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SEEBSMET (10:47:20 PM): good one..bye
awwwhellsno (10:47:50 PM)
: geeeez queerbate
SEEBSMET (10:48:06 PM): ;-)
awwwhellsno (10:49:08 PM): so you are a faggit!!!!!!? ewwwwy
SEEBSMET (10:49:54 PM): only to people that i try to scare away
awwwhellsno (10:50:38 PM)
: at least you admit your a faggit then
SEEBSMET (10:51:03 PM): guess so
SEEBSMET (10:51:05 PM)
: wink wink
SEEBSMET (10:52:27 PM)
: i think ya might have spelled it wrong, but im not 100% on that
awwwhellsno (10:53:30 PM)
: only a fag would point that out
SEEBSMET (10:54:19 PM): your really desperate on cutdowns. try something else
awwwhellsno (10:54:56 PM)
: ok, you and kyle are awesome buddies!
SEEBSMET (10:56:22 PM): from a serious point of view jeff, do you think that we ever were?
awwwhellsno (10:57:54 PM)
: well that's because you are moody like a female.... and he doesn't like dealing with that
SEEBSMET (10:58:08 PM): haha
SEEBSMET (10:58:34 PM)
: tell him maryjane got him whipped enough to have him sick you on me
SEEBSMET (10:58:47 PM)
: and even you admitted that to me before
awwwhellsno (10:59:25 PM)
: he didn't sick me on you
awwwhellsno (10:59:44 PM): i just am tired of your moody bullshit
SEEBSMET (10:59:47 PM): than why cant he talk to me about this?
SEEBSMET (11:00:01 PM)
: you are or kyle is? ya gotta make up your mind please
awwwhellsno (11:00:32 PM)
: because onlike me, he is threw with your dumb ass... he doesn't put up with sally-ness
SEEBSMET (11:01:36 PM): there are friends and their are associates, and i couldnt seem to place either of you guys in with one of them. the reason i just stopped talking to ya was because i didnt feel like going through all this bullshit, not because i felt you were a friend to me
awwwhellsno (11:02:16 PM)
: see, that is something a girl would right
awwwhellsno (11:02:22 PM): be a man, and there would be not problems
SEEBSMET (11:02:35 PM): how is he threw with my dumbass? i understand that you are his cousin and ya gotta protect but ya agreed with me on everything that i ever said was wrong with that kid
SEEBSMET (11:02:42 PM)
: ya cant deny it man
SEEBSMET (11:02:57 PM)
: your trying way to hard now and it is contradicting you
awwwhellsno (11:03:41 PM)
: what do you mean, just stop being a girl and maybe i could understand your dumbass
SEEBSMET (11:04:46 PM): it is the less-knowledgeable that cant understand a conversation
awwwhellsno (11:05:32 PM)
: no, you just look way to deep into things, you worry to damn much
SEEBSMET (11:06:16 PM): it kept me in understanding with our 'friendships' didnt it?
SEEBSMET (11:06:42 PM)
: i didnt show much more as a friend to you than you did to me
awwwhellsno (11:07:07 PM)
: you said we weren't friends before, now you are contradicting yourself
SEEBSMET (11:07:34 PM): i put friend-ship in quotes
SEEBSMET (11:08:25 PM)
: im happy that kyle found all his girls now that he is thin. and im happy that he can now hang out with his drug-dealer. what else is there to talk about?
awwwhellsno (11:09:31 PM)
: sally
SEEBSMET (11:10:10 PM): no, she passed away a couple weeks ago...ohh well
awwwhellsno (11:10:42 PM)
: no no , you are sally
SEEBSMET (11:10:57 PM): OHHH, i see. hehehe
SEEBSMET (11:11:03 PM)
: enlighten me. i dont get it
awwwhellsno (11:11:43 PM)
: you act like a female and thus you are a sally
SEEBSMET (11:12:27 PM): than just call me a girl. i admit ya had me stumped for a second but it wasnt worth rejoicing for
SEEBSMET (11:12:30 PM)
: ....sorry
SEEBSMET (11:13:32 PM)
: your not mad that i didnt except your I M i think last week? i cant remember
SEEBSMET (11:13:57 PM)
: cuz ya usually just say whatever to most things so im wonderin why this is such a big deal for ya
awwwhellsno (11:16:07 PM)
: and...
SEEBSMET (11:17:58 PM): well than tell me what it is? im sure most of the things that you talked to me about were just cuz we were hanging out, but if you seriously dont see(or dont care about) the problems this relative of yours is facing, i cant say that their is any credit at all for you in this world
awwwhellsno (11:18:31 PM)
: so...
