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Nightmare on Elm Street 2 : Freddy's Revenge

*From Back of VHS*

~Five years have passed since Freddy Krueger(Robert Englund) was sent howlng back to hell. but now,a new kid on Elm Street is being haunted every night by gruesome visions of the deadly dream stalker. and if his twisted soul takes possession of the boys body, freddy will return from the dead to wreak bloody murder and mayhem upn the entire town.

When "A Nightmare On Elm Street" made a killing, Horror fans shrieked for more. soon the diabolical Freddy was reurrected with a vengance along with some of the most terrific special effects ever to splatter the screen. look for Robert Englund minus his freddy face in the opening sequence. He's a real Scream.~


It has been 5 long years since Nancy has defeated Freddy! Now a new kid has moved in to Nancy's house. He soon finds out that Freddy wants to possess him!!! Will he be able to fight Freddy or will he fall victom to the razor-edged wrath!!!

What I Liked From The Movie

it primarily focuses one character Jesse, who just moved into Nancy's house which has not been lived in for five years.Freddy is seen alot more than he was in the first.His face make-up is done very well and he's even darker than in the first movie. great one liners and the effects were done more than in the first movie. and all the death scenes were done great and alot of gore, which is one of the reasons i watched it.

What i didnt like from the movie

didnt like the way they made Freddy, hes like a demon in this one.And there some parts that hes real, I rather him to stay in Dreams.

Favorite Scenes

The scene where Freddy crawls out of Jesse's body is really cool and the infamous pool party scene is awesome.

My Review

Jesse moves into nancys house which has not been lived in for five years, as usual Jesse begins to have nightmares about a gruesome man names freddy krueger and different killings begin to happen just like at the beggining of the original. freddy usually takes his victims to his boiler room but not Jesse no this time freddy decides to use him as a vehicle to finish his killing spree that he didnt in the original. about halfway through the movie Jesse has no longer has control over his body he does things that he wouldnt normally do, he begins to lash out at everyone around him. his parents try to help him but they cant. he finds a journal written by Nancy Thompson and begins to read it to find out what he can do to stop freddy from taking over completely, but its too late. soon freddy enters the real world by climbing out of Jesse's body and begins to kill at a local pool party(great scene) and then jsut goes and trys to kill a bunch of people and the end many people say was badly done i think it was great because yet again freddy gets killed and Jesse comes back from being nearly conquerd by freddy and they all think thats its over but the next morning as Jesse and lisa are taking the bus freddys claw goes through lisa's friend and they know that its not over by a long shot.

Ending Comments

This is a great movie if you are a true Nightmare on elm street fan because it shows a different side of freddy way different than the first one. if you can find it cheap like i did then go buy it because no video collection is complete without this VHS or DVD.


- PhatThrower1428 -

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