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I've never felt fear.

It's mostly due to the reason that I'm always the one considered freightening or scary. The one that mothers tell their children to stay away from. The one that only shows his face to the world when needed, the rest of the time he keeps to himself forcing the world to come up with false accusations about who he really is.

Who I am.

Around the world and in the ring I'm simply known as Cameron Cross, an immovable object. Oh sorry I forgot, that's you. I was going to come up with a phrase that snazzy, but then I remembered I wasn't ten years old playing backyard wrestling with my cousins Joe Joe and Curly.

I'm a grown man.

I let the kids play the games, when I get in the ring I handle my business. I won't brag about my past victories, my past championship runs as you think I will. I'll just make this simple and say that I've never been in a wrestling federation before. Have I? Of couse, but that doesn't matter. Right now the only federation I'm in is Rebel Wrestling and that's the only one I care about.

You play the part well.

I've honestly never seen someone play the whole bad ass act as well as you have. Frankly I was going to do it myself, maybe beat up a few people and make some security guards piss their pants, but then I remembered that that is all played out. Everyone's done it and we all know they were all fakes along with you. You're nothing more than an actor dolled up to play the part of the macho bad ass.

I don't play on rooftops.

Mother once told me that I could hurt myself playing Superman on the roof, I guess that whore was wrong about something else. It seems that roofs offer great views to the world, I can even see how people walk and how they come together because let's face it, that information is useful. Then again, only an idiot needs to climb to a rooftop to figure out how people cluster together.

Flaming tables, tortured souls.

I could care less if this is a flaming tables match. Did I whine about it? Not at all, it actually makes me a bit joyful, I've always been a sadistic blood thirsty creature myself. Tables set ablaze, the way I win is by slamming you through one... maybe I am blessed after all. Does this mean Santy Clause will also come down my chimney with a bag full of toys too? I hope so, been meaning to kick him in the ass for that broken train set he gave me when I was five.

All hail The Reaper.

With such an original name like The Reaper you are thinking, there's no way I can go wrong. I'll admit it, your nickmane is pretty cool, I've grown quite fond of it ever since I learned that you will be my first opponent. Last night I stayed up late trying to come up with a cool name like yours but nothing that I came up with sounded quite as awesome. There was The Terminator, but Arnold has copyrights on that. The Punisher, but then I was informed that was also a copyrighted name. I then thought to myself...


Just think about it, it's like almost as cool as your name and it's also a show on the same channel as the show you stole your name from. The CW network, how do those guys come up with these cool ass names? Cameron "Smallville" Cross... Wait! I got a better one. Cameron "One Tree Hill" Cross. Damn that's fly. Now I'm ready to kick ass.

.:Women Are Vile Creatures:.

I lived in an old fashioned two story house out in the middle of nowhere in Long Island, New York. There was nothing but woods to the right of us and woods to the left, no houses for nearly a mile on either side. That was how I liked it though, people tended to annoy me and when I get ticked off it usually ends with me having to cover up my tracks.

The house was nothing special though, just any other house you would see around this part of town. It was a faded light blue cover, some shingles on the roof, some windows here and there, even a door. Really I could just sit here and describe every little detail but I got the feeling that you are getting the picture... It's an ordinary house. You remember that little phrase that your mother or your teachers or preachers used to try and pound into your head, the whole "it's what's on the inside that counts" garbage? Yeah, that kind of applies to this house.

I didn't let anyone into my house, not even the pizza man, he waited outside on the porch. There was only one person in that house besides myself and that person was never allowed to leave. Who is that woman? A whore? Nope. My mother? Wait, didn't I say it wasn't a whore? Ah nevermind. The woman's name was Rebecca and at the moment she was cooking me up some breakfast in the kitchen. I sat at the kitchen table with a newspaper in front of my face dreading the nasty tasting slob that would be soon called my breakfast.

Rebecca: "Can I ask you something?"

She began scraping the skillet with a spoon, it became very annoying.

Cameron Cross: "For the love of God stop it!"

She turned around with a frown on her face, she had slowly stopped scraping the pan.

Rebecca: "I'm sorry, is something the matter?"

I ignored her question as I felt the anger ride through my body, I was feeling the urge to beat her. I calmed down though.

Cameron Cross: "Look at this bullshit."

An article in the newspaper had caught my attention.

Rebecca: "What is it?"

Cameron Cross: "Some kid shot up a mall killing eight people..."

Rebecca: "That's sad."

Cameron Cross: "What's sad is that this current generation of parents feels the need to shove their kids off on the rest of the world. Fuck helping your own children, just let them murder innocent people. Well I guess I can't call them innocent, the lord says their is always a reason for everything, I guess these people somehow deserved this."

She stood silent but I knew she was questioning me deep down.

Cameron Cross: "Is it really so controversial to speak the truh nowadays? Look at how many shootings we have in America today and tell me there is no cause for this problem. Society creates these problems but cries when the true victim does something about it."

I went from a fit of anger to a slight chuckle as I read about the kid saying that he will now become famous.

Cameron Cross: "I guess he is famous now and it's all thanks to the glorious media."

