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Our Rockin' Friends

Our Rockin' Friends

This first one is by me, Rachel to Cry.
Crystal Bird ~ What can I say about Crystal? She is my very best friend in the world and always will be!! She's always there when I need to talk. We've been through many things together over the years. We've laughed, we've cried, and shared countless personal jokes that no one else would get. I don't know what I'd do without you! Luv Ya!

The rest of these are joint writings...

Jessica Woods ~ (Je-Hessica) Don't get rpped!! No longer do we have to wait until we're 50..ya can't say anything abou tit now..hehe! We couldn't imagine life without you. Jessica always remember Crystal hitting Sexy Beotchness! You've helped us through many things, good and bad. You've always been there for us, no matter what it was that we needed. Always remember all of the movie nights, they were fun..hehe..Much Luv to you!
Kim Preast~ Hey KIM!!! You have been there through it all, woman! So you better stick around until we are ol' -n- gray; until we are drunken' old women hitting on young men! Never forget the night at Rachel's. Crystal:STAR SEARCH! Rachel: THAT WAS A GOOD GUESS!.... Luv you lots!
Jeremiah Bird ~ Jmiah, hey Man! You are the Best! You are like a bro, wait a minute you are one. Anyway you know we will always love you no matter what we say. You better not be seein' anymore Perpule Ederphants or Fryin' Fruple Freeper Eaters any time in the near future! And if you do, at least wait for us!
Scott Samples ~ Scott is an awesome guy. Don't forget all of your fun, fun parties. Never forget the sweet tarts! And just for old time's sake (eeeeppp!!)...We luv you, man!
Alex Davis ~ Alex is a great friend. We've had some up and downs, but all in all we've had a blast with everything! Alex is a fun person, he has a passion for babysitting. Lots o' luv,
Brian Reed ~ What tis desire?? Hey Brian, in that deep sexy voice!! Brian's a really great guy and a really good friend. We really need to stop being mediators though because obviously we're not very good at it. One of these days you will have to show us where the bottom of your laundry shoot is! lol. And one day, you WILL get your sandwich!!!
Jason Graham ~ Jason is awesome! He has a leaky faucet in his kitchen.(personal joke). *note* if you go to pizza hut with him, don't let him have anything to drink or make the waiter, Steve but spelled like Scott, have a nervous break down...Lots o' love
Jeff Taylor ~ Jeff is the coolest. *note* if you go to pizza hut with him, don't let him have anything to drink or make the waiter, Scott but spelled like Steve, have a nervous break down. And we DO NOT hate you! Luv,
Chris Nottingham ~ Hey wtin! Chris is a great friend. He's always there to make you laugh and to remind you that "girls don't say the "F" word" out, you'll get're the best wtin out there!!!...Lots o' luv
Jennifer Mullins ~ Hey Jennifer! Jennifer is a great friend. She's always willing to listen to anything ya have to say and help if she can. Pretty Purple!! Luv,
Anthony Taylor ~ Antny well, ummmmmm, we love Antny. Never let him tell you that he's having a party because if you go, you'll get lost trying to find his house, drive around for hours, end up at Alex Davis' house, almost step on snakes, commit a felony, then when you finally get there, he's NOT home...but we love you anyway!

Eddie Price ~ (Ole' Man Ebbie) Eddie, you're a down-to-earth kind of guy. You're hilarious and so much fun to be around! You're the best kind of friend anyone could ever ask for. Love always!
Chris Jones ~ Chris, well, since you were being disgraced we figured we better put you on here. Chris, you are a rockin' cousin and friend; and you better NEVER become stuck up! *cough, cough, cough* Neway Luv ya lots!
Corey Douglas ~ Corey, how you doin'? You better not go off and be chewin' on any of those dog bones; nevertheless, should you be chewin' Big Red. Oh, Corey a word of advice, when you go off to college it would be of your best interest not to be a smart "butt". Luv ya lots.
Jeremiah Jones ~ Hey Jeremiah! Sorry we didn't get you on here sooner, but this is more work than we thought it would be. You're a great friend, and you've always been there when we needed you. Love you!
"Mother Mary" ~ Heya Mary! You're one cool chick! Stay that way! You're a great person to talk to; always there, no matter what! Luv ya!
Mina Shafiei ~ Mina is the coolest "G" Girl around! We still need to go to the movies, but not plan there will be many more PJ's to put in the book through the years! That's funny. Stay Cool. Love Ya!
Chris Douglas ~ Chris is a cool guy! We had lots of laughs in Algebra with him! Stay Crunchy Brown, Chris! Luv,
Megan Backus ~ Megan is the kewlest! Megan you are a really great friend. You have always been there for us. Megan thanks for always being there. DON'T let people put you down Megan, you rock! We Luv ya
Kirsten King ~ Kirsten ya know we luv ya. You're the craziest person we know; and it is fun to watch you tell off Alex Davis! lol Kirsten thanks for the "Good ole' Church Buddy" talks at band camp. Stay your way EKK..AKA BP
Lindsay Legg ~ Lindsay is a sweetie. Lindsay you're really nice and caring. luv ya lots
AJ Elmore ~ AJ is kewl. AJ, thanks for the fun times, hope we can keep making them. Remember that walk we had from the movies to the mall, the guy with the big eyes on the way, and the skater we barked at and made run into Kinko's..hehe Stay cool Luv ya like a sista
Jeremy Bird ~ Jeremy is an awesome friend. We love ya lots, and I will always be there for ya. You're a real good friend to us! And remember, be confident in what you do. It doesn't matter where you live, as long as you have the talent.
Leslie Duffield ~ Hey Sis! You're a great friend. We don't know what we'd do without you! We've shared many MANY good times and laughs. "IHSP!" "IHSPT..oo"..hehe! Luv ya,
Will Shamblin ~ Hey Will! You're a great friend, and you're always there to make us laugh! We've had some good times together. Lots o' luv,
Heather Walker ~ (Heathah) Hiya Heathah! It would take up our whole site to write down all of the good times and laughs we've had together. Don't forget them, but they'll be many, many more to come. Lots o' Luv! Sorry if we left anybody else off of the list. We still luv ya and you will be on there soon so don't worry.