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1st Lionheart Champion

vs. Marcus Cage for Lionheart Championship

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A great white mansion sat on two-hundred acres of land. The mansion had tall Greek columns and rows of hedges guarding the front of the it. Pine trees were scattered throughout the front yard. A pack of dovermans acted as a back-up security system for the massive steel gate that surrounded the estate. On the side of the house was a huge garage-- some people have two or three car garages, but this was far bigger than any of those. Inside the garage you can find over fifteen different motorcyles and more than fifty different cars ranging from luxiorious Bentleys to Ferraris and Lambourginis faster than the speeding bullet himself.

There was no shortage of fun in the backyard. There was a giant olympic-sized swimming pool with crystal clear water. Next to the pool was a tall white slide that could easily have been in Splish Splash or one of those other water parks. There was also three different diving boards-- ranging from a low five foot jump to a high thirty foot jump-- on the other side of the pool. Blow-up tubes and duckies floated around the deep end of the pool. If you didn't swim than you could still enjoy a great time outside. There was a tennis court and a recreational volleyball court with a regulation sized net and sandpit.

Perhaps it was a rainy day and you couldn't enjoy all the great things the outdoors had to offer. Inside this mansion was seven bedrooms and five and a half baths, that is if you don't include the master bedroom or the spacious living room and reception area. The kitchen could have served as the kitchen for the white house and the dining hall was fit for a king's court. Need some exercise? Visit the professional gym located next to the NBA size basketball court on the west side of the house. This house was huge and five families could easily all call this place home, but only one man and one woman lived here.

This couple was enoying that massive swimming pool in the backyard. The woman sat next to the pool rubbing suntan lotion on her legs and arms. She had on a skimpy pink bathing suit and stylish shades, her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and placed under a straw sun-hat. The man was sitting in the pool on a floating chair, no shirt covered his athletic body which was becoming the color of a bronze statue. The man wore yellow swimshorts with a red flower print, a seashell necklace hung from his neck. His long brown hair was blown out and relatively dry. Sunglasses also rested on the man's face as he dipped his right foot in the water. The man was Kenny Turner and the woman was Alice, his girlfriend for over a month now.

Alice: How's the water?

Kenny Turner looked up from his gaze at the water.

Kenny Turner: It's good. Not too cold, not too warm. So are you going to jump in anytime soon?

Alice: I still haven't seen you get in the water, you've been sitting on that thing since you got in the pool.

Kenny Turner: But I'm not scared of swimming pools, you are.

I grinned at her.

Alice: I am not scared of swimming pools, I'm scared of drowning.

Kenny Turner: How would you drown? Just stay in the shallow end.

Alice: But I just ate...

Kenny Turner: Eating a slice of lemon from your drink isn't eating unless your anorexic.

Alice: So your calling me fat now?

She smirked at me and I knew she was joking around.

Kenny Turner: Don't start that with me. Now get in the water before I get out and throw you in.

She took a big sip of her pink alcoholic beverage and set it back on the table.

Alice: Alright...

She got up and made her way over to the stairs that led into the shallow end of the swimming pool. I watched her with her beautiful figure and almond skin, she had the body of a goddess.

Alice: What are you looking at?

Kenny Turner: Heaven.

She giggled and stepped one toe into the water. She jumped back from the chill of the water.

Alice: You lied to me, it's freezing.

Kenny Turner: Your just trying to find a way out of getting in this pool. Now jump in.

I slowly rowed my floating chair towards the shallow end.

Alice: You need your rest though, perhaps we should go inside. After all, you've got a match this week.

Kenny Turner: I've got a match every week.Besides, I don't get much rest when I lay down anyways.

Alice: Who's fault is that?

Kenny Turner: Yours... It's not my fault you look so good.

She smiled at my comment. Alice stepped a foot in the pool but was still trying to stay out of the pool. I rowed over to her and grabbed her hands.

Alice: You better not pull me in.

Kenny Turner: I'm not. I'm just holding your hand like a little child.

Suddenly the phone rang, it was sitting on the patio table. Alice made a move to get the phone but my hands clenched hers tight.

Kenny Turner: Nuh Uh...

Alice: I need to answer it.

Kenny Turner: They'll call back.

Alice: What if it's an emergency?

Kenny Turner: Well then they're screwed.

The phone rang for another minute before the person at the other end hung up. Alice was looking over at the phone still so I pulled her onto my lap. She gasped but I held her on the chair. Alice playfully slapped me on the shoulder.

Alice: Why'd you do that?

Kenny Turner: Because I couldn't wait to do this...

I pulled her closer to me and we passionately kissed. She rubbed her hand across my chest and I grimaced in pain. Alice pulled her hand back almost immediately.

Alice: What's wrong?

