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A tall white office building sits in the middle of a business district outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Looking around we can see that the business district was a relatively quiet area. There were small boutiques on every corner and short trees planted on every sidewalk. A little cozy restaraunt sat in the middle of the row of buildings, people sat outside of the restaurant on the sidewalk patio. This place was not a place you would usually find near Las Vegas, but here it was.

And here comes a red Ferrari flying down the street. Smoke formed in the air as it screeched to a sudden stop outside of that white office building. The music in the car was bumping loud as the doors opened. The music was then shut off. We see a man and a woman, both with long hair, step out of the sports car. The man wore black shades, blue jeans, and a brown LRG shirt under a black leather jacket. The woman was dressed in a tan shirt and black miniskirt, her high heels set her at the same height as the man. The man, who was driving the car, walked around to the side by the woman and they grabbed each others hands.

The question isn't who these people were, of course these two people were Kenny Turner and Alice. The question was, what were these two people doing here. Kenny Turner had a confused look on his face, Alice on the otherhand was quite gitty. The couple walked towards the front door of the building. Turner looked down at his girlfriend.

Kenny Turner: What are we doing here?

Alice: You'll find out.

Kenny Turner: This place looks like a doctor's office or a dentist's office or something.

Alice: Oh, never knew that those places looked a certain way.

Kenny Turner grabbed the door handle and pulled the door open, the two walked in together.

Kenny Turner: Of course they look a certain way. Look at this...

He pointed to the couch.

Kenny Turner: Comfortable sofa...

He pushed through a stack of magazines on the table.

Kenny Turner: A magazine for every type of person...

He inhaled deeply.

Kenny Turner: That clean sanitized smell... This is a doctor's office.

A woman's voice could be heard.

Woman: Welcome to Donald-Toshier Medical, can I help you?

Kenny Turner: I knew it, this is a doctor's office! Wait... Why are we at a doctor's office?

Woman: Actually sir, this isn't a doctor's office.

Kenny Turner: Then what the hell is it?

Woman: This is a psychiatrist's office.

Kenny Turner looked confused. He turned to Alice.

Kenny Turner: Why are we at a psychiatrist's office?

She ignored him and walked up to the counter to speak to the woman.

Alice: We have an appointment with Dr. Donald at 3:00 PM.

Woman: It's only 2:45 but since Dr. Donald is finished already, you can head in.

The woman walked over to an office door and knocked, she then opened the door and signaled the couple to enter. Alice made her way to the door but Kenny grabbed her by the hand and stopped her.

Kenny Turner: Hold on...

Alice: Huh?

Kenny Turner: Why are we here?

Alice: Because I have an appointment.

Kenny Turner: Oh...

The two walked into the room and the door was shut behind them. The office room smelled just like the rest of the office building, fresh. The old grey-haired man sitting behind a big oak desk had a short grey beard and was wearing a suit and tie, his blazer was draped over the back of his big leather office chair.

Dr. Donald: Take a seat.

Kenny Turner and Alice took a seat on a big puffy leather couch. Kenny had a confused look on his face as the doctor pulled out a manilla folder and dug through it. The doctor pulled out a peice of paper and held it up to his face, he took out some reading glasses and put them on.

Dr. Donald: Oh I see, let me take a second to read over your file.

The doctor began to read over the paper, his eyes moved steadily from left to right as he read. Kenny Turner took notice of the black name plate that sat at the front of the doctor's desk. In gold scripted letters was the doctor's full name and title. Kenny Turner began to read the plate out loud to himself.

Kenny Turner: Dr. Ronald Donald...?

He turned to Alice who was reading a Seventeen magazine.

Kenny Turner: Dr. Ronald Donald? The psychiatrists name is Ronald Donald?

She didn't lift an eye from the magazine.

Alice: Uh-huh.

Kenny looked like he was he had just drank eighteen Red Bulls.

Kenny Turner: That doesn't make you question this guy's sanity? A doctor named Ronald Donald... He's a Mc away from being a clown!

Alice kept reading. Annoyed by her drowning him out, Kenny leaned forward in his chair and tapped the doctor's desk.

Dr. Donald: Yes?

