans and wrestling boots that makes him look a lot like Raven, makes his way over to the student sitting off to the side. This particular student sits with a towel over his head, hiding most of his facial features, thinking about what is to come since he is the one who recently signed onto Majestic Wrestling; Damien Monoxide.

Trainer: “Worried?”

Monoxide: “A bit. This is the first time in a long time that I have had the chance to set foot inside an American wrestling ring.”

Trainer: “To be honest kid, I don't blame you for being nervous. Hell, back in the day I was worried every time I stepped foot into the ring. You never know what battle is being laid out in front of you till you get a feel for the match. Once that happens, the instinct that I have trained in you will kick in and it will feel like someone else is in control.”

Monoxide: “I know. I'm very grateful for all the years of training you have put me through. Especially since you retired from one of the federations connected to Majestic; SCW.”

The trainer laughs at this comment.

Trainer: “I do admit that is was good fun being Killjoy in SCW. It's just a pity that I was forced to leave there when I did. I could have had quite a future there; but unfortunately things were not meant to be and when I suffered my last knee injury in ULW many months after that it spelt the end of my wrestling career. So that's why I'm very proud to send you into Majestic and watch as you achieve heights that I was never able to achieve myself.”

Monoxide: “Thanks for the encouragement. But to be honest, I'm still going to be worried about getting into the ring. I know back when you broke into the business you were just allowed a spot on the show and from there you proved yourself over and over again as one of the more ruthless competitors ever to set foot into the ring. I'm not going to kid you and say that I'm going to be trying to get out from behind a mighty big shadow.”

Killjoy: “You'll do fine Damien. Every wrestler here has a great chance of being the best because they all have the passion and the determination to succeed; and none of that comes from me, that's what is inside them. But you kid; you're the first one to make it out of here and into the big time… Not to mention the first one to make it out of here in one piece.”

Killjoy lets out a huge laugh; but Damien just continues to sit and think about what is to come.

‘Majestic is a big step; but to be honest a dark match is not the most inspiring reason to put a full effort into my craft. Plus most times the talent doesn't even bother to show up because wrestling a dark match is below them. So the question is, do I go and wrestle a dark match and see if I'm good enough or do I keep going and try to find a place that will do to me like they did with Killjoy?'

Killjoy: “Don't worry about the dark match. I know that most places today will make you do that type of thing, but that's just to make sure you are dedicated to the company and are not just going to run off in the first couple of weeks. I know back in my day it was a ‘come and you'll get booked' situation but to be honest I had to beg and plead to get that chance. Now I'll eave you be Damien, I see some trainees who need to tighten up their arm drags before I let them go tonight; plus you have to cut a promo for your dark match against whoever they put you with.”

Monoxide: “Ok.”

Killjoy turns and walks away, his yelling at the student echoes off all the walls of the gym. Damien on the other hand, sits and thinks about his upcoming dark match with Tony Steel as some people from Majestic come over and set up to shoot Damien's first promo.

Things begin once again inside the gym where former SCW wrestler Killjoy is training some students; but that is not the main attraction for the Majestic crew. At this point in time David Warner is sitting down next to the newest wrestler to enter Majestic; Damien Monoxide. Like before, Damien sits with a towel over his head, covering most of his facial features. This doesn't seem to play well with David as he already looks pissed off. But this will not deter him from his job.

Warner: “I'm sitting here with Damien Monoxide, a student it seems of the former SCW wrestler and former ULW World Heavyweight champion, Killjoy. At this week Friday Night Fights we will see Damien in action against another new guy in Majestic, Tony Steel. Now Damien, I'm going to get right to it; why do you think you have a chance in hell of getting into Majestic? I mean look at you; you're nothing special and I can tell you now, nothing that guy over there has taught you will mean shit once you get into the ring.”

Monoxide: “Why do I think I can make it into Majestic? That's an easy question Dave…”

Warner: “It's David or Mr. Warner to you rookie; and don't you forget it!”

Monoxide: “Whatever.”

This seems to piss David right off; his face turns red as he tries to hold in the anger that has been caused by the disrespect of this new wrestler.

Warner: “Now you listen to me you little punk! I have seen hundreds of you little pricks come into Majestic and think you're the shit and that you are better then someone you consider a lowly interviewer! I've been in the ring and I know what you are in for and I can tell you now kid that you are not going to make it unless you pay people like me who have paved the way for you a lot of fucking respect! You got that?!”

Damien doesn't even bother to lift his head or give any indication that he was even paying attention.

Monoxide: “Do you want your question answered or not? If you do then you will shut up and give me a chance to answer it or the next thing you will see is the pavement as Killjoy or myself throw you out of this gym and into the street where a has-been like yourself belongs.”

