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I went crazy with css. This divider layout features a few blends of Final Fantasy X-2 images, overlays, filters, etc. You may notice that I included "Design (c) ShadowCache" in the layout. I decided this is a good way to prevent stealing, and it's hardly noticeable. I tried to incorporate it into the image as best as I could. Also, I did not cut up the image due to a source that claims that it does not speed up loading time. This layout is for 800x600+ resolution and fits any medium-sized site, such as a weblog.


Open up the index.html file into a text editor such as notepad and edit the site name, content, and links. Delete the first line in the Credits section and nothing else.

To create more pages, copy and paste the html from index.html into a new text file, change the content, and save as with a file extension of .html .

If you need help with using this layout, please feel free to contact me at christinee.lee at gmail dot com


Do not remove anything from this section except for this sentence.
Layout ShadowCache.
Final Fantasy X-2 Square-Enix.
Images from FFShrine