SEEBSMET (11:18:53 PM): i thought we were progressing to full sentences at least
SEEBSMET (11:18:57 PM)
: please...try again
awwwhellsno (11:20:16 PM)
: so whats your point...
awwwhellsno (11:20:35 PM): Is there a method to your sally madness?
SEEBSMET (11:22:44 PM): i cant believe this. your not going to talk to me now but sit back and just knock me. how would that make you on top? try try again
awwwhellsno (11:25:53 PM)
: because I am a man, and you are the bitch, and bitches always get bottom.
SEEBSMET (11:27:23 PM): i hope that doesnt mean that you are trying to have your way with me, seeing as through you try to relate your "manhood" with every bitch you come accross
SEEBSMET (11:27:37 PM)
: please assure me that you are not :-\
awwwhellsno (11:28:45 PM): sorry to shoot down your wildest dreams, but i don't swing that way, sally.
SEEBSMET (11:29:02 PM): i dont recall any dreams of that sort
SEEBSMET (11:29:58 PM)
: r we going to continue to swing and miss or shall we try something else. i grow tired
awwwhellsno (11:31:24 PM)
: i see why Julie broke up with you now
SEEBSMET (11:33:56 PM): julie broke up with me because her life became as hectic as mine and it was conflicting with our relationship. havent you noticed by now that put-downs do not affect me or my judgement?
awwwhellsno (11:34:33 PM)
: no trust me, I talked about it with her for a long time
awwwhellsno (11:35:00 PM): that doesn't ever graze the tip of the iceberg
SEEBSMET (11:35:18 PM): and ya probably had your way with her too, no biggie. many hardships in life that i have already overcome, this one kinda hurt a bit more, but im still here
awwwhellsno (11:35:49 PM)
: how long before you kill yourself?
awwwhellsno (11:36:03 PM): me and keenan have been calling your sucide sally for a long time now
SEEBSMET (11:36:44 PM): well, last summer was supposed to be it, for good. but than i came to an understanding with myself and figured that i might "give it a whirl", ya know? :-)
SEEBSMET (11:37:22 PM): so currently, i seem to be doing ok with my suicide attributes. why, how ya doing with that part?
SEEBSMET (11:37:50 PM)
: i didnt know dude. i figured we would have swapped knicknames by now than. wow, thats great
awwwhellsno (11:38:54 PM)
: you are stabbing in the air man, no dice
SEEBSMET (11:39:47 PM): im glad to hear that jeff, seriously. that kinda life sux man
awwwhellsno (11:40:11 PM)
: what a good productive one?
SEEBSMET (11:41:01 PM): ya, i am proud of myself, actually
awwwhellsno (11:41:58 PM)
: i mean i am actually graduating from college with honors.... i think that's pretty damn productive
awwwhellsno (11:42:08 PM): and i'm not a bitch
SEEBSMET (11:42:39 PM): congrats dude !! rock on
SEEBSMET (11:42:46 PM)
: and i never called ya a bitch
awwwhellsno (11:43:18 PM)
: you, i am implying that you are one, with all your worrying and shit....
SEEBSMET (11:44:48 PM): well than say that im a bitch
awwwhellsno (11:45:07 PM)
: i have already many times, i don't like to be to redundant
SEEBSMET (11:45:10 PM): i try to not let my worrying affect my schooling, but only time will tell man
awwwhellsno (11:45:28 PM)
: we can only hope....
awwwhellsno (11:45:36 PM): cry me a river, sally burns
SEEBSMET (11:45:51 PM): thanx , im gonna need all the support i can get
awwwhellsno (11:46:21 PM)
: no problem
SEEBSMET (11:46:48 PM): so ya wanna hang out sometime?
awwwhellsno (11:49:35 PM)
: sure... meet me at julies
SEEBSMET (11:50:16 PM): good one
SEEBSMET (11:50:23 PM)
: so thats a no than?
awwwhellsno (11:50:27 PM)
: boo ya
awwwhellsno (11:50:38 PM): not if you are going to be a moody lil bitch
SEEBSMET (11:50:41 PM): ohh:-) im sorry. i figured that since we have talked more tonight than most, that ya might want to be my friend. darn, what a bummer
SEEBSMET (11:50:51 PM)
: well probably not at all now right?
