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Serial Slayer

*Taken from the back of the DVD*

~A quiet neighborhood in Los Angeles is held hostage with terror when a serial killer armed with a crossbow begins to stalk and kill the residents from their rooftops. And the only safe retreat becomes a horrifying deathtrap for three women who believe they are alone - until they hear the terrifying footsteps up above...~

-----Ok, I watched this film with much skeptisism and was pleastly suprised. I will start with the negatives. First, there was not enough cast. This film didn't have enough kills to get me into the movie, there were alot of weird scenes where the girls are doing little things to "stop" the killer. If there had been even 5 people, there could have been a few different attempts at escape or hunts, which I would have prefered. Next was the bad film problem, which in a few of the scenes there is a bad vhs style jump in the film. I have seen tons of low budget films and this is the first that has had bad film in it.

The main positive was the excellent camerawork. For a lower budget film, the camera shots were amazing. The girls in the film were alright, with one who looks like a mix between a young Ricki Lake and Drew Barrymore, another who is the hot nerdy type, and the tough latina. While their acting was above par, they didn't not accomplish anything over the top either. Lastly, though the kills were few, the ones that were there were pretty brutal. Arrows are pretty easy to accomplish in horror but still look crazy on film.

Although Serial Slayer may be released by Lions Gate Films, it is still a low-budget film. If you like the low-budget style, give it a rent and you may enjoy what you see.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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