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Your Mother

w/Shorty Jr vs Prescott & Valentine

"Enemy" by Octane

.:.Enemies and Partners.:.

-Scene One-

"Can't you get me out of this match?"

I stood there in my locker room speaking on the phone with Ichigo. I was still outraged at being forced by The Professor, Ichigo's father, to tag with Shorty Junior. Everyone knows I hate Shorty, everyone knows he deserved what I did to him last Sunday because of what he did to me at Blood Red October.

Ichigo: "It's not my decision fully, if The Professor throws you in a match then your in it, I'm not going to nullify his decision."

Kenny Turner: "But what's the point of me tagging with Shorty? I'm just going to wind up smacking him around."

Ichigo: "I don't see why you two can't just get along..."

Kenny Turner: "Don't treat me like I'm a child. You don't understand, every time I see his face or hear him talk I just think of how much I hate him."

Ichigo: "I don't know, that seems pretty childish to me..."

Kenny Turner: "Don't come yelling at me when you have to pull Shorty Junior's head out of a wall on Sunday."

I slammed the phone, cutting it off. Being so frustrated at this whole thing, I took a seat, placed my hands on my head, and tried to think everything through. As I sat there, there was only one conclusion I could come up with.

"There's no way I can team up with you."

I looked towards the doorway of my locker room because that wasn't a thought in my head, it was someone at the door who had said it. I knew the voice, it made me angry as the very first syllable left his tongue. I stood up now, staring down Shorty Junior who had entered my locker room.

Kenny Turner: "Did you get lost or something or were you itching for another ass kicking?"

I slowly stepped towards Shorty, still with my eyes peircing his, my fists balled up.

Shorty Junior: "Look man, I just came here to talk with you."

Kenny Turner: "Why?"

Shorty Junior: "Believe me, I'd love to ball my fists up too and take a swing at you, but I'd like something that's gonna give me more satisfaction than laying out some two-bit redneck."

Still infuriated but realizing the need for me to listen to what he had to say before I knocked him out, I restrained myself and took a step back.

Kenny Turner: "What is your plan?"

Shorty Junior took a seat on the sofa, leaned foward with his hands on his knees and began talking.

Shorty Junior: "Let's put it this way, I hate you and you hate me..."

Thanks for stating the obvious.

Shorty Junior: "...With that being said, I think there is a good chance for me and you to do something great."

Kenny Turner: "Yeah, what's that?"

Shorty Junior: "Be the first ever Comraderie Champions of PBW."

Kenny Turner: "Go fuck yourself, what makes you think I actually want to win tag gold with you?"

Shorty Junior: "I don't think this, I know this. I know you more than you know yourself Kenny, or at least more than you honestly take yourself to be. Your selfish, you like attention, and nothing floats your boat more than claiming to be the first ever holder of a title."

I smirked now.

Shorty Junior: "You see, I'm not pulling this shit out of my ass. Your cocky and arrogant. After becoming the first ever Lionheart Champion in Majestic, you never let anyone hear the end of it."

He began to mock me.

Shorty Junior: "I'm the first ever Lionheart Champion Kenny Turner, I'm better than you, get caught in the crossfire bitch!"

Kenny Turner: "That's not what I sound like..."

Shorty Junior: "You don't even know. So listen, this is what we have to do because in order to get these belts, we are gonna have to learn how to cooperate with each other and work as a team..."

Suddenly my cell phone began to ring and I pulled it out of my pocket and picked it up, flipped it open and held it to my ear.

Kenny Turner: "Hello?"

"Meet me at your hotel now."

Kenny Turner: "Fat Tony?"

"No, it's Fred Flinstone..."

Breif silence.

Fred Flinstone: "Of course it's Fat Tony!"

Kenny Turner: "Oh, why do you need to meet me right now?"

Fat Tony: "You will find out why, just meet me there now. Don't make me wait..."

The phone clicked off, I flipped it back closed and put it back in my pocket. I grabbed my coat and began putting it on.

Shorty Junior: "As I was saying, in order to get better as a team and cooperate we got to hang around each other..."

Kenny Turner: "I got to go."

I began walking towards the door, Shorty got up off the sofa and began following behind me. I stopped, turned around, and looked at Shorty.

Kenny Turner: "Can I help you?"

Shorty Junior: "I'm going with you."

Kenny Turner: "Oh no, you don't want to do that, trust me."

I chuckled at this.

Shorty Junior: "No. From now 'til Sunday wherever you go, I go."

Kenny Turner: "Oh this will be fun. Well whatever, it's your death wish."

He looked confused as he followed me out of the door. Once we got outside I remembered something, I didn't have a car. Ignoring the bicycle I had changed up to the bike rack outside of the PBW arena, I began to hail a cab.

-Scene Two-

Sitting in the back of a taxi cab with probably the person I hated most on Earth wasn't the funnest thing to do. I looked over at Shorty who had been entertaining himself by twirling the chain on his neck around, he stopped and looked up at me.

Shorty Junior: "So... What do you think about Prescott and Valentine?"

I rubbed the palm of my hand on my chin as if I was in deep intellectual thought. A couple of seconds later I pulled my hand down.

Kenny Turner: "They suck!"

He was rather disappointed with this answer as his head fell a little, he then pulled it back up and looked at me again.

Shorty Junior: "Yes I know you think they suck Kenny, you think everyone besides yourself sucks. What makes them suck? What are their weaknesses?"