Kenny Turner: I'm sorry, but how the hell did you become a psychiatrist with that name?

Dr. Donald: What do you mean?

Kenny Turner: I mean, your supposed to figure out if people are crazy or not and then set them straight, right? So how the hell do they let you become a psychiatrist with a crazy name like that?

Alice looked up from her magazine.

Dr. Donald: Your right, this man is looney.

Kenny Turner: What do you mean looney? Hold on, I thought you said you had an appointment.

She put the magazine down on the table that sat in front of her.

Alice: I do have an appointment. The appointment is for me to help make sense of you.

Kenny Turner: What in the hell are you talking about?

Dr. Donald: The ghosts in your head, Mr. Turner.

Kenny Turner: What in god's name are the "ghosts in my head"?

Dr. Donald: You should explain to him, Alice.

Kenny Turner: Please... Someone explain it to me.

Alice leaned forward and turned her body towards Kenny's, she grabbed his hand and looked him in the eyes.

Alice: I saw you last week, everyone saw you.

Kenny Turner: I know everyone saw me regain my title and become the first ever two-time Lionheart Champion, that's part of being a big name in a Pay-Per-View.

Alice: Let me finish. Everyone saw you in the locker room.

Kenny Turner: Oh that?

He tried to go over the story without revealing anything to her.

Kenny Turner: See I was talking to a girl scout... I wanted to know where my cookies were... She said that she didn't have them, that the Big Brownie had my cookies. I was mad... I will get my cookies!

She didn't look like she believed him at all.

Alice: Then tell me why there was no one in the room after you left.

Kenny Turner: Well... She had, umm... She had climbed out the window!

Alice: Why would she climb out the window?

Kenny Turner: I don't know, go ask Suzy.

Alice: Who's Suzy?

Kenny Turner: The girl scout. Please follow what I'm saying.

Alice: Okay so your story is that you were talking to a girl scout named Suzy who owed you cookies, but she didn't have the cookies because Big Brownie had the cookies and after you left she crawled out the window.

Kenny Turner: Exactly. Well, she didn't crawl out the window, she kinda leaped... Like Spiderman.

Alice: There is something wrong with your head.

She turned to the doctor.

Alice: Could you help him?

The doctor took off his glasses and leaned forward in his chair, he elbows almost knocked over the lamp that sat on his desk.

Dr. Donald: I'm happy to tell you, Alice, that there is nothing wrong with Kenny's head.

Kenny Turner: See! I told you!

Alice: Huh?

The doctor's voice was rather calm.

Dr. Donald: See, Kenny is simply lying to you.

Kenny Turner: Yeah... I mean, no! Of course not, Doc.

Dr. Donald: Kenny Turner was indeed talking to another human being in that locker room, but I do not know who it was or where they went. Only Kenny can tell you who he was talking to and why he was talking to them.

Kenny Turner: I told you, it was Suzy...

Dr. Donald: Quit the story, Kenny. You don't have to tell Alice what happened simply because no one can force you too. Only you can make the decision to tell her.

Kenny looked back at Alice.

Kenny Turner: I told you the truth and that is all I can tell you. We gotta go now, I have a match to get ready for this week.

The couple stood up and Alice shook the doctor's hand as Kenny waited by the door.

Alice: Thanks for your help.

Dr. Donald: I'm sorry I couldn't be of more assistance to you.

Alice: That's okay.

She walked out of the door as Kenny Turner walked with her.

Kenny Turner: Can you believe him?

Alice: What do you mean?

Kenny Turner: I mean, that guy was crazy!

Alice: I don't think he was.

Kenny Turner: Of course he was crazy. Why would I keep anything from you?

Alice: You tell me because obviously you are hiding something.

Kenny Turner: Why do you believe that? I wouldn't keep anything from you.

She turned around and looked him in the face.

Alice: Look, it's clear that you don't want me to know something. Maybe I can deal with that, I'm not quite sure though. All I know is that we don't need to keep bringing it up and you don't need to lie to me.

Kenny Turner: I wasn't...

Alice: A girl scout named Suzy? What do you take me for? Do I look that stupid to you?

He grabbed her hand.

