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Hagen's Horror Haven

Slumber Party Massacre

*Taken from the back of the DVD*

~When Trish decides to invite her high school girl's basketball teammates over for a slumber party, she makes three big mistakes:

Number 1: She snubs the pretty new girl next door.

Number 2: She forgets about teenage pranksters Jeff and Neil.

Number 3: Her biggest mistake: She doesn't know about an escaped mental patient who will soon be dropping in on the party... with his portable drill!

Written, directed by women, including famed feminist writer Rita Mae Brown, Slumber Party Massacre will scare you right down to the core.~

-----This film is what i think of when you think horror. It has lots of attractive females, a psycho killer and cheesey acting. And because this movie doesn't try to be more than a classic low-budget horror movie, it doesn't lose any points in for it's cheeseyness.

Also, for being a low-budget film the quality is superb, there are a couple of different locals and lots of blood. Slumber Party Massacre is a film that spawned many sequels and copycats. I would definately recommend it to any casual horror fan.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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