Kenny Turner: "What do you think I go home and watch tapes on these guys or something? Hell no! I know they suck because I just know it. What do I see when I look at Prescott? I see a fake wrestler who has acheived nothing more in his career than a cheap victory over Logan and getting his ass kicked by Sadindar. What do I see when I look at Conrad? A peice of shit who's too scared to show his face so he dresses up in Nazi memoriabelia. Prescott's gonna try and talk the talk, Conrad's gonna try and walk the walk, and in the end I'm gonna kick the ass. Is that what you want to hear?

Shorty Junior: "I guess that's a start."

A minute or so of silence ensued as we both looked out the windows of the cab watching the scenery pass by.

Shorty Junior: "So... I heard you bitching to someone on the phone before I walked in, who was that?"

Kenny Turner: "One, I wasn't bitching. Two, even though it's none of your business, I was talking with Ichigo."

Shorty Junior: "Haha, you sounded like Shane Prescott whining about his partner too."

Kenny Turner: "Prescott can whine all he wants, the only reason he is whining is because he has to face me... I have to tag with you..."

Shorty Junior: "Look man, this isn't gonna be a day at Disney World for me either, but I want this win and I want the gold and I know you want the bragging rights."

Kenny Turner: "You know me all too well."

I smirked as the cab continued down the street.

-Scene Three-

The cab stopped in front of my hotel. After paying the driver, we got out and made our way inside the hotel. After taking the elevator up to the second floor, we stepped out and made our way to my hotel room. The door was already ajar, I looked at the number to make sure it was right. "206" was the number on the door, I assumed Fat Tony was already inside.

When we stepped in, Fat Tony was indeed inside of the hotel room with a couple of his men. One of Fat Tony's men shut the door behind us as Fat Tony got up and walked over to me.

Kenny Turner: "What the problem?"

Fat Tony: "Oh, we got a big problem on our hands!"

Kenny Turner: "Which is? I know I didn't do anything, I beat Moore last week, I've been doing what I got to do."

Fat Tony: "It's not you..."

Suddenly Fat Tony took notice of Shorty Junior, he looked at him with one eyebrow raised.

Fat Tony: "Kenny, who is your little friend here?"

Kenny Turner: "Oh your gonna love this, this my friend is... Shorty Junior."

Fat Tony: "So this is Shorty Junior?"

Shorty looked at Fat Tony and then extended his hand. Suddenly, Fat Tony grabbed Shorty's hand and pulled him closer to him while pulling out the pistol on his waist as well and sticking it in Shorty's face.

Fat Tony: "You little fucking prick! Do you know how much money you cost me?"

Shorty looked sort of scared, understandable for a man with a gun in his face.

Shorty Junior: "What's going on?"

Fat Tony: "What's going on is you cost me money."

Shorty Junior: "What? How did I cost you money and I don't even know you?"

Fat Tony: "It's a long story but you interfering in Kenny's match and costing him the match cost me money... So now, I will have to kill you!"

Kenny Turner: "Sounds fair enough."

Shorty Junior: "What? Come on Kenny do something this man is fucking psycho!"

I paused for a second, just taking it all in with joy.

Kenny Turner: "Okay Fat Tony, don't kill him."

Fat Tony: "What do you think I suddenly take orders from you or something?"

Kenny Turner: "No. I think you take orders from my money."

Fat Tony: "What are you talking about?"

He loosened his grip on Shorty some.

Kenny Turner: "Come on Fat Tony, you know what I'm talking about. Me and Shorty Junior, tag team champions. Let's be realistic, when will this match happen? At a Pay-Per-View... What happens when you bet on a PPV match?"

Fat Tony: "The payout is higher..."

Kenny Turner: "Indeed it is."

He released Shorty who stepped back and dusted off his shirt.

Fat Tony: "I'll tell you what Short-shit, you get Kenny the tag titles, I'll make it worth your while."

Shorty Junior: "How's that?"

Fat Tony: "I won't kill you."

Kenny Turner: "So what's the problem?"

Fat Tony: "It's Alice. She saw the nice little promo you did for your match against Twain, now she's saying what happened in it was real."

Kenny Turner: "Me killing myself?"

Fat Tony: "No dumbass, you hitting her. Anyways, she's suing and if she wins, your check from PBW can be deducted and sent to her. Take care of this before I take care of her."

Kenny Turner: "No, no... Don't worry, I'll take care of it."

Fat Tony and his men then left the hotel room. Shorty took a deep sigh of relief before walking over to me, I was trying to find the remote to turn on the television.

Shorty Junior: "What the hell was that all about?"

Kenny Turner: "Just business... Speaking of business, I want you to bring your A-game on Sunday. No letting up on these guys because we know we already got this match in the bag. Condrad Valentine and Shane Prescott need to be taught a lesson. Comprende?"

Shorty Junior: "He was gonna kill me. Why'd you, of all people, stop him?"

Kenny Turner: "I was actually doing Ennie, Meenie, Minee, Moe on that one..."

Shorty Junior: "Asshole..."

Shorty left the room shaking his head as I flipped on The Flinstones.

"Dear Faggots, this roleplay in no way, shape, or form represents any real WWE, TNA, ROH, or other shitty federation's characters. Please don't try to say shit because I will cut your balls off and let Mae Young suck on them. And to the fuckers who suck at writing and who aren't creative, if you steal my shit I will steal your mother's virginity. kthxbi, Kenny Turner."