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Hagen's Horror Haven

House by the Cemetery

-----This film is Fulci at his best. He is known for having some of the goriest movies that mess with your mind and this one doesn't disappoint. The score is pretty menacing throughout and the dubbed voices are classic (with exception of the son which I will get to). The gore is what Fulci is known for and he delivers with many brutal kills that make one wonder how he manages to 'fake' deaths like that. The only negative things about this movie are the slowness at times and the annoying little blond boy that never dies. Other than those two little quirks this film is amazing. This Fulci film is an awesome addition to any horror collection. And, at $5.00 for a DVD it's one of those films that if you are lucky enough to find; you better pick it up or just kick yourself in the butt.

- PhatThrower1428 -

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