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Hagen's Horror Haven

House on Haunted Hill

*Taken from the back of the Horror Classics DVD*

~Horror icon Vincent Price stars as an unfavorable host to several of his enemies, inviting them to his mansion on the hill. He offers them $10,000 each to not only spend the night but to survive it, presenting them with handguns encased in tiny coffins. During the course of the night, pre-planned events provoke the guests to use the weapons against one another. But is the host the villian or is there someone else frightening the guests to murder?~

-----This film in my mind is amazing and flawless. Vincent Price puts on a stellar performance and the supporting cast are all excellent. The plot is continuous and keeps you wondering to the end, along with end of your seat suspense.

Although this film is not drenched in gore, there are plenty of creative kills for the time, since it was 1958. I also like how when it was released in theaters, way back when, they actually had a skeleton that was released and flew overhead when the skeleton scene took place on the big screen.

This movie may be Black and White, but don't let that turn you off on this movie, it is definately worth your time. To me this movie is one of the first to encompass the slasher formula to a certain degree that was later perfected by movies like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. A must buy.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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