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*The Back of the DVD is in German*

~Zombie Faktor 100%, Stirb und Friss~

-----While I thought I was getting some German Horror, this film ended up being low-budget Irish horror. But, I have to say for low-budget, this movie was outstandingly good; for about 75% of the time. While it was slow at certain times, there was never a prolonged part of slowness, because you will always get treated with some type of zombie violence. This movie, while being made in the last couple of years, does not use cheap special effects. They went all out on the gore and it is all handmade violence ala Tom Savini.

Now that the praises have been sung, on with the bad. First off, you have a movie of zombies everywhere with a great atmosphere, woods and the whole nine yards, so what could go wrong? Zombie cows! Yes, you are reading this right, there was a scene where inside of a car, a zombie cow attacks them and drags out one of the heroines. Throughout this film was a solid 3 star film until that scene, I could not in good conscience give it a 3 when there are zombie cows. Other cheesyness goes along the lines of weird zombie choices, such as child zombies wearing birthday hats and a clown zombie. The positive points to any of this cheesyness is that there was boat loads of gore throughout; and it is not done in a parody in any way. The other issue I had was the annoying fat little girl who basically had no neck and said nothing important. Although the director did fix this problem eventually having her turn, but the damage was done.

For a low-budget Irish horror film, I was pleasantly suprised and impressed with the gore quality. The story telling could have been done a little better, as well as getting rid of the unnecessary cheesyness. If you ever see this movie anywhere, since I got it in Germany, at least give it a rent and check it out; it will definately be worth your while.

If this review was based upon gore alone it would have been a 5 star film.. but alas I review em how I see em....

- Jeff Hagen -

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