Kenny Turner: I don't know. I think Nate Lawson kneed me in the ribs a couple weeks back.

Alice: Oh, I'm sorry...

Kenny Turner: It's nothing really, he got his.

Alice: Yes he did. Boy that was a quick match.

Kenny Turner: Well he kinda really sucked. All muscle, no brains. You need intelligence to win a fight. Throwing a person around a ring for a couple minutes will get you nowhere if you cannot find a way to beat them.

Alice: What about last week?

Kenny Turner: I care not to talk about last week.

She smirked at me before noticing we had made our way over to the deep end in the floating chair. Alice suddenly freaked out and grabbed me close, I laughed and started shaking the chair.

Alice: Don't do that!

Kenny Turner: Do what? This?

I shook the chair rapidly and she held me tighter. I didn't want to make her mad so I stopped rocking the chair and jumped into the pool. Alice sat up in the seat and I pushed her back over to the shallow end. We stopped in the shallow end and I grabbed her by the leg.

Alice: You better not...

I showed my pearly white teeth and she screamed as I pulled her into the pool. She went under water but stood up. She was laughing now.

Alice: You asshole.

Kenny Turner: I am what I am...

She pulled me close and we kissed again. Alice dove under water and did a handstand, her booty stuck up above water. I sat and admired her figure before she rose out of the water.

Kenny Turner: So where do you wanna go today?

Alice: I don't know, but I need to get something for your aunt's birthday.

Kenny Turner: Alright...

Alice climbed the stairs out of the pool and walked over to the patio, she wrapped her pink fluffy towel around her body and walked back over to the pool. I sat in the pool still, bobbing my head under water every couple of seconds.

Alice: Are you getting out or not?

Kenny Turner: Yeah, one second.

I dove under water and came up at the edge of the pool.

Alice: Well I'm gonna go change.

Kenny Turner: Alright.

She walked over to the sliding door and walked into the house. I slowly got out of the pool and went over to the patio table to grab my towel. I dried off my hair and body before wrapping the towel around my waist. I grabbed the phone to bring it inside when suddenly it rang. I jumped back because it kind of startled me. My finger pushed the talk button.

Kenny Turner: Hello?

Voice: Hello there. Can I speak to Mr. Kenny Turner?

Kenny Turner: This is him.

Voice: Good...

The voice on the other side of the phone was mysterious and I didn't know who it was.

Kenny Turner: Who is this?

Voice: That's none of your business right now.

Kenny Turner: I see... You call my house and it's none of my business who you are. I'm hanging up.

Voice: I wouldn't do that if I were you, Mr. Turner.

Kenny Turner: Why not?

Voice: You see, I have important information that pertains to you.

Kenny Turner: Okay then spit it out.

Voice: In good time... In good time...

I was getting very impatient with the man on the other end of the phone.

Kenny Turner: Okay man, if this information is so important then tell me what it is.

Voice: It's information you already know, Mr. Turner.

Kenny Turner: Then why are you telling me this?

Voice: Because this is information that the world does not know. Information that you do not want to let out into the world.

I sat down in the chair that was sitting on the patio and wiped the towel across my face.

Kenny Turner: Are you talking about the...

Voice: Yes, the documents Mr. Turner. The documents that will royally rip your life from it's foundation.

Kenny Turner: How did you get these documents?

Voice: Who said I had the documents?

Kenny Turner: Well don't you?

Voice: Let's just say I know what they are and where they are...

Kenny Turner: Then why don't you have them?

Voice: Because I am giving you a chance-- one chance-- to find the documents you are looking for. Now I hid them somewheres in the Majestic arena for Call to Power. I hope you find them before someone else does.

The phone clicked and the man hung up. I turned off the phone and just sat there. The back door opened and Alice came out of the house, she was now dressed up in tight blue jean kapris and a pink and white top that let some cleavage show. She looked at me as I was still holding the phone in my hand.

Alice: Did someone call?

Kenny Turner: No, why?

Alice: Your holding the phone in your hand.

Kenny Turner: I was bringing it inside.

Alice: Then why are you sitting down?

Kenny Turner: I was drying in the sun.

Alice: Alright. Are you ready to go?

Kenny Turner: Go where?

Alice: To the mall.

Kenny Turner: Why are we going there?

Alice: To get something for your aunt for her birthday, remember?

Kenny Turner: Oh yeah. I don't know if I can go.

Alice: Why not?

I made up something.

Kenny Turner: Mr. Clarkson called and he umm... needs me at the arena right now.

Alice: I thought you said no one called.

Kenny Turner: Ummm... Well he texted me...

Alice: On a home phone?

Kenny Turner: No... On my cell phone.

Alice: Your cell phone is inside.

Kenny Turner: Umm yeah... I know that. He texted me before and I just remembered.

She had a questionable look on her face.

