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Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Veterinary Technology

What's so great about this program? It could be the small class and lab sizes - imagine having only 25 students in your class! It could be the hands-on experience - imagine a veterinary clinic as your classroom! It could be the career preparation - imagine assisting with surgeries, taking x-rays, and administering medications! In fact, all of these things make being a Vet Tech student rewarding!


Nova Scotia Community College

Business Administration

This program will give you the options you need to start a successful career in business.
The first year sets your foundation and gives you a taste of the business basics, including finance, accounting, and marketing. This year will help you understand how a business works and how each of the individual disciplines fits into that process. Depending on your goals, in the second year you may choose to concentrate on just one of the disciplines. This will give you the in-depth knowledge needed for a specialized career.


King's University


We train journalists in the art, the craft, and the profession of informing the public about matters of public interest. It's a practical, hands-on approach to the field rather than an academic one that focuses on communications theory or media studies. Right from the start, our students are reporters whose work gets published and broadcast.


New Brunswick Community College

Photographic Digital Imaging Technician

NBCC's Photographic Digital Imaging Technician program teaches the skills necessary to take beautiful photographs and to push them in directions you never thought possible. This one-year program will give you the skills in studio and environmental photography, file management, colour management and quality control in workflow. Designed to prepare graduates to work in photography studios and photo-finishing shops, this program is your first step into the exciting world of digital photography.