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Hagen's Horror Haven


*January 2, 2005*

Added a review for Serial Slayer and also moved all the December Quick reviews over to it's individual page.

*December 13, 2004*

Added a new section on the main page called Quick Review, that allows me to quickly post my rating on any movie I have just seen.

*December 2, 2004*

Added Review: Halloween 2

Also added a new song to the Subcon page. Located under the links section.

*August 8, 2004*

Added Review: Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Also added my Internet Radio station to the main page and I am now not going to be using PhatThrower1428 as my name, I will just be using Jeff Hagen

*June 13, 2004*

Added Review: House by the Cemetery

*June 11, 2004*

Added Review: mr. black

*June 05, 2004*

Added Review: Lights...Camera...KILL

*June 01, 2004*

Added Reviews: Scary Tales 2 & Bubba Ho-Tep

*May 23, 2004*

We're baaaack...

Added Review: Scary Tales

*March 02, 2004*

Added Review: Suspiria

*February 25, 2004*

Added Reviews: Crucible of Terror & Sorority House Massacre 2

*February 21, 2004*

Added Review: Cannibal Maniac

*February 18, 2004*

Added Reviews: House of the Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 : Freddy's Revenge & It's a Haunted Happenin'!

Massive Site Update: Added Frames and a new logo

*February 17, 2004*

Added Review: Bad Company & Updated Reviews page to add a Short Film section

*February 11, 2004*

Added Reviews: Dead & Buried & The Last House on the Left

*February 6, 2004*

Added Reviews: Cabin Fever & The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

*February 3, 2004*

Added Review: Arachnia

*January 31, 2004*

Added Review: Psyclops

*January 29, 2004*

Site Update: Added a Chatroom and modified the Board's look

*January 28, 2004*

Added Review: Halloween

*January 25, 2004*

Added Reviews: Bloody Murder 2, JasonX...Massive site update: Added letter catergories and Featured reviews on the main movie page...

*January 24, 2004*

Added Reviews: Return To Horror High, Friday the 13th, House on Haunted Hill...

*January 23, 2004*

Added Reviews: House of 1000 Corpses, Friday the 13th Part 2...

*January 18, 2004*

Added Review: Christmas Evil...

*January 16, 2004*

Added Review: Satan's School for Girls...

*January 15, 2004*

Added Reviews: Slumber Party Massacre, Arcade...Updated the Message board.

*January 14, 2004*

Added Reviews: Freddy vs Jason, Final Destination...

*January 9, 2004*

Added Review: Army of Darkness...Updated the message board topics.

*January 8, 2004*

Massive site update: Created the message board...

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