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1st Lionheart Champion

vs. Marcus Cage for Lionheart Championship

Read To Find Out

I drove down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. I was alone in the car, a baby blue Lamborghini Murcielago. The seats were beige and were made of the finest leather. I had a top dollar stereo system playing 'Californiacation' by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. My windows were tinted as I rolled by the snap happy tourists and their disposable cameras that held the memories that only shoved them farther into poverty and farther away from a life like mine.

It was a sunny day outside. A day like only California would know. The sun only shone like this in California, nowheres else. My hand grabbed the rear view mirror and aligned it, there was a car following me. The car was a sleek black Toyota Corolla. Why was this car following me? I sped up and the Toyota tried to stay with me but of course it failed. I grinned as the roaring engine of my luxury sports car revved up and then slowed down. I fixed my glasses and thought nothing more of the person who was following me in the Toyota. He or she or whoever was driving that car was probably just a fan trying to get some snaps of my car.

Only for a short second did the Cam'Ron thing pop into my head. You know, when Cam'Ron almost got jacked for his Lamorghini. Was that guy trying to steal my car? Well if he knew I was Kenny Turner then he would have probably left me alone. The Cam'Ron thing was different though. Cam'Ron was in Philly just after midnight, just after he left a club. Cam'Ron was a wannabe gangster and I could see someone jacking his car and putting him in his place. What I want to know is how do you let someone shoot you in a Lamborghini? Just speed off! Even worse was the guy who shot him was probably driving a Cadillac Escalade. Why do guys like that buy cars like this anyways? Cam'Ron probably spent all his money buying the Lamborghini and didn't even have enough money to put gas in the tank. Enough about Cam'Ron though. Why was I even talking about Cam'Ron?

I continued cruising down the street. The black motorolla Razr that was plugged into the car charger began playing 'This Is Why Im Hot' by Mims. I turned down my car stero and unplugged the phone from the charger. I flipped open the phone and pressed talk. The voice on the other end belonged to Alice.

Alice: Hello.

Kenny Turner: Ello Govnah.

Alice: What are you doing?

Kenny Turner: Well right now I'm driving.

Alice: So your not on the plane anymore? Where'd you rent a car at?

Kenny Turner: I didn't fly and I didn't rent a car.

Alice: You drove all the way to Las Vegas?

Kenny Turner: The event isn't in Las Vegas this week.

Alice: Well where is it?

Kenny Turner: Los Angeles.

Alice: Oh cool. Where in LA?

Kenny Turner: The Jesse Owens Stadium.

Alice: Great, I can get some shopping done on Rodeo before I go to the event.

Kenny Turner: Is that all you care about, shopping?

Alice: Yep, pretty much.

She giggled.

Kenny Turner: Well, I'm almost at the stadium.

Alice: Is Mr. Clarkson gonna meet you there?

Kenny Turner: Why would he meet...

I stopped and thought about what I told her. I was supposed to be on my way to a meeting with Mr. Clarkson.

Kenny Turner: Oh yeah... Yeah. He's gonna meet me there. Mr. Clarkson will be meeting with me... there.

Alice: Okay... Are you feeling alright?

Kenny Turner: Of course. Why?

Alice: You seem a little on edge?

Kenny Turner: I guess I am just worried about my match...

Alice: You? Your worried about a match?

Kenny Turner: Well it is Call to Power. I am going for the Lionheart Championship. This will be the biggest night of my life.

Alice: Your the first ever Lionheart Champion, what do you have to be worried about?

Kenny Turner: Well, Marcus Cage has had some success.

Alice: In tag team matches. This is a signles match-up. This is your match.

Kenny Turner: I guess so.

Alice: I'm about to reach the cashier.

Kenny Turner: Where are you at?

Alice: The mall.

Kenny Turner: Why are you there?

Alice: I'm getting that present for your aunt.

Kenny Turner: Oh, could you...

Alice: Yes, I'll put your name on the card.

Kenny Turner: Thank's babe. I guess I'll let you go.

Alice: Alright. Love you.

Kenny Turner: I love you too, bye.

Alice: Bye.

It felt so wrong to lie to Alice. It wasn't the lying to her part that killed me the most, it was telling her I was worried about a chump like Marcus Cage. Worried about Marcus Cage, are you kidding me? The guy is about as skilled as a burger flipper in a Chinese restaraunt. Marcus Cage couldn't beat me. Not on his best day and not on my worst.

