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January 2005 - After much trial and tribulation I have finally managed to transfer our last cassette to my computer with my new sound card. Over on audiostreet we have 3 new songs for the month as well as our amazing Santana-like song El Banditos that should be currently playing from this site. Since I now have an amazing sound card on here, as soon as I get the other members over here we will have some music that will blow your mind away. ~Jeff Hagen

Download El Banditos

December 2004 - Recently the members of Subcon got together and recorded for 6 hours straight in a basement. From this session, a few previous recording sessions we have had and a ton of hours spent recording from cassette to my computer; we now currently have a tons of mp3's. Which you should be listening to one right now. Actually, about 3 cd's worth of music. If anyone wants to download them just AIM me at PhatThrower1428. ~Jeff Hagen


Jeff Hagen- Bass Guitar/Harmonic Vocals

Profile - 23 year old college graduate from Saint Joseph's College. Currently has his own apartment near South Bend, Indiana.

Influences - Metallica mostly Cliff, Pink Floyd, Fear Factory, and other rock bands.

News - Working maintance in Mishawaka and playing guitar daily in another band named Elusive Receptacle.

Dirty Keenan aka "EJ" - Keyboards

Profile - 22 year old college student at Purdue Calumet. Currently lives with his parents in Cedar Lake, Indiana.

Influences - Unknown

News - Working part time at Joe's Crab Shack and has 2 of his own albums of techno/dance music.

Kyle "Ganjeosphere" Gilbert - Lead Guitar

Profile - 21 year old college student at Purdue Calument. Lives in Munster, Indiana in the basement of his parent's house.

Influences - Zack Wylde, Metallica, In Flames and other metal bands.

News - Currently has a girlfriend.

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