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NEWS - 3.23.02
yes, just fell short has broken up. sorry this took so long to post, but i got lazy and the site was messed up. we'd like to say thank you to everyone who came to the shows, talked to us, liked us and supported us. it was fun. thanks again, we really appreciated it. farewell.
the may 3 show at the trance buddha that we were supposed to play is being played by tom and zacks new band.

there are some new pictures of the franklin and whitinsville shows added.
new pictures added


meet zack. he plays guitar

we have 2 new shows, check the shows page for more.

dont forget about or show on february 8th with 34 spoons and behind the crowd. to go to shows page for more info. sounds are now up. you can get all of our merchandise online now. later

awesome show last night at the PNA. thanks alot to everyone who came out and bought stuff. special thanks to code red, blame the victim, autumns end, and ice nine for all coming out here to play this show. pictures will be up soon. MERCHANDISE is now avalable through the website. you can order our cd, tshirts, buttons, stickers, and patches. check it out!

our cds are done and will available at all our shows and on the website soon. pick one up at our cd release show DECEMBER 14 at the dudley pna, check out shows section for more

get free stickers for your band! click here to learn more.
we have a show at the dudley PNA on mainstreet december 14. its our cd release, more info here.
our cd will be available sometime after december 3. we were unable to finish all the vocal tracks and mixing in the time we had this past weekend, so we will finish it december 3.
within the next month or so, all merch will be available through the website. sounds will also be up shortly.

our cd will be coming out in a few weeks. were reocrding november 10/12 at black hills studio, so it'll be out sometime after that. we also might be getting a new website done, so look for it. the date for the cd release will be here also.

hey, i just added a few more pictures of us at the palladium in the pictures section, go check it out.

thank you to everyone who came and watched us last night. we had an awesome time. pictures are up. thanks again!

Just Fell Short will be playing upstairs at 7:45pm for the Palladium show this Saturday, October 13. Be there!

updates are done, the website has been about 20 different colors this past weekend, but i finally finished it. it should load faster now, or something. anyway, tickets are selling good. we really hope to make it up to 100 tickets, if we do, you guys will finally be able to hear us on the site. we get a day of free recording at Black Hills recording, we'd go in and record as much as we can and then pay to finish and mix it and shit. yeah, so, sign up for the email list. oh yeah, if anyone has any pictures of us from any shows, send them to ..cheers

i just got an idea. we need to promote this show at the palladium alot, if we sell 100 tickets, we get a day of recording at black hills recording studio. so, i want to try and put a 'street team' kind of thing together. like, if you like around the worcester area, and want to help us out and pass out some flyers to kids and try to help us sell tickets, please email us at and i'll send you a ton of flyers. help us out! thanks, later.

SHOW: October 13 at the Worcester Palladium. This is a Battle of the Bands for the greater Boston area bands. It starts at 12 noon, goes til 12 midnight. There's a ton of bands playing. Our playing time isn't confirmed yet, i'll post it here when we get it, so check back. Tickets are $12, email us at for tickets. thanks

awesome show last night in spencer. thanks to everyone who stuck around for us. all the pictures are now up. thank you to marie for having us, good night.

we're recording in december, and following that, we will have buttons, stickers, and patches available. anyone who signs up for the email list will get some free buttons/stickers/patches. so, sign up! byebye *remember, once you sign up you get a 'confirmation' email, don't delete it! you then go to a website and your email is confirmed and you're on the list.

we recorded a demo for anyone who wants to hear us. it was recorded in a basement and sounds crappy but it'll have to do for now. if you want one, email us. later

hello again. some news..jon is back from his trip and we got some new songs to play. there's a couple new pictures in the pics page from his trips too, so check it out. tom still hasn't gotten a haircut..we need shows!! if you need a band for a show, please email us at well sign the guestbook and shit..thanks.

welcome to ..our show the other night was awesome, thanks to new aledonia for putting it on. the true biffs were awesome. pictures from that show are up. as far as the site goes, everything should be working, so go check it out. e-mail us at for anything. thanks for coming, be sure to bookmark the site.