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About Us

About Us

Hey! My name is Rachel, Rach to most. I'm 16, and I have brownish hair and blue eyes. I live Lizemore, WV. I like playing sports, and I love listening to music (good music anyway) . Much love to all of my friends, you know who you are. And definitely much love to the guys of Antik, That One Band (ya know, that one..), and Eclipse9 my favorite local bands!

Hey there~!~My name is Crystal, and I am 16 y/o. I am from Lizemores, West Virginia. I like to play just about any sport. I listen to basically every kind of music. I play the guitar and the piano. I have light brown hair, hazel eyes, and I am about 5'5. I love all of my crew, even if they love to harass me sometimes, I still love all of you all.
Lots of Love,
Crystal Michelle