SEEBSMET (11:51:01 PM)
: maybe ill try kyle sometime
awwwhellsno (11:51:12 PM)
: not if you are going to be a bitch
SEEBSMET (11:52:13 PM): your perception of a bitch is my personality, so, unfortunately, i dont suppose it will ever change enough for us to hang once more
SEEBSMET (11:52:34 PM)
: but its ok....."its me, not you" :-(
awwwhellsno (11:52:38 PM): if you can just chill then you would be fine, but you worry too much, you just need to relax
SEEBSMET (11:53:06 PM): i dont think this is about worrying. this is about my hurting your cousins feelings
awwwhellsno (11:54:20 PM)
: well your bullshit e-mail pissed me off, we were semi cool till then
awwwhellsno (11:54:50 PM): plus you didn't hurt kyles feelings, he isn't your boyfriend... he is a friend and you trashed that
awwwhellsno (11:54:53 PM): you just don't get it
SEEBSMET (11:55:01 PM): if ya didnt refrain from talking to me untill ya needed another tally on your site, we might have been ok
SEEBSMET (11:55:41 PM)
: so let me get this straight. this is just between you and me? kyle is not involved?
awwwhellsno (11:55:50 PM)
: last time i talked to you , you said you were going out for the night and then was online all night, so you were being a bitch
SEEBSMET (11:57:07 PM): probably ddnt want to talk. i could be like most people and go on an AIM name that nobody knows. i just left it at that
awwwhellsno (11:57:39 PM)
: you should kill yourself then
SEEBSMET (11:58:09 PM): i could possibly do that, but not likely jeff
awwwhellsno (11:58:30 PM)
: you wonder why you don't have any friends.... whenever we want to do something you don't "feel" like it
awwwhellsno (11:58:44 PM): thus we were there for your convience
SEEBSMET (11:59:13 PM): how come just because you havent meet my other friends, you assume that i have none
SEEBSMET (11:59:15 PM)
: ?
awwwhellsno (11:59:35 PM)
: from what kyle tells me, yes
SEEBSMET (11:59:49 PM): did ya mean convenience?
SEEBSMET (11:59:57 PM)
: this was no convenience
awwwhellsno (12:00:22 AM)
: so your left and right hands then? i didn't know you had names for them... and i don't really want to meet them anyhow
SEEBSMET (12:00:28 AM): does kyle tell you about any friends of his? and why is he brought up again if he has nothing to do with this?
SEEBSMET (12:00:33 AM)
: weird
awwwhellsno (12:00:54 AM)
: because 99% of the time we have hung out, kyle has been there
awwwhellsno (12:00:57 AM): dumbass
SEEBSMET (12:01:27 AM): so what does that have to do with me not having any friends?
awwwhellsno (12:01:50 AM)
: he has told me that you don't and that they all leave your ass
SEEBSMET (12:02:25 AM): just as his friends left him after highschoo;
SEEBSMET (12:02:26 AM)
: l
SEEBSMET (12:02:38 AM)
: or did he tell you that he left them?
awwwhellsno (12:02:38 AM)
: not all of them
SEEBSMET (12:02:46 AM): not all of mine either
awwwhellsno (12:03:02 AM)
: no all of the "friends" disappear after HS but a few stick
SEEBSMET (12:03:33 AM): well than those few that arent considered friends arent worth much than anyway, right?
SEEBSMET (12:04:53 AM)
: this isnt your battle jeff. this is between your cousin and i. why does it have to be spread like this?
awwwhellsno (12:05:20 AM)
: spread, are you stupid? i told you my beef, fucker
SEEBSMET (12:05:51 AM): you know of his problem with his drugs and i stuck with him as long as i could. i couldnt take it anymore. ya dont want to be expected to do something that you dont feel comfortable about
SEEBSMET (12:06:11 AM)
: but ya keep bringing him into it
awwwhellsno (12:06:34 AM)
: no see, i don't give a fuck what kyle does, just because I don't smoke doesn't mean i have to impose on him, I not a damn Jew
SEEBSMET (12:06:56 AM): at first, he stopped doin it around me, than he started back ans eventually he ddnt care about it being around me or in my car
SEEBSMET (12:07:32 AM)
: he has been busted by the cops at least twice and i dont think it takes a bitch ti realize that i shouldnt hang out with the kid
SEEBSMET (12:07:57 AM)
: than do us both a favor and leave him out of it
awwwhellsno (12:09:23 AM)
: he is....
SEEBSMET (12:09:55 AM): ok than
SEEBSMET (12:10:02 AM)
: moving on....
awwwhellsno (12:11:32 AM)
: so now why don't you start to mutilate yourself
awwwhellsno (12:11:47 AM): self-mutilation is the key to getting friends....
SEEBSMET (12:12:16 AM): i thought i told you man, im kool with it for right now at least. if something does happen, im sure you will hear of it soon enough:-)
awwwhellsno (12:12:39 AM): don't every fucking type a smiley at me again, faggit
SEEBSMET (12:12:45 AM): is that what you really believe, or did ya swing a miss again to try to cut me down?