Alice: Alright.

I stood up and kissed her.

Kenny Turner: I'll be back soon.

Alice: Okay.

We walked inside together. Alice was looking beautiful and wanting my attention and the whole time I was thinking about something else.

.:. What Goes On In My Mind .:.

Who was that man and how did he know my secret? After all it's a secret that I only know. He was toying with me. He said he knew what the documents were about and where the documents were, but he didn't have them. He said he wanted to give me a chance. A chance to do what? Save my life from being royally ripped from it's foundation he said. That could easily happen if my secret is let out into the world. If they knew my secret then everything around me would come crumbling down. If my secret was let out then I would be destroyed.

But what if he didn't know my secret? What if he was only bluffing? After all he said he didn't have the documents and he never mentioned exactly what the secret was. It could all have been just a prank call. Right? Couldn't it be just some kid sitting at home and pranking me because they had nothing better to do? I'm sure everyone has a secret in their life that will totally ruin them. He could have looked my number up in the phone book and used general terms to try and fool me. I'm sure that is a possibility, but could I take that chance? Could I actually try and let things work themselves out? Of course not. I would be a fool to not try and find those papers or at least make sure they were still where I had left them, which was in the safe in my locker room.

What about Alice though, she now thinks I am a liar and I don't blame her. But there was nothing else I could have done but to lie to her. She could not learn about this secret. It's not that I don't trust her, it's just that she's human and we all make mistakes. If I told her and she accidently let this secret slip from her tongue than I would be ruined. I couldn't take that risk either. Well, maybe she believed the story I made up about Mr. Clarkson texting me. Wait, what am I talking about? Was I that stupid? Surely she was not stupid enough to believe a half-ass story like that. I pulled that story out of my ass and am lucky she didn't shove it right back up there.

Why did this have to happen to me now? This week was probably the biggest week of my life. This week was my second Majestic pay-per-view event. This week was Call to Power and I've been looking forward to it since it had been announced. I've been looking forward to regaining my Lionheart Championship. That's right, I was going up for the Lionheart Championship this week. I won that title at 6 feet under, just one week after my debut. I lost the title to Shorty Jr. the next week and the title has been evading me since then. But that all has come to an end, this week I would regain my title. After all, look who I was facing...

Marcus Cage. Are you kidding me? This guy couldn't wrestle his way out of a brown paper bag. Look at me, I sound like Kenny Kliche with that cliche'. What kind of a loser lets his teammate win a tag team championship with the member of a rival stable? That would truly be the first time I ever seen anything like that and it really is a pathetic thing to see. How does that work exactly? Well, Marcus Cage's dumbass got pinned by Teddy Williams while Dynamite pinned Benny Williams. The referees could have sorted out the situation but I'm sure Mr. Clarkson saw a ratings boost and took advantage of it. He had the right idea, give one title to Teddy Williams and one title to Dynamite and make them defends the titles together. Great, only one problem buddy... Who shall we call the tag team champs at Call to Power when Shock and Awe take on BLT for the titles? And so when someone loses the match they are crowned tag team champions, even when they did not really beat the tag team champions themselves. Stupidity...

But who cares about that nonsense. My focus was Marcus Cage and the singles title that hung from his shoulder. My focus was trying to be blurred though. This asshole comes in and calls me about my files, the secrets that hold my life together. I'm sure he wasn't hired by Marcus Cage or any of those goons, after all, they didn't have the sense to put such a plan into action. Marcus Cage was dumb, he was chasing the girl that Dynamite had. Go get your own girl Marcus, stop chasing something you will never have. I'd like to see what happens when Dynamite finds Marcus Cage trying to get his girl. That will be some true Jerry Springer shit right there. I can see the title now, The Explosive Element Explodes on his teammate for humping his girlfriend. That would be hilarious to see that.

I had to worry about my own girl though and how I could be truthful to her while lying about my secret. I don't know if that is possible but it is something I have to do. Alice was beautiful and I didn't want to lose her. I couldn't lose her. After all, I wanted Alice to one day be my wife. I'm not talking about her becoming my wife now or anytime soon, but someday in the future. She was the only woman that I could see me spending the rest of my life with. After my wrestling career was over and after I had acheived all I needed to acheive, I wanted to grow old with her. Growing old... Ewww! Growing old was not really what I wanted to think about and not really the words I wanted to use but it was what came to mind first. I can't see myself growing old. Maybe it's because I'm young and fit or maybe it's because I'm just beginning my career. I didn't want to think about such things as growing to be an old man and I definitely didn't want to think about Alice getting old. She was so perfect the way she was.

Now... Now was the time I would go and find out about my secret. I would find out who had called me. Who knew about my secret. Who was trying to sabotage me.

.:. That's What Was Going On In My Mind .:.