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House of the Dead

*Taken from the back of the DVD*

~It's spring break and the college kids just want to party. When they charter a boat to take them to a rave on a nearby island, they find it completely deserted, except for the bloodthirsty zombies that have taken it over. A frantic search begins for weapons to use against the encroaching killers because, as nighttime falls, they realize that their only hope for survival is to win the final the HOUSE OF THE DEAD.~

-----This film started out flawless and from there got progressively worse and worse till it was pretty untollerable to watch.

The acting in the movie was cast well and handled decently but i just seemed to fall short of anything great. My first complaint is the videogame transitions from scene to scene, it just was very out of place. There were also too many matrix-like camera slowdown effects and there wasn't enough real-time fighting.

Now for the worst part. At the begining there was a party with college kids on spring break. When everyone started to die, the 2 locals seemed to be way to serious and killing all the zombies without a hint of fear while the college survivors were scared senseless. Then 5 minutes later all the college kids have guns and are all expert marksmen, killing zombies left and right. And when they run out of ammo, they are professional fighters as well... so much for the college angle they were trying to portray.

I would have to say this film is maybe a rental, and I stress maybe. There is lots of gore and zombie headshots, but the unbelievable super-fighting skills of the cast definitely ruined it for me...

- PhatThrower1428 -

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