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Hagen's Horror Haven

*Taken from the back of the VHS*

~Five years ago, a series of murders rocked Crippen High School. The killer was never found. Now, the horror has returned!

Harry Sleerik, a producer from Cosmic Pictures, has come to Crippen High to make a movie in the very halls of the now abandoned school. It is a reunion of sorts, with some of the original teachers and students returning to play themselves.

But soon, history begins to repeat itself. Old fears become frighteningly real. Long-forgotten horrors are brought chillingly up to date. And unanswered questions lead to a mysterious tunnel, a macabre chamber and an all-too-terrifying truth!~

2007 Review By...

-----Another late 80's made movie that I watched just recently and I have to say that I didn't like it as much the second time I watched it compared to my first viewing. So okay, it has Maureen McCormick, George Clooney, a promising title and the usual 80's charm, but don't let that distract you. It's kind of a movie within a movie type with an ending that seemed whipped up at the last minute. Maybe I'm wrong, but to me this one was overrated. Sure, I thought the box looked cool as a kid, but it's content isn't all that great. I was disappointed in the gore and the fact that the story couldn't keep me interested made everything fall through. Two stars at the most and that's only if I'm drunk off my ass. I can't really include anything that happend in the film except one part that stands out and that was the "dissecting" scene including a masked "killer" and an asshole science teacher. Still not enough topping on my sunday to keep me happy.

- Varga -

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2004 Review By...

-----This movie is a fresh idea that was approached completely wrong. At no time while I was watching it did I completely understand the entire plot. Just when I thought I had a grasp on the plot, the producers changed it. And they didn't change it in an ingenius Hitchcockian way, no, they threw in weird twists that just ruined any credibility that the movie was gaining.

The only thing that redeems this film is the actors. Although the acting is terrible, you will see some familar faces "if" you watch this movie. The reason the rating is so low, is that they get rid of the decent actors early, or under-utilize their skills in sub-par roles. So, if you are really bored and want to torture yourself for 95 minutes then give this movie a try, but be prepared for the worst. Just another good idea done wrong.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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