I put the newspaper down on the table after folding it up, Rebecca had slid the plate of food in front of my face. I picked up the fork as Rebecca stood over my shoulder awaiting my approval of the eggs and bacon she had cooked me. I dug a fork in and put a peice of egg in my mouth, I soon spit it out.

Cameron Cross: "How in the hell can the eggs be cold right after you just made them? And how hard is it to crack an egg without getting peices of the shell mixed in? Is there anything you can do right?"

I threw the plate of food on the floor shattering the plate and creating a huge mess. Rebecca looked at me angrily, apparently I had hurt her "feelings".

Rebecca: "You're lucky I do anything for you with you treating me like garbage!"

My chair flew back as I stood up angrily. I got in her face and grabbed her by the throat, slowly backing her up and forcing her down until her face was at level with the trash can that was in the kitchen. Two inches from her face was rotting garbage as she began to sob like a little child.

Cameron Cross: "If I were to treat you like garbage you'd be in that trashcan! You know I have no hesitation about dumping bodies in dumpsters! I treat you like a queen, but you do nothing to show your love for me!"

I sighed before letting her up and releasing my grasp on her neck.

Cameron Cross: "I would kill you but rigormortis does nothing for me sexually..."

She changed suddenly and I knew she would, she dropped to her knees before my feet, grabbing my hands and begging me for forgiveness.

Rebecca: "You're right. You treat me better than you've treated anyone else in your life and I'm sorry for not being grateful for that. Please forgive me Cameron!"

She began to move her hands slowly along the front of my pants. I thought about it for a second before stepping back.

Cameron Cross: "I've got more important things to do right now than satisfying your needs. I'll be back in an hour, clean this damn place up!"

I turned away and began walking towards the door leaving her on her knees wanting me. It was nothing new, she was on her knees when I left and she'd be on her knees when I got back. I gave up my hunger for all women when I met her and now she was slowly starting to lose my patience. The last woman who lost my patience is now rotting away in my storm cellar.

.:A Prayer:.

A long figure sat in the the third pew of a dark church. The figure was covered in a robe with the hood cloaking it's identity. The figure was stiff, sitting straight up in the pew and looking up at the ceiling of the church. That figure was myself in deep prayer.

Cameron Cross: "Lord how I beg your forgiveness for feeling the temptations of the flesh once again. I did not sucumb to these temptations but I did feel them and I almost caved. Nevertheless I sit before waiting to be cleansed of all my sins. I've done my duty to clean up this world, to rid it of those whores that clutter the streets. All I ask is for you to continue to guide me. Show me the way Lord. Point me in the right direction."

I suddenly thrust my arms into the air.

Cameron Cross: "Who is next my Lord? TELL ME WHO IS NEXT! I can not wait to please you again my Lord. It has been a while since I have fulfilled your orders my Lord."

I had now fallen out of the edge of the pew into the aisle on my knees, my head and arms still raised to the sky. I began shouting now.


"You know who it is, she was the one you failed to kill before!"

I stopped yelling and climbed to my feet now.

Cameron Cross: "Why her? I have made sure she does not sin anymore."

"She tempts you my son."

Cameron Cross: "Yes Lord, I know she tempts me but I promise you that your soldier will not be swayed by a woman."

I fell to my knees again as I placed my hands on my head and began to pull at my hair.

Cameron Cross: "She is no longer one of them! I have changed her!"

"She can not be changed and you know that! Deep down she is still the same person she always was."

Cameron Cross: "There must be someone else. A streetwalker... A drug dealer or a serial killer... THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE!"

"There is no one else. End her sinful ways my son or turn your back on me now."

Cameron Cross: "I will never turn my back on you my Lord."

"I know Cameron, it is why I have chosen you."

Cameron Cross: "The task is to be completed..."

"Very well then."

I began to weep now as I crawled up into a ball in the middle of the aisle.

.:Unexpected Sorrow:.

It didn't feel good knowing that my mission was to kill Rebecca. Deep down it saddened me, even if she had become less appealing in these last couple of months. Still, the Lord's wish was my command. He gave his only begotten son for me, who was I to not give the bitch that had become my lover?

It's obvious now how I met Rebecca, God had sent me to kill her for her sins. I met her on the streets busting out blow jobs left and right, the usual deal. It was the first time though that I looked at her and saw what she used to be before she became this whore... this walking disgrace to society. I saw a teenage girl forced out of her home. Forced to live on the street. Forced to turn to selling her body as the only way to support herself. A lack of motivation? Probably. That however did not stop me from taking pity on her.

After abducting her on the street and bringing her back to my house, I felt that I couldn't preform the killing. How could I let her live though I thought, she helped me with that though. In some strange turn of events she fell in love with me. I used to have to watch over her to make sure she didn't try to run to the police and stop my mission for God, but I soon was able to trust her.

Even after she has kept my trust I am to kill her for the same thing I was to kill her for in the first place... Tempation. She had gone from tempting men on the street to tempting myself and numerous times I had succumbed to her, but I guess this is what enraged him the most. His beloved warrior, His messenger, commiting sins by the very same woman he was ordered to kill.

I was to fufill my duties though, no matter how much I loved her. I was the messanger sent to cleanse the sins of the world...

...Yet again.