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The Last House on the Left

*Taken from the back of the DVD*

~Bold, powerful and starkly realistic, this chilling cinematic debut of horror master Wes Craven is a shocking journey into the heart of evil. Wirtten and directed wiht "almost unbearable dramatic tension", The Last House on the Left will make you deadbolt your doors and frantically mutter: "It's only a's only a's only a movie!"

Easy-going Mari Collingwood and her fun-loving friend Phyllis are on their way to a Bloodlust concert to celebrate Mari's 17th birthday when three escaped convicts kidnap and torture them. But Mari and Phyllis are fighters, and although they are drugged and beaten into unconsciousness, stuffed into a car trunk and driven into the woods for even more brutality, they are still alive...but for how long?~

-----The more is see this film, the more I like it, and the more it creeps up my favorite films list. The characters are very likable and the actors do a spectacular job.

This film was Wes Craven and Sean Cunningham's debut and introduced a villian that they would later both modify through different films into horror icons...Krueg (David Hess). Krueg is the man and there is no way at any time that you see him not getting his way, he does whatever he pleases whenever he wants. I think this is really the basis for all modern/80's slasher villians.

I don't know if I am just sick or what, but I love this film and would recommend it to anybody who enjoys realistic-situation horror.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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