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-----For a film that has such a good story premise, this one was approached entirely wrong. I always try to be as honest as possible when writing these reviews, so here goes. First, I will list the positives; then, the many negatives.

One good positive was the story. For a story it was very well put together and the plot unfolded very nicely for the most part. The second positive is the camera-work. There was some great use of unique camera shots throughout the film.

As for negatives, I will get into the acting to begin with. The actors seemed very inexpierenced, even for a low-budget film. There were many parts where the actors even had trouble keeping a straight face; even in serious scenes. The "action" scenes were very fake looking and the actors couldn't even pull off a punch correctly. The scenery was very poorly planned. There were times when it needed to be day outside and it was filmed at night (the officer says that they are at school). I could go on, but I will cut them some slack since it is indeed a low-budget film.

Lights...Camera...Kill is a good idea, but poorly done. Hopefully the producer has learned from his mistakes and will produce better quality films in future films. I am being very generous with this rating, once I get a second opinion I will update it if need be.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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