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What you have to do:
Simply order your band's, zine's, label's, etc stickers from (they can be any size and in any amount) on or before February 28, 2002. Put you were referred by Just Fell Short when filling out the order form (there's a special spot for it on the form).

What you get:
10% more stickers free
when you order(i.e. if you paid for 1,000 stickers, you'd really get 1,100).

Why we want you to order:
Every time someone orders stickers from Contagious Graphics before February 28, 2002, we get 250 free stickers, this means we can give our stickers away for free and have more stickers to promote us. You can benefit from this too, after you've ordered stickers Contagious Graphics automatically sets up an account where if you refer other people to them to buy stickers before February 28, 2002, and they mention your name when ordering, they still get the 10% free, and you'll get 250 free stickers just like we're getting from you mentioning our name. So basically, by you ordering your first round of stickers from Contagious Graphics, and putting you were referred by Just Fell Short, you're setting up a way for your own band to get free stickers, pretty cool, huh?