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Scary Tales

----This low/no budget film is a perfect example of an excellent film that could have potential if done properly. The story is a great idea, where we the audience is told 3 stories throughout. Although we have seen many different 'episodic' films,(Creepshow, Twilight Zone the Movie) this one does not merely copy the formula that made the format famous. The writer makes a sort of pseudo-world where we get to find out what if. In the case of this film, what would our future be if we took a certain job.

While I wouldn't call this film a horror film, I would call it a suspense/thriller. The stories are just entertaining enough that it keeps interest throughout. And all three stories tie in together nicely to make the film flow nicely.

For the technical aspect, it is meager at best. But, as I said this is a low/no budget film and for what they had to work with it is amazing what the producers and editors have accomplished. The acting is typical film student-ish where you don't actually have any real emersion into a certian part (with exception of Mr. Longfellow). The rest of the cast seems a little uninspired, although that is what is expected of beginning actors.

Scary Tales is an excellent 'C' movie (I say C instead of B because of the low budget) and I would recommended that if you can get your hands on a copy of this film to do so. The producer even added in some featurettes and outakes to add replay value. While not perfect, this film shows that new plots are still out there waiting to be discovered.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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