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About me
Minnasan, konnichiwa! I am Kasumi,
and this is my obsessive Jrock
website! When I get done with it, it
will be so good that you will want to
live here! Or at least add it to your
favorites list! (...Maybe...) O well! I
have been working long and hard
trying to bring you Jrock info
(literally...I went through 5 versions
of this site so far), and I will keep
trying till I do it right! Now then,
on with the show!
(above): Mana-san from Malice Mizer
~ Kasumi ~
Check for more site features at the bottom of this page. These are only
available on this page.

Long time no see, ne? Well, I haven't had much of a chance to update,
either becuase of my laziness, or other stuff. I have recently gotten a
bunch of new stuff! I will be posting them in the next day or two...not
like anyone here (if there is anyone here) actually cares...additions will
New Pics
New Lyrics
Maybe a new section (like an "Email the Jrockers" sections...)
Well, must go bai bai's a long day of posting ahead of me, not
to mention that I haven't been feeling the best lately.

I have added a couple of new links to my Links section!! Check them out
for they are good!!!! and, because I am telling you to!
~ Kasumi ~
~ Kasumi ~

I finally updated the Galleries, and Links (now I have links to Jrock and
J-Movie Fan Listings! Check em out!!!), and am now working on the Lyrics
section...I was hoping to add a couple downloads, but my FTP host won't allow
it...O well, they have their reasons...
~ Kasumi ~

Well! All the pictures have been cleaned up in the gallery! They are now all organized
with thumbnails!!! AND! I updated the links section!
~ Kasumi ~