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Because Justin should have been there...

Final Scene from the series finale of Queer as Folk recut.

Finale Revisited (21 MB) QT
featuring "Proud" by Heather Small (Peter Presta QAF Mix)

For randy Queer Folk only...

This would be a great place for an original music video.
A celebration of love, sex and nakedness.

Lots o' Sex (43 MB) QT
Mature Content. For Adult Viewing Only.
featuring "Break 4 Love" by The Pet Shop Boys

For party Queer Folk only...

Cool place for another original music video.
A celebration and recognition that dance is life.

Folk It Up! '05 (36MB)QT

featuring "Beautiful" by Mandalay

For sentimental Queer Folk only...

Season One Brian & Justin retrospective.

Didn't Mean To Fall (32 MB) QT

featuring "Parce Mihi Domine" by Jan Garbarek

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