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Satan's School for Girls

*Taken from the Evil Places DVD collection*

~After her sister supposedly commits suicide, a young woman poses as a student in order to attend the same private girls school. Little does she know the school is actually a haven for nasty necromancers and pernicious pupils.~

-----Although there isn't much horror in this horror film, it really isn't that bad, especially considering it was made for television. You won't see a drop of blood in the entire picture, so gore fans steer clear of this one. A gun comes into play, but I don't think anyone ever fires it. However, the highly trained eye should be able to spot a fly walking across the camera lens in one scene.

No blood, but a pretty decent kill count: 4 confirmed dead, 7 suspected, 1 unkillable evil deity, and the headmistress ends up losing her mind.

The movie isn't really very suspenseful either, I mean if Elizabeth's (Pamela Franklin) sister had actually killed herself, there would be no point at all to the film, so you know something's up at this school. There is a pretty good plot twist though, when the prime suspect drowns and the good guy ends up being the devil instead.

Elizabeth's friends Roberta (Kate Jackson) and Jody (Cheryl Ladd - appears in the credits as Cheryl Stopplemoor) absolutely steal this movie though. They both look fantastic in it, and frankly, provided most of my motivation to watch the whole thing. However, keep in mind it was a 70's tv movie, so you've got a better chance of seeing the fly mentioned above than skin anywhere but the face and arms.

Overall, it was a well-directed film, the story moved along pretty well, and my only real complaints are that a remastered version needs to be released, and it wasn't really scary at all. Watching SSFG was kind of like dating a preacher's don't get anything, but did you really expect to anyway? I give it a 2. One for Kate Jackson and one for Dr. Clampett (Roy Thinnes) who gave a really good performance.

- EvilJim -

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