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Hagen's Horror Haven

Jason X

*Taken from the back of the DVD*

~If you're looking for terror, here comes a perfect ten. In the year 2455, on a routine training mission, a team of students is about to learn a terrifying lesson. Through the years, Jason Voorhees has claimed over 200 victims. Now, the legendary killer from Crystal Lake is back, hurling through space and hunting new prey. Jason X is a nerve-shredding thriller loaded with spectacular special effect, hi-tech weapons, and new ways to die.~

-----This movie has all of the killing that makes a Jason movie great. He is taken out of the woods so the element is new and somewhat refreshing. Sean Cunningham is back as executive producer and Harry Manfredini is on the score once again which means a quality product all around.

There are 2 major problems that I have with this film. First, the terrible "he's screwed" quote that ruins the mood and makes light of death a little bit too more than even a horror movie should. And second, the matrix fighting was over-done a bit, even though it is the future, I don't see Jason putting up with it as much as he did.

This movie is a definate keeper. If those little problems didn't rear their ugly heads this movie would have scored much better and probally would have been more popular as well.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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