I pulled up to Jesse Owens Stadium and turned off the car. I got out and looked around before shutting the butterfly doors on my Lamborghini. The parking lot was empty.

Jesse Owens Stadium was the place where I was going to become the first ever two-time Lionheart Champion. Jesse Owens Stadium was the perfect place indeed. Just think of the man, Jesse Owens. Jesse Owens' name symbolizes greatness, excellence, and determination. Ironically, those three words symbolized the Lionheart Championship and what it took to become and defend the Lionheart Championship. So far no one has had those three characteristics... Not even myself. Now Marcus Cage has the title. Do you think he will ever be the first person to make two successful title defenses? I doubt it. I highly doubt it. It's not just cause he will be facing me, it's cause Marcus Cage doesn't have what it takes. Look at the first two champions, Shorty Jr. and myself. Now look at Marcus Cage, he's not even on the same level and if anyone told you he was then they should be pummeled and thrown into the Mississippi River.

I pushed a button on my keychain and the car beeped and the doors locked. I walked up to the back door of the arena and pulled out my card key, slid it through the door, and walked inside. When I got inside, the place was rather empty except for crew workers setting up for the big event. I passed some of them and no one seemed to recognize me, but I didn't care. I didn't care if people didn't recognize me. I didn't care if fans didn't cheer for me. I didn't need fans, but their was always a good number of people cheering for me. Was it my up-tempo style of wrestling? Was it because watching me fight was more exciting than watching the Phoenix Suns play the Golden State Warriors? Who knows? Who cares? Not me.

I brushed past the half-hearted staff that was too busy downing donutes to actually do their job and stepped in front of a steel door. I looked up at the sign on the door and it read 'Kenny Turner : Superstar Lockerroom'. Sliding my security card through yet another door lock, I opened the door and stepped inside. The room was pitch black and the light switch must have been halfway across the room. I was crouched over, feeling through the darkness to make sure I didn't run into anything. My foot caught something and I stumbled to my knees, the door behind me slammed shut. I heard footsteps in my locker room, someone or something was inside. I got to my feet and made my way to the wall, I felt around and found the switch, I flicked it on...

I looked around the room but no one was there, no one was to be found. The room, however, was a mess. Papers were all over the floor and clothes was torn up in a big pile. Who had done this to my locker room? Who was bold enough to deface my personal property? I looked over at the safe that lay on the ground, it had been pryed out of the wall, it's previous location was quite evident. The safe was my personal safe, it was shipped from venue to venue by Majestic personally. It was a fool-proof safe, that must have meant that any fool could open it up with a crowbar because the door was wide open. I ran over to the safe and looked inside. I pulled out stacks of money and threw them to the ground, they were not what I was looking for. What I was looking for was gone. I slammed my fist on the top of the safe. Ouch! Punching cast-iron was not a good idea. Suddenly, a voice began to talk to me. The voice was in the room with me, but no one was there.

Voice: Why are you even going to look through that damned thing? You know what was in there is gone?

It felt stupid to respond to an unknown voice, but I did.

Kenny Turner: What do you want with me? Where are my papers?

Voice: You know you are not going to find those papers. Only I know where those papers are. So do you want to go on a treasure hunt? Let's play the hot and cold game.

Kenny Turner: Let's not. I have no time for games. You play games with your siblings and friends when your a kid. I guess you never had that experience.

Voice: No... Not really.

Kenny Turner: Do you want to talk about it?

Voice: Yeah, I'm feeling really depressed lately... Wait! You tricked me. Shut up you damn fool.

Kenny Turner: Oh so I'm the fool now. How 'bout you come out of hiding and show yourself.

Voice: Perhaps I just show these documents to the world.

Kenny Turner: Maybe you should, no one's stopping you.

Voice: Okay...

Kenny Turner: No, I was kidding.

Voice: I know. No one wants these secrets let out.

Kenny Turner: So tell me what you want.

Voice: You will find out soon enough Turner. For now, don't skip town.

Kenny Turner: Why would I skip town? Would you show me your face?

Voice: I have no face, I am just a voice and a shadow. Aaaachu!

I looked up at the vent and then noticed that there was a chair sitting under it. I saw through the holes in the vent, someone was up there. I walked towards the chair.

Voice: Hey wait... Stop where you are!

I stepped onto the chair and grabbed hold of the vent cover, I threw it back only to catch a glimpse of the man's shoe as he scurried away through the vents. I slammed my fist on top of the vent. Ouch! I guess slamming your fist on an aluminum vent hurt after you had just slammed it on a cast-iron safe.