SEEBSMET (12:13:10 AM)
: now we are back to FAGGOT, not FAGGIT
SEEBSMET (12:13:20 AM)
: ahh, what ddnt we cover here?
awwwhellsno (12:13:34 AM)
: no no , faggit, you are so terrible that you redefine the word
SEEBSMET (12:14:02 AM): no, i thought it was intellectual inclinement
awwwhellsno (12:14:51 AM)
: riiight, how would mis-spelling a word without a motive excel my intelligence?
SEEBSMET (12:16:34 AM): the motive is to further excel in my life, despite that sudden wish to not do so. i have seen a path that i might as well try on. im sorry that correcting words offended you
awwwhellsno (12:17:16 AM)
: offended me? haha now you are being a female again, thinking that I actually care enough about that
SEEBSMET (12:18:44 AM): eventually the female in your life will want someone more sensative. but for right now, i have seen you agree to the fact that "assholes get the chicks" is that how you worded it?
SEEBSMET (12:19:06 AM)
: dont knock kindness with nonkindness, it just doesnt make sense
awwwhellsno (12:19:07 AM)
: yeah, exactly why i dont have any chicks....
SEEBSMET (12:19:43 AM): i ddint say ya ddnt have any chicks, but we can agree that eventually there would have to be something more there than just sex. am i right?
awwwhellsno (12:20:07 AM)
: of course, you are queen of the obvious
SEEBSMET (12:20:31 AM): im glad we got that agreed on
awwwhellsno (12:20:48 AM)
: that you are a queen? excellent
SEEBSMET (12:21:14 AM): thats not what i said. hehee
SEEBSMET (12:21:19 AM)
: such a kidder you are
awwwhellsno (12:22:05 AM)
: don't ever write hehee again
SEEBSMET (12:22:26 AM): i cant help it, despite that fact that you hate me, you are still funny
SEEBSMET (12:22:28 AM)
: for the most
awwwhellsno (12:23:06 AM)
: well thing is sometimes when we hang out, you are cool, like the last time i was over, was cool
awwwhellsno (12:23:20 AM): but then you get in these PMS moods and you get all bitchy
SEEBSMET (12:23:28 AM): that was koo dude. i had an awesome time
awwwhellsno (12:23:52 AM)
: if you would be cool all the time, i would have no problem
SEEBSMET (12:24:07 AM): actually, some say that guys get pms just like women. not proven, but a damn good theory rather
SEEBSMET (12:24:32 AM)
: you shouldnt go there now jeff cuz i cant see us hanging out anymore
SEEBSMET (12:24:39 AM)
: its better left unsaid man
awwwhellsno (12:25:36 AM)
: so then you do not have testosterone?
awwwhellsno (12:25:44 AM): haha
awwwhellsno (12:25:59 AM): it's more likely we will hang out than others
SEEBSMET (12:26:34 AM): cuz ya hang with girls right? i think i get it
awwwhellsno (12:27:05 AM)
: nope, you are lost
SEEBSMET (12:27:23 AM): please explain
awwwhellsno (12:30:39 AM)
: i am more forgiving than kyle.... geez, i didn't think you were that enept
awwwhellsno (12:30:53 AM): or should i say inept
SEEBSMET (12:31:36 AM): i realized that long before, and i credit you for it. the knockdowns are getting old man, seriously
SEEBSMET (12:31:57 AM)
: i have accepted that fact that you are indeed more mature than he. no worries there
awwwhellsno (12:34:19 AM)
: yet you knock down him.... thus you are a hypocrite
SEEBSMET (12:34:44 AM): awwwhellsno (12:31:28 AM): i am more forgiving than kyle.... geez, i didn't think you were that enept
SEEBSMET (12:35:33 AM): i believe that you knocked him first
awwwhellsno (12:36:46 AM)
: how is that? i have been knocking you and your being an effeminate bitch
SEEBSMET (12:37:51 AM): did ya look that word up?
awwwhellsno (12:43:15 AM)
: yeah, sure... you are a fucking dumbass piece of shit, i have more in my arsenal that just simple slanders, but they do the trick, like now
awwwhellsno (12:43:49 AM): but you still admit that you are effeminate
SEEBSMET (12:44:33 AM): why must you continue to consider me less knowledgeable than you are?
SEEBSMET (12:44:46 AM)
: give me some hints. some clues that could help you decide
awwwhellsno (12:44:54 AM)
: because you are, lil ms emasculate
SEEBSMET (12:45:07 AM): i never admitted anything man, this is really weird
awwwhellsno (12:45:18 AM)
: that you are sucide sally?
SEEBSMET (12:45:45 AM): no i admitted to that but thats not what i thought we were talking about jeff
awwwhellsno (12:45:57 AM)
: you're that dumbass that is still talking to me after I have been calling you a bitch for the past 2 hours