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Hagen's Horror Haven


*Taken from the back of the DVD package*

~Shep Franco - camcorder fanatic - discovers a video tape from the distant past documenting mad scientist, Artemis Winthrop and the invention he claims can bridge dimensions.

Despite warnings from Winthrop's witchy great-granddaughter, Amelia, Shep, and his friends, Kim, Dave and Heather, uncover the mysterious machine and restore it to working order.

But, the bugs haven't been completely worked out. So, when a horrible glitch transforms Shep into a monstrous mutant, only Amelia's magic can exterminate the inter-dimensional evil!~

-----This movie had lots of positives, but also had a few glaring negatives that you can't look past.

One thing that is film does amazingly well is that it portrays the characters in a fashion that makes them very likable. A big part of this has to do with the acting, which I feel is done very well. The plot was very original and interesting; it kept my interest all the way until the end.

The camera work was very concise and had alot of interesting shots and effects. And throughout the film there are tons of sarcasim, which are positioned at key places that do not challenge the horror aspect.

The one major problem I had with this film is the audio quality throughout. The actor's voices seem to be dubbed in and do not match their lips at times; it almost reminds me of commentating. Also the addition of witches and magic seemed a little out of place with the "bugs from another dimension" theme.

All-in-All this movie was very good and I would suggest it to anyone who likes horror with an element of science in it. If you can get past the ackward vocals than you will enjoy this film.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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