Kenny Turner: Of course not. It's just that...

Alice: Just what? You don't trust me? Your not comfortable with me?

Kenny Turner: Of course I trust you. Of course I'm comfortable with you.

Alice: Then what is it?

Kenny Turner: There's something about me that you don't know...

Alice: I figured that out.

Kenny Turner: Well see, it's something no one in this world knows about me but me.

Alice: I don't care about that. I want to know who you were talking to.

Kenny Turner: That's the thing. The person I was talking to knows what I know.

Alice: Who?

Kenny Turner: I can't say his name.

Alice: Why not?

Kenny Turner: Because he will tell everyone if I reveal his identity.

Alice: Your kidding me right?

Kenny Turner: I wish.

Alice: What is so bad that you don't even want your girlfriend to know?

Kenny Turner: It's not that I don't want you to know, it's just that I can't let you know.

Alice: Why not?

Kenny Turner: You are a human being, humans slip up, no one is perfect.

Alice: Well, when will you tell me?

Kenny Turner: Maybe never, I don't know. I would only think of telling my wife.

She got an angry look on her face.

Alice: Hold on a second... You don't plan on marrying me?

Kenny Turner: I didn't say that. What I mean was...

Alice: Just take me home.

She headed for the front door of the building.

Kenny Turner: Wait a second...

Alice: I said take me home.

Kenny Turner: My place or yours?

Alice: Mine.

She walked out of the front door and let it slam. I followed behind Alice, a look of disgust on my face.

.:. What Goes On In My Mind .:.

What had I gotten myself into? I was supposed to be happier than last week. Last week I didn't even have a title and was going in to a pay-per-view match with arguablly one-half of the best tag team in Majestic, but did I care? Last week was a good week, until I received that phone call that is. Why did I have to get that phone call? Why did that scoundrel have to go digging into my business? Hadn't he learned to stay out of other people's business? Now I'm having a horrible week already and I haven't even faced my opponent this week.

Damn! All this therapy shit had me forgetting that I had a match this week. I have to focus on my match. Who was I facing again? Oh yeah that's right, Dynamite. Dynamite, the other half of arguably the best tag team in Majestic. Dynamite, the explosive element. Dynamite, my next victim. Was he going to again deny me winning consecutive matches? Of course not. Dynamite couldn't beat me just like his partner couldn't beat me. Marcus Cage said he tapped out so he could be ready for the tag match, but they lost that too. That makes me wonder, why in the hell do I keep calling them arguablly the best tag team in Majestic? The two were garbage, pure garbage.

Damn! I still haven't won consecutive matches. Imagine that, the Lionheart Champion-- two time Lionheart Champion-- still hasn't won consecutive matches. I've been called the best young talent in Majestic. People have been told to look out for that kid Kenny Turner. Announcers call me the most exciting thing in wrestling. I wonder why... How can you say those things about a man who hasn't even been able to pull out two victories in a row? Had I shown them something special? Of course I showed them something special. I showed them something they hadn't seen from any other wrestler in Majestic since The Speeding Bullet first laced up his boots. Wait, that was in SCW. Cedro was destined to be garbage now. Why am I talking about Cedro, he is of no concern to me. What I need to be thinking about is the ring.

Speaking of the ring... Does Alice really want me to propose to her? I know she loves me and I love her back, but is she really ready to get married to me? I've been in a bad way these last couple of weeks, how does she still look at me the same? I guess she doesn't look at me the same anymore. I made her angry. I hope I don't lose her. I can't lose her, she was the rock in my life. Listen to me, I sound like a damn stalker. I wouldn't lose Alice, she wasn't that mad. She shouldn't be mad, I'm the one who should be mad. After all, I was the one taken to go see a crazy doctor.

What was she thinking bring me to a psychiatrist? I was no lunatic? I'm not Jeffy who likes apples, I'm Kenny who likes titles. Talking to a ghost? Who does she think I am? Okay so they didn't see the person who I was talking too, does that really mean I was talking to myself? There are windows in the locker rooms I think, the person could have easily jumped out of one of the windows. Talking to ghosts, pshh...

.:. That's What Was Going On In My Mind .:.