“Now to answer your question I am good enough to get into Majestic because I know I am, nothing more and nothing less. I have spent years traveling across the world from my home country, Australia ; to places like Japan where wrestling isn't just a sport, it's a way of life. From each of those places I have learned to build up my skills to the point where I can out-wrestle any of these so-called ‘superstars' that prance around not only Majestic, but SCW. And THAT is why I am good enough to get into Majestic. Are you happy now tubby?”

David looks to be turning redder then any traffic light, the disrespect that this young upstart is showing him is worse then anyone else he has ever had to interview. But being a professional, and the fact that after his last tirade Killjoy has been keeping an eye on him, David decides that it's best if he just keeps doing his job and interviews this kid.

Warner: “I'm not going to bother replying to that with a remark. However, it's time we get down to the main port of call in this little interview. This week you have been scheduled in a dark match, which makes me wonder why I'm even doing this, against Tony Steel, another newcomer to Majestic; what are your thoughts about him and the match you are going to have with him?”

Monoxide stays silent for about a minute, making David wonder if the kid has fallen asleep underneath that towel. But this is just Damien thinking about what to say as he was taught by Killjoy to choose his words very carefully. When he is ready, Damien lifts his head so we can see the determined look in his eyes as he answers David's question.

Monoxide: “Tony Steel… It's a bit hard to talk about someone you have never faced before let alone seen any work from. The only information I have about him comes from the Biography that was posted on the Majestic Wrestling website and to be honest it reads like the worst D-grade movie novelisation I have ever seen.”

“This guy started out as a kid who lost his parents, boo-fucking-who. Is that meant to make us feel sad for this guy? Seriously, I couldn't give a rat's ass. Then we have information on his uncle who is meant to be some sort of local mafia guy. I mean, come on, do you really think that someone of that status would want their nephew broadcasting that information to the entire world? If that is true then Tony has just given up his uncle to every single police force in the world; a very stupid and unlikely bit of information in my opinion.”

“Now Tony went to a boarding school and came out of it with nothing. Well I guess that makes him nothing more then a big fat loser then doesn't it? We all come out of school, public, private or boarding, with some sort of education and skills that can be used in the real world. Take me for example; I could go out and get a degree in computer systems or accounting and that's because it was the things I excelled at in my school days. But I chose to develop my body into the best looking body it can be and get into the ring and wrestle. Now from the information that was supplied about Tony from the Majestic Wrestling website, he decided to go into wrestling because his uncle decided it would be best for him since he was good at fighting.”

“Am I incorrect or does Tony not have a real clue about anything? Does he not understand that you don't get into this business because someone tells you to, but because you have a passion for the science that is wrestling? This isn't some back alley street fight; it's a sport with real rules that entertains. But then again, going from the information that I have on Tony, he doesn't seem to do much in the way of thinking. After all, he doesn't get anywhere in school, gets a job as a street cleaner and get a kick out of fucking himself up with drugs. Now I ask you, does that sound like someone who should be in the ring at all? HELL NO! People like him should be locked away in a mental ward where they belong; but then again in Tony's case since the biography clearly states that he was an ‘enforcer' for his uncle the ‘local mafia boss' then Tony should be locked up in the local state penitentiary with the rest of the criminal scum of this Earth.”

“Truth be told, I'm not too happy to be getting into the ring with someone like Tony; because he is not a wrestler. He is someone who should, if he wants to be in a professional sport, be involved with boxing or mixed martial arts, places that would allow someone to beat the living snot out of their opponent till they are dead and not in a wrestling ring where you have rules and regulations that cannot be bought off like most boxing referees.”

“Once I win this match and get into Majestic officially, I hope that the management listens to what I have to say and makes my next opponent a wrestler because if these muscled up bozos with a D-grade movie background are the best they can do, then I'm going to take my skills to someplace where they will be tested and admired.”

Warner: “Some harsh words there Damien. But you did mention muscled up bozos a second ago. Do you think that you will be able to get around the fact that Tony has five inches and about thirty plus pounds advantage over you?”

Monoxide: “There is a secret in wrestling and that is that no matter the difference in body size or shape, the real difference comes in your skill. Now I've been trained by one of this era's greatest wrestlers in Killjoy; you add that with the skills I picked up wrestling in places like Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan and you are looking at someone who has the ability to take down guys a lot bigger and heavier then I am. Plus as the saying goes; everyone might be different, but they are all the same size when lying on their backs.”

With that, Damien gets up and makes his way to the locker room area of the gym, leaving an angry David Warner to wrap things up by himself.

Warner: “Well I guess we'll have to wait and see if that kid's arrogance is going to pay off or if he is going to fail against the might of Tony Steel. I'm David Warner and we'll hope you tune in for another great edition of Friday Night Fights… Even thou that loser isn't even going to be on the broadcasted part of the show.”